The Adventures of the Young Master
40 If You Just Open Your Dog Eyes Firs
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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40 If You Just Open Your Dog Eyes Firs

"Is it still far?" Yuan Gu complained. They were walking for more than twelve hours now and also reached the outskirts of the empire to head to the tamer guild. However, it seemed like this trip was not going anywhere.

"Shut up and just walk." Old Mo refuted. They only walked for several hours yet this prince was already complaining. Ridiculous.

"I told you that we should use my mount. By that, we don't need to—" Yuan Gu was interrupted by Old Mo, "My young master doesn't like riding in your mount. So what can you do? If you cannot walk anymore, why don't just fly ahead?"

Since Yuan Gu was a Sky Realm cultivator, he had the ability to fly and thus it would be possible to go ahead.

"Nevermind." Yuan Gu waved his hands gesturing to drop the topic. Of course, he could if he wanted, but seeing the young master just made him not dare to. What if he disrespected this young fella and Jin Rou decided to kill him? That would be very very tragic. He had not yet found his love of his life and still didn't have twenty kids, so he could not die yet.

And of course, he was just over thinking things.

Jin Rou only walked silently as he look everywhere.

Outskirts of the empire was the Forest Fond, this forest was huge that estimated to span hundred thousand miles. And this were the home of all the beasts surrounding the Quu Empire. These beasts were classified as Normal, Natural, Rare and Mighty Beasts. The Mighty Beasts were the strongest of all the beasts around the world and mostly, they were the rulers of them.

Normal Beasts were the most common that could be seen everywhere in the low-tier empire's forest. Their limit cultivation was Profound Realm. Natural Beasts could naturally be found in middle-tier empire's forest and their limit cultivation was Earth Realm. Rare Beasts could be found in high-tier empires that had Sky Realm cultivations and the Mighty Beasts that only reside in the forest of the supreme empire, Gian.

Fortunately, the forest didn't have any mighty nor rare beasts because this low-tier empire could not withstand such an attack from this kind of beast. In fact, even the Natural Beasts could be threat for low-tier empires.

As they walked with the destination of tamer guild, Jin Rou stopped all of a sudden which confused Yuan Gu and Old Mo, and even the poker-faced Ran Haoyu was as well.

Old Mo asked with a tone of confusion, "What's wrong, Young Master?"

Jin Rou said coldly, "Five people are tailing us, and that includes the old man Yuan Gu bidded with."

Yuan Gu was startled for a moment, but eventually gave off a smile and said indifferently, "So that old man bears grudges since I stole his meal. Seems he will do even underhanded tactics just to obtain Haoyu."

Jin Rou then commanded coldly, "Yuan, clear things up."

Although Yuan Gu was a bit displeased by being commanded, he still knew his place and affirmed, "Then leave it to me."


Five miles away from the current location where Jin Rou and the others were, four masked men in black robes stood next to an old man in black clothing also, however, he was not wearing a mask. This was San Hao. The old man that Yuan Gu competed in the bidding for Ran Haoyu. This San Hao was really dedicated in getting the girl with redfleeting lotus.

San Hao said, "You guys are the infamous serial killers of the empire and four of the strongest cultivators of our empire. I hope you will not fail me. Remember, kill everyone except the girl and leave no traces."

"Rest assured, Senior Hao. We will accomplish your task. Those people were nothing but mere ants."

This was the perfect place to conduct a killing since very rare people went to this forest since this forest was the most dangerous one around the Quu Empire. The Quu Empire had two forests, the other one was for travelling that guaranteed safety since the beasts there were only Nascent Realms.

"Humph, once I become a Sky Realm, I will reward you guys triple than my offer today. So do a good job." San Hao said. These guys were also Earth Realm cultivators. But San Hao was still stronger. If these guys dared to snatch the redfleeting lotus from him, even they worked together, San Hao was confident that they were not a match to him.

The four was delighted upon hearing this and said unison, "We will not let you down senior. Don't worry."

"Nope. You will let him down. In fact, all of you will go down." a cold voice suddenly rang their ears and immediately lift their guards. They trace the direction where the voice came from and their faces full of haughtiness turned a hundred eighty degree. Even San Hao who was brimming with smile a while ago was no exception!

Fear.. They were scared shitless as they saw where the voice came from, they realized that this was not a person that they could trifle with! It was a man with a long red hair fluttering, dancing like the leaves of sunshine, emitting an authoritive aura that could make anyone revere him in this empire! What's more is that.. This man, was flying!

This abilty of flight.. A Sky Realm cultivator!

And of course, this was Yuan Gu. He looked at the four masked men and San Hao paled in fright. He snorted in his heart and viewed them in disdain and said, "We are ants eh? I dare you to repeat that."

"Senior we—" one of the four masked men hurriedly said, however interrupted as he flew like a kite with its string snapped. The ground he flew by was left a big amount of blood! The three looked at the current situation of their brother and got even paled more. Their brother was now lying there lifeless!

They saw what the Sky Realm man did, he just punched the thin air and this was already the effect? Terrifying!

San Hao was trembling at this moment, this.. He made a grave mistake! And thus, he turned back and ran as fast as he could! He didn't care about anything else except his life! His intestines were turning green at this moment. If he had not let himself blinded by the sudden overpowering item, he would not be in this state.

"Trying to run away already? Nope." Yuan Gu punched the air again towards the direction of San Hao.

"Puuuuuu!" the moment San Hao received this, he spurted a large amount of blood as he rolled and rolled on the ground violently.

Seeing that San Hao was still breathing, Yuan Gu smiled coldly, "Oh, how tough. You're still alive."

The three left paled in fright that almost made them pee their crouches! They fell to the ground butt-first. Even the strongest of them, San Hao, could not retaliate and just chose to run. But still turned into this state.. If they all knew first that they will confronting a behemoth, they would not have accepted this! They were just basically seeking death! They wanted to plead for their lives but they could not even speak!

"Ants." Yuan Gu threw three punches into the thin air and the three were immediately thrown violently! After which, they lied there lifelessly. Even at the moment of death, they didn't know how the other party did it.

Yuan Gu moved forward going to San Hao. Seeing this, San Hao immediately stood his ground with all his might and said in a tone of fright and disbelief, "You.. Who are you?"

"Heh." Yuan Gu snorted in disdain, "Since you are about to die, I will tell you. I am the crowned prince of the Gu Empire. If you just open your dog eyes first, you will not be in this state." Yuan Gu then punched again the air.


San Hao turned into a meat paste in a blink of an eye.


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