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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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38 Ran Haoyu

Hearing this was like a music in the girl's ears. Her eyes filled with despair was now covered with glittering sparks like the brightest star in the dark sky. This voice mesmerized her that it made her addicted to it. She wanter to hear it again for thousand times!

However, she immediately retracted her current expression and said, "Don't speak nonsense."

"I am not speaking nonsense." Jin Rou retained his smiled, "My mother always says to me that life is a gift that should be treasured. So I will be your hope, isn't that a good thing?"

The girl only stared at him with eyes changing different expressions after another, a moment ago it was excitement, and was changed to despair and changed again to a glint of hope and was changed again to sorrowful eyes.

Jin Rou, of course, noticed this but did not mind it. The girl wanted to say something but she had no way to speak it out. After a moment of silence, Jin Rou asked, "What is your name?"

The girl stayed quiet for a while and eventually answered, "Ran.. Ran Haoyu."

Jin Rou smiled as he heard the answer and complimented, "That is a good name."

The girl did not say anything again as if she did not hear it and remained gazing to the starry sky.

If this was another person, just by being ignored many times would make Jin Rou displeased, but toward Ran Haoyu, not even a bit of hostility he bore.

Jin Rou actually felt the sadness and longing when Jin Rou dived into her memories of the bitter past. After all, Ran Haoyu was a good girl and always humble but was still forsaken by fate. Jin Rou thought if ever Ran Haoyu hated the heavens for this cursed fate of her.

Jin Rou deeply sighed in his heart. The next minutes were only filled silence but this silence had its undescribable comfort for Ran Haoyu. She even wished that this feeling last. This was a very warm and gentle comfort that could make her drown in pleasure.

After a long silence, Ran Haoyu broke it and asked once again, "Do you really not want my lotus? This can make you leap to the Sky Realm. This can benefit who consumes it greatly."

Jin Rou chuckled lightly and softly as he answered her, "Rest assured, I have no interest in your lotus. In fact, I can help you consume it if you desired to."

"Consume it?" Ran Haoyu was taken aback by this. "Impossible. That is impossible."

Even though Ran Haoyu had only a cultivation of Nascent Realm, she still had some knowledge regarding about the lotus she had.

Red-fleeting lotus. This lotus was one of the Seven Archaic Lotuses that was discovered way back hundred thousands of years ago. The Archaic Lotuses were lotuses that were very rare that it could not be found even roaming the world for many years since these lotuses hide in a pure maiden's body and would not be noticed unless someone had Godly keen eyes.

These lotuses brought heaven-defying benefits for a certain cultivator. Although each lotuses had different benefits, it remained that it was still benefiting cultivation, if not, techniques. And thus, anyone who will find its existence would be salivating from greed and would probably immediately extract it from its host.

And from some records of her Haoyu Clan, only the Red-fleeting lotus appeared in the Shred Case Mortal World. There was nothing from the other lotuses. And along with the records, it stated that the host herself could not consume it even it was extracted since the Haoyu Clan had already three hosts of the Red-fleeting lotus in the past and they proved this right. Only other people outside of its host could consume it, and now Jin Rou told her she could actually consume it? She had the urge to laugh sarcastically at this claim.

Jin Rou expected that she would not believe him and said with a gentle smile, "It would be up to you if you will grab this chance or not. As for me, I just want to lend you a helping hand since I am determined to give you hope and a new start. But if you're not willing to take it.." Jin Rou could not help but sigh, and continued, "Then it would be up to you."

Ran Haoyu didn't say a word but her expression told Jin Rou that she was pondering it. Jin Rou turned his back and reminded, "It's already late. I will go ahead first. You should take your sleep too since tomorrow will be a long day. Don't worry, no one will hurt you again, for I am your hope, Jin Rou."

Ran Haoyu only listened to his words as she looked at the back of the young man. She stood there silently as her gaze remained fixated to where Jin Rou was standing a while ago. She revealed an unfathomable expression as she laid herself into deep thought.

Ran Haoyu could not explain it but every word of Jin Rou sounded music to her ears. Like an eternity of sound was ringing into her and made her charmed by this. His tone was so gentle as if the breeze of the wind gently whispered her like it was telling her everything will be alright. This made her so comfortable and felt at ease when she heard the last part before he headed back.

All this time, this was the first time she felt this kind of feeling!

Warm, gentle, comfortable, easing..

These were the only words Ran Haoyu could come up with. This was the first time they talked yet it was like they had known for many years!

After a while of thinking this, Ran Haoyu looked up again into the starry sky as her lips curved up revealing a world-toppling smile! If a man of this world would see this, he would be immediately fall in love with her! This smile.. was like a gift from the heavens! She closed her eyes and opened it again revealing a hint of happiness in it as some beads of tears run down her jade-white face.

She whispered into the wind gently retaining her so-beautiful smile, "You will be my hope.. Yes.."


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