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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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35 Yuna Sierra

Yuna Sierra. This is the name of the lady in plate armor. She was revealing a fiery and ice-cold gaze that looked domineering enough and at the same time enticing! Her well-curved figure could not even be said to have the slightest flaw! Her round and voluptuous buttocks could make any man hard! This lady had countless suitors and the dream of every man. However, never did she entertain someone!

She is one of the Celestial Generals of Jin Rou. However, for a certain reason, she was not allowed to serve or even see Jin Rou. Although she was personally picked by Yanlu Rou during the coronation of Jin Rou, she was still forbidden to serve him. The reason was when Jin Rou snuck out of the mansion in his coronation night, Yuna Sierra catched a glimpse of the child. And when she saw the him, her frozen heart that could not be moved was suddenly filled with strange feeling! At that time, she began panting hard as she felt her below was getting weird, it was.. watering! She completely fell into Jin Rou's charm in just a matter of seconds! Even she, as a proud and arrogant could not help but resign herself to this! And thus, she made a grave mistake. She gave chase to Jin Rou and actually thought to subdue and do him! She herself didn't know why she felt that way but it was true that she extremely desired the child Jin Rou's seed!

As only a general of Jin Rou, she dared to do this! A Celestial General giving chase to her own master like a horny beast, and what was worse was that it was the lady countless royalties dreamed o marrying! How shameful was that? And thus, Yuna Sierra was banned in seeing or serving Jin Rou for her to reflect of her shameful act. Of course, this brought utmost displeasure and indignation for her. She was living her life and wanted to be stronger because she wanted to serve Rou Family! And now that she was about to serve the young king of the Rou Family but committed a shameful and heavy mistake, she really regretted what she did and made an oath that if was given another chance, no matter how tempting the young king was, she would steel her heart!

"Yes, Lady Yanlu." Yuna Sierra kneeled upon the call of Yanlu Rou. Her voice was cold as an ice if one could hear this. It seemed that she had no expression at all!

"I, Yanlu Rou, is now revoking your ban from serving the Celestial King, Jin Rou." Yanlu Rou's voice rang. Everyone stayed silent. No one even Fan Rou and Xu Rou said a single word! However, their brows were knitted together.

"Lady Yanlu.." Yuna Sierra didn't expect this and was surprised. However, she was remained expressionless.

"This is the right time for you to serve Jin Rou." Yanlu Rou added, "Now, I will only give you a single task and I hope you complete this. If so, I will officially gave you the title of Celestial General."

Hearing this, the expressionless Yuna Sierra brimmed in excitement and said hurriedly. "Please state your task! I will do whatever I can to accomplish it."

"Good." Yanlu Rou chuckled, "Have a trip to the lower worlds and find the whereabouts of Jin Rou and immediately take him back here."

"No!" Fan Rou was exasperated at this moment, he tried to stood his ground and said. "I already announced that I will let my son travel the low and high worlds. Why are you so much interfering in our matters, Mother?!"

"You dare to raise your voice in front of your mother? Kneel!!" Lao Rou angrily said.

A surge of very heavy aura weighed Fan Rou that he instantly kneeled down.

Xu Rou, who saw immediately supported his husband. These two old, were taking things too far!

"Father, that's enough!" Xu Rou shouted. However, this shout was not as loud that could be called raising voice against parents. This shout still contained some gentle tone in it. This was more could be called pleading.

Yanlu Rou said, "Lao, that's enough."

She looked toward Xu Rou and asked, "Xu-er, are you part of this?"

Xu Rou bit her reddish-pink small upper lip as she said, "Yes mother, father."

She added, "It is our fault that Jin Rou did this. If we just had not restrict him all the time.. Maybe He was still staying here. We are the one who pushed Jin Rou to do this. And thus, Fan Rou and I came up in agreement that we should just let Jin Rou enjoy the outside world as a compensation for our mistakes."

"Ridiculous! Y—" Lao Rou was about to refute this when Yanlu Rou waved her jade-like hand to gesture Lao Rou to shut up.

Yanlu Rou seemed to had calmed down already then said in a normal tone, "Xu'er, as a mother, I also understand your viewpoint. However, I am Jin'er's grandparent also. I lived for billions of years already and accumulated experiences more than you have. So I know better than you what is the best or whatnot."

She added, "It was still not time for Jin'er to explore the outside world since first, he is still ignorant about the outside world. What does he know about stuffs regarding cultivators especially of lower worlds?"

Xu Rou took a deep breath and said, "Mother, I respect you with all of my heart but please, respect me also as a mother of Jin'er. I decided this because I feel that this was the best way for my boy to grow. Whatever I decided for my child, whether you can support it or leave it."

"You.." Yanlu Rou did not expect this refute. Her eyes glowed as she said in a bit of fierce tone, "Well then. If that is your choice, I will also have a choice."

She then looked at Yuna Sierra who was still kneeling and commanded, "Do anything to take back Jin'er or else either me or Lao will do it."

Hearing this, Xu Rou could not help but feel so displeased. It seemed her parents will go too far this time even creating cracks between their family! Of course, Fan Rou was no exception. He was trembling in infuriation at this moment!

Yuna Sierra knew that if these two Zenith Gods were to personally find Jin Rou, worlds will broke apart! She also knew that she could not let this happen since this was her only chance to be with Jin Rou! she steeled herself and said, "Yes, Lady Yanlu!"


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