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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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41 Magical Beas

"Finished?" Jin Rou saw the approaching Yuan Gu via flight.

"Yes. Not even a match." Yuan Gu said as he puffed up his chest.

"Humph. That's obvious. You are already a Sky Realm cultivator. what fight could be shown by those guys?Besides, Since young master opened your three essence veins, you became stronger. And learned something right?" Old Mo said as he snorted.

Yuan Gu didn't answer this but smiled. This was already enough to tell what was his answer.

Indeed, Yuan Gu became stronger the moment the three required essence veins. He thought that opening the three of his essence veins would only qualify him to master the red class technique without being threatened. Never did he expect to gain some insights and he knew that the Sky Realm, eight stage, was not already an impossible dream! This.. was a great harvest!

Ran Haoyu asked Jin Rou all of a sudden, "You are an essence master?"

Jin Rou chuckled and answered lightly, "No. I am not."


Inside the tamer guild's meeting hall, there was a round long table with seven chairs and a single chair opposite of this. Each seat was occupied by elderly men with one woman. And in the single chair was an old man older than the rest of them, this was the current master of tamer guild, Yao Na. This was a very mysterious guild master since even his cultivation could not be seen by them! But they already assumed that he was an Earth Realm, ninth stage. And what's more, he was already 3-star Master Tamer!

They were currently holding a meeting regarding some serious matters.

"Guildmaster Na, there were people who were very interested in that beast. I guess we should just sell it since we could not even tame it." one of the elders said.

"That's right. By that, we could even have a firm relationship with them." another elder agreed.

"No." Guildmaster Na declined this. He added, "Tamer Guild was a guild that never depend on any powers! We stood independently! And besides, you know that those guys were cunning. You don't know what they're thinking."

He continued, "And most importantly, That beast is something that our ancestor had left. And now, you wanted to sell it? That's a disrespect towards our ancestor!"

The elders could not find anything to refute this.

The beast that they were talking about was a Magical Beast.

Magical Beast. This was the uncategorized classification of a beast since Magical Beasts were so hard to find as if you were searching a needle in a haystack. These Magical Beasts were called 'Great' since ancient times. What was special about a Magical Beast is that it has no cultivation limits where what was indicated was the maximum a certain beast could reach. Or in other words, it had unlimited potential. Unless nothing goes south for the magical beast, it could soar to the heaven and looked up to this world in disdain.

And the beast that was left by their ancestor was indeed, a magical beast. This magical beast was the direct offspring of the magical beast of their ancestor. And this beast was a Winged Lion. As the call for it itself, it was a lion with black color with black spreaded wings. It was still young, aging 500 years old and thus, was a bit stubborn. Nope, very stubborn!

This beast refused anyone to acknowledge as his master even the guildmaster himself. This beast was actually haughty and arrogant! Well, This winged lion was already Sky Realm, third stage. So no wonder it would act this way. Despite no one could tame this magical beast, no one had thought of giving up. But just because the other powers were eyeing for the magical beast, they were already thinking of selling the magical beast.

Of course, Guildmaster Na understood them. The powers eyeing the beast were extremely strong compared to them and if they felt displeased, they could destroy their guild. Because these powers were from middle and high-tier empires! This made an extreme pressure for the current tamer guild because they could not their fort against this powers from these empires! Even the middle-tier one would already be a challenge for them. what more for the high-tier empires?

"But.. The Green Gate from the middle-tier Shiden Empire and the high-tier Shauha Empire would come here as soon as possible. They already send their messages and they said the price would be negotiable." the elder woman said grimly.

"No matter. Let them come. But we will never sell the beast! That beast is ours no matter what!" Guildmaster Na firmed.

It seemed like their magical beast caused everyone who knew, salivated from greed and will do whatever it takes just to gain their keep treasure.

Guildmaster was also still infuriated about the fact that someone had tell on them! This magical beast was a very top secret of their guild since it would bring calamity upon them. Never did he thought that there would be ungrateful bastard here! Although he was not sure yet, he had a person in mind. But unless he confirmed it, he would hold it in.

What added his infuriation was the way these powers act! There's even no room for discussion that was left for them! This.. was a show-off of their authority which Guildmaster felt so displeased and angered.

"Guildmaster.." seeing the resolute and firm expression of the guildmaster, they could not help but sigh. It seemed that they will really go against the powers who were eyeing for their magical beast. As they think through this, their eyes were now filled with glow of fire. That's right, this was the tamer guild that no one had dared to trifled with and now someone acted atrocious just because they were higher and stronger than them?

The tamer guild being always independent was not for a show!

Even though they held no chance once the other party declared destruction, they could not just sit idly either! They would hold their grounds even it cost their lives. Because that was how tamer guilds worked and survived until now!

"Prepare to welcome them before they arrive. As much as possible, I don't want to break it into all-out war. Of course, it would be different if they keep on insisting and act arrogant here in my very own grounds!" Guildmaster Na said in a very domineering voice! All the elders became fired up from this moment!

"Yes!" Every elders said in unison. They were brimming in fire inside their hearts. This was the guildmaster for you! Even in the moment of a very serious crisis, he could still lift their morals high!

After which, a one-star master tamer right after guildmaster Na adjourned the meeting and says hurriedly, "Master, there were four people waiting outside wanting to rent some mounts!"

"Our tamer guild was closed temporarily, didn't you say that to them?" an elder said as he frowned.

"I already said it but they said they really need it and it's urgent!" the master tamer said as his beads of sweat run down.

"Humph. A bunch of fools who could not understand reason? They are in the entrance, you say? Come with me!" the elder rushed and the master tamer followed suit.


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