The Adventures of the Young Master
37 Let Me Be Your Hope
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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37 Let Me Be Your Hope

It took an hour of explanation before the receptionist and the others to clear the misunderstanding. If not for Jin Rou admitting something in a way everyone would misunderstood, it could have been an easy task. Of course, if Yuan Gu revealed his real identity to these people, they would be kowtowing several times by now. After all, if they discovered that the one in front of them a while ago was the crowned prince of the Gu Empire, who knows what kind of expressions they would have? But Yuan Gu chose not to since he wanted to remain 'humble'.

In order to clear their names as innocent, they came into conclusion that they, the three men, would sleep in a single room while the girl will be in a separated room and promised they would not bother the girl.

Feeling helpless knowing that Yuan Gu will run short since the cost was 15,000 diamonds, he asked for assistance from Old Mo. But before he could ask, he already received a snort and a disdainful look which made Yuan Gu very displeased. But he did not refute and only gritted his teeth. How could he refute if this Old Mo was still the butler of the person he feared the most? If not for Jin Rou lending him a hand, probably he needed to kneel and be looked down upon before getting some assistance. Of course, Yuan Gu was planning to pay this debt back in full and double if given the chance.

After which, they ate their dinner which was extremely delicious and new to his tounge. He savored every bite which made Old Mo, the one who cooked, felt warmth and pride.

The girl was with them but she did not dare to eat. She only looked at the food with her expressionless face. Yuan Gu and Jin Rou tried to talk to her but to no afford. She even did not give them a look.

After that, they returned to their own rooms and sleep since this was really a tiring day. In Jin Rou and others' room, there was only a single bed but it was king-sized which could fit three to four people. Old Mo and Yuan Gu were like water and fire that always having a beef with each other. So, Jin Rou was placed in the middle because Yuan Gu did not know what he could do if he was next to this old bastard. The two were already sleeping except Jin Rou. He was looking at the ceiling mindlessly. After which, he decided to get up and breath some fresh air.

As he got out of the inn, not far away from the inn a place where full moon illuminated the surroundings, there was a girl that standing there still as she looked up to the dark and starry skies with her eyes sparkling. There was a glint of excitement in her eyes that didn't elude Jin Rou's perception. This is the girl with expressionless face.

"To think you have such an expression. I thought you don't have feelings at all." Jin Rou chuckled as he broke the ice and spoke like they were long time friends.

The glint of excitement in the girl's eyes was immediately retracted to hide it. But her gaze was still fixated to the starry sky and did not bother to even look at Jin Rou.

Unlike Yuan Gu, Jin Rou was not displeased by this. He knew that this girl had undergone so much hatred and pain that almost turned her numb and got used to it.

Jin Rou had the power of seeing the past of a certain individual if he chose to. And he used this power to the girl. The moment he saw everything happened in this girl's life, he could not help but be enraged and saddened. Of course, he only used 5% of the power since he would be caught if he used more than that and thus, he only saw several fragments but it was already enough for him to complete the picture of what happened.

It was tragic.. Very tragic.

At the age of fourteen, the girl's clan was annihilated by a certain someone from the Shauha Empire and enslaved her for years. She fell into the hands of the people of the Slavers Association and was treated as a toy to release their lusts. Although they could not take the chastity of the girl, they made her wish to be dead as soon as possible.

And this made Jin Rou extremely enraged and made an oath that before leaving this world, he would first make sure to destroy this Slavers Association!

A long silence filled them, Jin Rou also looked up into the starry sky with a smile in his face.

After a long silence, the girl who remained shut said, "If you are going to extract my lotus, do it now."

This girl had herself mentally prepared for this. But the fear in her eyes could not be hide. However, the reason for this fear was not she was afraid of death, it was that she feared that she would still be spared right after extracting the lotus.

There was nothing she desired more than death.

She wanted to die already. She was tired of living. She was tired of everything.

Seeing the fear, sorrow and despair in the girl's eyes, Jin Rou understood this expression and sighed, "I am not going to extract your lotus. That lotus is yours so why should I take it from you?"

"You're not going to extract it?" the girl revealed a bit of surprised expression. She thought all this time since the other party bought her, they must be interested in the lotus inside her body. But what is this?

Jin Rou chuckled, "Of course not. We just took you away from that slaver so that you could have your freedom once again."

"I don't need that." The girl said with a solemn expression. Her eyes were filled more with despair, "I just want the relief of death."

Indeed. This girl desired for death.

"Your life is precious. Don't throw it away like a crumpled paper. As you live, hope will always brighten your dark days." Jin Rou seriously said. His tone was filled with sincerity.

"Hope?" The girl said bitterly, "I don't deserve hope. All of the people important to me were long gone. I don't have anything to gain hope from."

Silence. Jin Rou didn't speak for a while as he pondered something. The girl also returned to gazing the starry sky silently.

After a while, Jin Rou smiled and said in such a very gentle and mild tone that was so good to hear, "Then let me be your hope."


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