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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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42 Elder Suni

"He's taking too long.. That guy." Yuan Gu said in displeasure. He was the one who talked to the master tamer and reported to his master. But It's been already 30 minutes exactly since the master tamer went inside.

"Are you complaining?" one of the guards of the entrance harrumphed, "We already said that our tamer guild is in seclusion for now."

"I don't care if you guys are in a seclusion or not, rent us a mount and we will set off." Yuan Gu said in a tone full of arrogance.

"Senior, we just wanted to rent a mount or two. Of course, we will pay for it." Old Mo joined the talk. Since it was getting tense, might as well act as a reliever.

"I said we are in a seclusion for now! If you cannot wait, then leave!" the guard said furiously.

Yuan Gu frowned upon hearing this. He was about to subdue the other party when a voice rang all of a sudden.

"What is happening here?" it was a middle aged man with a robust body wearing a colorful robe. He was bald, and his eyes were sharp if one were glared at. His tone was full of annoyance.

Yuan Gu snorted in his heart upon hearing this. It seemed the other party was already aware.

"Elder Suni!" the guard was immediately overjoyed upon the arrival of the elder. He then clasped his fist and greeted "I pay respect to Elder Suni."

"Mn." Elder Suni nodded. He then looked at the other party and looked back at the guard, "What's happening?"

"Reporting to Elder Suni. Might the other guard told Elder already, they were here to rent a mount. But it seemed they were displeased because Elder took too long of time before arriving." the guard reported.

"Ohhh. My apologize if I took too long." Elder Suni apologized but there was no even a hint of sincerity in it.

Yuan Gu frowned. It seemed like this elder was not putting them in his eyes. He was about to retort when Jin Rou suddenly talked, "Senior, we apologize for the inconvenience but we are only here to rent for a mount that would take us into the Tyy Empire. I hope you will take our request into consideration."

Yuan Gu and Old Mo did not expect that Jin Rou would speak in such a respectful tone to this Elder Suni! Old Mo nodded in approval, it seemed like his young master was taking his words into heart.

Over the course of time, Old Mo would teach Jin Rou a thing or two about how this world worked, and that included taking a step back and be respectful towards someone in an older generation if possible. Of course, only for those people who deserved respect.

"Fools." but Elder Suni didn't even take it seriously! "If our tamer guild is closed, it is CLOSED. Don't be unreasonable and get out of my face if you guys don't want to be thrown out!" Elder Suni said arrogantly as he fluttered his sleeves gesturing them to leave.

Jin Rou smiled coldly. He only tried to talk respectful to this Elder, even he has a very dark inner heart, since he was still a member of the tamer guild which was under the rule of his grandfather. But if this Elder thought that he could step in Jin Rou's head?

This elder've got to be jesting.

"Refusing a toast just to be forced a drink of forfeit." Jin Rou was displeased by this. If necessary, he would make this bald man kneel before him. After all, he had the power to!

"Oh? Have complaints? Come and bite me then." Elder Suni said haughtily.

Yuan Gu felt his last string of reasoning snapped. To think this Elder Suni was acting arrogant in front of them just having a cultivation of Earth Realm, sixth stage. Yuan Gu hated those people who were more overbearing than him!

Yuan Gu was about to punch the air to give this bald man a deserving beating when a voice suddenly rang their ears, "Let them in."

This made Elder Suni to be confused. Guaranteed, it was the voice of their Guildmaster Na, but why would he let them in right at this moment that they were experiencing crisis?

Jin Rou didn't wait for the Elder Suni's response and immediately walk past him, the others also followed suit. But when Yuan Gu gave a final glance to Elder Suni and smiled coldly, "You were lucky." after which, Yuan Gu walked past him.

Elder Suni was trembling in anger at this moment. To think he would be looked down upon by someone in the younger generation. This was extremely.. humiliating!

You think you can walk over my head just because you're a junior?! Think again!

Elder Suni was about to attack Yuan Gu who was walking leisurely when suddenly Guildmaster Na appeared in front of him, "Hold your high horses there, Suni."

"Guildmaster.." Elder Suni was shocked. But eventually regained his composure and asked, "Why did you let them in, guildmaster? You knew that we are in a very serious crisis! We could not have the luxury to entertain customers at this moment!"

"Suni, do you think I will stop you if those guys were just some random or common cultivators out there? I know more than anyone here that we are on the verge of destruction." Guildmaster Na said in a very serious tone.

"Huh?" Elder Suni was more confused at this moment. "Guildmaster, what do you mean?"

"Did you see through their cultivations?" Guildmaster Na answered the question by question.

Elder Suni pondered for a moment and said, "I saw through the middle aged man and the girl with pink hair. They were the same Nascent Realm cultivators."

"How about the young man with long black hair and the red haired older man?" Guildmaster Na asked another question.

"This.." all of a sudden, it seemed Elder Suni realized something! He answered, "I could not see through their cultivations.."

He added with a shocked expression, "Guildmaster.. don't tell me.."

"Yes, you're right." Guildmaster Na confirmed, "Even I, could not see through their cultivations. You know what does it mean, right?"

There were two possibilities why someone could not see through someone's cultivation. Firstly, the other party was much stronger than him, or secondly, the other party was wearing a treasure that could let him hide his cultivation. By hiding cultivation could make one wary, especially enemies who were targeting him. If you could not see through someone's cultivation and knew these two possibilities, won't you think twice before attacking? Unless you desired death that much.

"This.." Elder Suni paled from fright. He thought that even he could not see through the other party's cultivation, he could still subdue them and even he was not a match, he got the backing of the guildmaster. But who knew that even the guildmaster could not see through those two? This gave him such an impact! To think he acted arrogant in front of those two!

Elder Suni found some excuse, "Maybe they had treasures that could hide their cultivation?"

"That, I am not sure." Guildmaster Na added, "But it won't hurt if we act cautiously, our tamer guild could not afford to add more potential enemies in our plate. For now, I will talk to them."

"Yes." Elder Suni nodded. What the guildmaster said was entirely true. If those guys were bigshots, wouldn't be it as guaranteed destruction for them? Practically burying their own bodies to the ground.

After which, Guildmaster Na disappeared from Elder Suni's sight.


A giant aerial ship was getting nearer to the vicinity of the tamer guild. There were a total of six people aboard. The four were old men, while the two were ranging 25-30 years old, a man and a woman. Each was emitting an authoritive aura as they looked into the distance.

The woman, who could be said a beauty with her black short hair grinned and said seductively, "Oh, tamer guild, tamer guild.. That magical beast, will soon be mine."


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