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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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39 Potential

Chirping of the birds could be heard as the silent cold run down through skins. The artistic golden sun got up like a baby and started painting the dark black sky into a bright blue sky. The bright looking milky clouds got up from sleep and started travelling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment. It was already morning.

The moment Jin Rou, Old Mo and Yuan Gu were woke up, they headed down to take their breakfast since this inn offers free breakfast for every overnight customers. Although the dishes served to them could not par from what Old Mo made, it could still be said delicious. Before they could finish their meal, gentle steps could be heard which piqued their attention, this step was very familiar for them. As they turned their heads to look for the source of the steps to confirm their guesses, Old Mo and Yuan Gu could not help but be dumbstruck as if they had seen something unbelievable!

She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had an ice-jade complexion that covered with a fit and sexy green robe. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose.. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon paint-pink hair. That enticing, constellation-blue eyes gazed at them over her puffy, heart shaped lips. This was Ran Haoyan! However, a tremendous change happened on her! The bruises were also gone as if it was never there to begin with. Her short hair back then turned into a waist-length shining pink that left all of the people present speechless! If she was a city-toppling beauty in the past, now she was a empire-toppling beauty! Of course, her poker face remained there but no matter, she was giving off the vibe of gentleness! This.. This change of a hundred eighty turn caught them off guard!

Only Jin Rou was not dumbstruck and just watched this scene unfolding while smiling.

The people who were eating their breakfast were also shocked as they saw her!

"Is that the slave girl from yesterday?"

"Probably. She was with those guys after all and she was the only one with pink hair here."

"Ohmy! Such a beautiful lady! Those guys were damn lucky!"

"How about we abduct that girl from them? Hehe."

"Shut up you idiot!"

The guys in the crowd were already salivating at this beautiful scenery! Some of them became hard just by seeing the perfect figure of that lady! This..

Ran Haoyu reached where Jin Rou and the others' table bowed to them and apologized, "Seniors, Haoyu is very sorry for being rude to you all yesterday. Haoyu is asking for your forgiveness."

Although her expression revealed nothing, her voice was filled with sincerity. It really came deep from his truest feelings.

Old Mo and Yuan Gu looked at Jin Rou with dumbfounded and disbelief expressions! The reason for this was because a while ago when they woke up, Jin Rou said to them that the poker-faced lady would apologize to them today. Although Jin Rou didn't say the exact time, it was still spot-on! How did Jin Rou knew that this girl would apologize to them? Did they talk last night?

What was more that made them dumbfounded was that after a night, this girl changed into entirely different person! It was like a tremendous make over happened to her overnight! If she was a peasant, now she was looking like a princess of a high tier empire! This..!

Jin Rou chuckled lightly and smiled mysteriously that was caught by Old Mo and Yuan Gu. He then introduced the girl, "This is Ran Haoyu."

"Oh, Ran Haoyu." Old Mo and Yuan Gu said in unison.

Yuan Gu regained his senses as he waved his hand back and forth and said, "It's no big deal, Junior Sister Haoyu."

Yuan Gu was sweating beads at this moment. Seeing this instant-so-beautiful matured-like lady in front of him, he could not help but huff and puff. This girl probably disguised all this time!

Old Mo also regained his senses and invited Ran Haoyu, "Come, sit so we all could have a meal together."

Ran Haoyu then sat to the vacant chair, since the table is good for four, next to Jin Rou and said gently, "Haoyu disguised herself all this time and Haoyu is apologizing again for that." Ran Haoyu bowed her head again as her pink hair flowed down like leaves of autumn during sunset. Even this, was the finest view! All of them held their breaths yet again! This beauty, could destroy countless marriages!

"No.. No need to apologize." Yuan Gu confirmed it. She was on a disguise all this time.

"Let's continue to eat. The dishes will get cold." Old Mo said as he started eating again. Jin Rou didn't say anything but still smiling as he started eating his meal again and so with Yuan Gu.

Ran Haoyu hesitated for a moment but eventually, she probably could not stand the temptation of the food as she looked at it, and took a bite. After which that she tasted it, consecutive bites did she take. It seemed like it was a long time since she had this kind of meal. The three silently observed her as their lips curved into a light smile.

This girl.. is finally revealing herself bit by bit. Even though it would take a while before she gradually heal from her past, as long as she had the desire to live and persevere, nothing could stop her path.

Jin Rou smiled gently as he seemed like he was filled with satisfaction.

When Jin Rou saw Ran Haoyu's potential last night, he could not help but smile since her potential was..


If Ran Haoyu was to train hard and no accidents to happen, Jin Rou was confident that Ran Haoyu could stand even in the Immortal's World, no, probably even Saint's World! And if Jin Rou was to personally guide her, she would even stand in the God's World where all of the strongest cultivators, sects and schools under the Rou Celestial Family reside! Of course, it would be the grandest achievement if she could make a name and stood tall in the Rou Celestial Realm where the strongest of the strongest reside which includes the Prime Clans! Only them could have the privilege to live in that Realm!

Of course, Jin Rou evaluated Old Mo and Yuan Gu. Although it was not unlimited like Ran Haoyu, it was High. It would not be shocking if Yuan Gu had this since he was from the high-tier empire, but to think that even Old Mo, despite his age, also had high potential? That's what shocking!

That's also part of the reason why Jin Rou set Old Mo as his personal Butler and dedicate to make him stronger! Jin Rou was firm to make Old Mo his official butler as the Celestial King!

After they were done eating, they took a bath, of course gender separated, and head off to the Tamer Guild.

As they head off, little did they know except Jin Rou, that they were being tailed.


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