The Adventures of the Young Master
36 I Don“t Think There Is Something Wrong With I
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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36 I Don“t Think There Is Something Wrong With I

Night. Gyu's Inn.

This was the inn that Jin Rou and the rest chose to stay in. This was the most expensive inn the Quu Empire could offer pricing 5,000 diamonds per night. As they reached the looby, Yuan Gu was not satisfied by this, it could be said that his room was bigger than this and extravagant as it is. Although he had not yet seen the rooms, he knew it could be not be more magnificent. Of course, he understood that this was the only thing they could offer.

"Hello esteemed customers!" a man in a red robe greeted them right after they entered the lobby, the man added, "Are you here to stay for the night?"

"No. We are going to shop here." Yuan Gu said in sarcasm.


The man smiled awkwardly as he was rebuked, he forcefully smiled, "Then please go the receptionist for further details." the man gestured them to proceed.

As they reached the receptionist, the receptionist who was a girl smiled and gently said, "Hello, how many rooms, sirs?"

Yuan Gu looked at his companions and stopped his stare to the slave girl, he then said, "A room for four please."

Yuan Gu could not pay each of the rooms if they would get solo ones. Just the 5,000 diamonds per night in firstclass-class rooms were already his forcing limit. He also didn't have a choice since every rooms here were first class. He could not push farther than that. Knowing they were four, he will spend 20,000 diamonds. He only had 10,000 diamonds left in his inventory so it would be tragic if he push his luck.

Of course, Yuan Gu could not blame anyone since he chose this most expensive inn.

Old Mo snorted and said, "Humph. To think you are asking for a single room for four, are you not ashamed of my young master? I told you to stay at a cheap inn yet you insist this."

"Shut up." Yuan Gu refuted and looked at the receptionist and said again, "Is there a room here that good for four without reaching 8,000 diamonds?"

The receptionist's lips twitched as she misunderstood something. She looked at the slave girl they were with. The slave girl was filled with bruises as she looked at her!

These people.. are devils!

The receptionist concluded. Who knew what they had done to the poor girl? However, she has no say here. Seeing that these three men, especially the old man, were here to stay the night in one room, they must be doing something inhumane to her!

I must help her even a bit!

"Esteemed sirs, we still have a lot of vacants so you can stay a single person per room." the receptionist said with a forced smile. She must delay it no matter what in order to call for help!

"No, no. We only need a single room. It would suffice us." Yuan Gu declined.

"Sirs, we are having a promo that you can rent four rooms for only 10,000 diamonds!" the receptionist insisted.

"No thanks about the promo. We only need a single room." Yuan Gu's lips twitched.

What's with this girl? Why does she keep on insisting us to rent individual rooms?

"Sir, the reason why I'm saying this was we don't have a room for four people. But if you really insist, we have a room for three people! However, that cost 12,000 diamonds." the reception lied. They have a four-person room but of course, since she was dedicated to 'save' the girl, she went this far. As long as she could delay them even a single second, it would suffice to call the authority. This receptionist hated slavers to the bones!

All Empires of Shred Case Mortal world except the Shagu and Shauha Empires, hated slavery. Enslaving someone is a grave sin that weighed death and Quu Empire applies this rule and to its residents. But there were still some residents of Quu enslaved people. After all, this world was strong eats weak. The strong had the right for everything. Of course, it would be different if a middle-tier or high-tier empire would do it in their grounds, since what can they do about it? Quu Empire could not withstand attacks of middle and high-tier empires if case they waged a war. Just like old man Shiga auctioning his slave, the emperor himself knew this and was informed about the details. Of course as an emperor, he would be very displeased and enraged by this because it was a slap in his face that old man Shiga did it right in his territory and own ground! But Emperor Shen could only swallow this bitter hatred. He could not take it if the Shagu Empire would attack his empire. Quu Empire doesn't have an ally in middle or high-tier empires, so who could possibly back them up in the moment of destruction? What was more is that he also knew that Shagu Empire was being backed by high-tier Shauha Empire!

"Sister receptionist, we only need one room. I know this inn have rooms for four since I inquired before." Yuan Gu's voice took a turn right at this moment. It was filled with displeasure!

Dammit. Why are you insisting individual rooms for us? What's wrong with your head?

The people surrounding them instantly caught that something's wrong and immediately stopped their steps to watch this getting tense.

Seeing the displeasure in Yuan Gu's expression, the receptionist almost burst into rage and said, "You slavers wanted to take a single room in order to do inhumane acts with that girl with you? Right?! Monsters! We don't accept people like you here!"

The crowd turned their heads to the group. Immediately, they frowned as they saw the tattered and ragged clothing of the girl they were with. It was probably a slave of these guys! They also concluded that they were probably slavers! They didn't notice this before since they were all busy with their own matters. Now that their attention were fixed, most of them were enraged!

Jin Rou, Yuan Gu, and Old Mo's lips twitched involuntarily. What the hell is going on here?

We only wanted to stay for the night! And I am only short for renting individual rooms! What slavers!

"What nonsense are you talking about?" as the prince of a high-tier empire, he could not let it be if someone raised his voice in front of him. Not even a woman!

"Humph. Keep acting!" the receptionist bursted, "You guys wanted a single room for the four of you while we still have so many rooms. Isn't it obvious? I know you guys especially you old man, will do the poor girl!"

"Me?" Old Mo almost spurted blood as he heard this. What the hell?! I am too old to do someone from the younger generation!

Before Old Mo could answer back, Jin Rou, who was silent all this time, said innocently to the receptionist,

"This girl is not a slave and we will only sleep with her to our heart's content. I don't think there's something wrong with it, right?"

All jaws dropped. Everyone was dumbfounded. Yuan Gu and Old Mo were crying in their hearts..

He.. he.. admitted it!


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