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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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43 White Eagle

In the Guest Hall of the Tamer Guild, Guildmaster Na warmly welcomed Jin Rou and his group. They sat facing towards Guildmaster Na who was currently sitting opposite to them.

Guildmaster looked at the group and smiled, "Before we proceed with the business, let's introduce ourselves first. I am the 9th Guildmaster of this tamer guild, Yao Na. May I have our esteemed customers' names please?"

"Jin, I am a travelling cultivator." Jin Rou answered.

"Mo Haozen, a FORMER member of Chef Guild of the Quu Empire." Old Mo said as he proudly stressed out the word FORMER.

"Ran Haoyu." Ran Haoyu said in a very cold tone.

"And me," Yuan Gu gestured to himself and arrogantly said as he tossed the token of identity to Guildmaster Na, "I am the crowned prince of Gu Empire, Yuan Gu."

Receiving the token, Guildmaster Na suddenly paled. Because this token, was real! Of course, Guildmaster Na knew the Gu Empire since there was also a tamer guild. He also knew that this Gu Empire was dubbed by people the strongest high-tier Empire! Remembering Elder Suni acting haughtily in front of this man, it seemed like they were really trying to bury themselves to the ground! No wonder Guildmaster Na could not see through this man's cultivation. It was way above his!

Guildmaster Na did not know about the young man claiming he was traveller. He concluded that maybe this young man was keeping a low profile. But he was sure that this young man has a behemoth background also!

Guildmaster Na was very grateful that he chose to believe his instinct rather than his pride. He deeply sighed this relief.

Guildmaster Na composed himself and gave a warm smile and reconfirmed, "So, what our esteemed customers want in our tamer guild?"**

"We only need a mount or two for us to travel to the Tyy Empire." Jin Rou indifferently said. And added coldly, "Can you fill us with our request?"

Seeing that Jin Rou do the talking instead of crowned prince, he was a bit paled for some unknown reason. It was like Guildmaster Na could feel the words, that there was hint of.. a threat. And it made him send chills down his spine.

Of course, Guildmaster Na's speculation was spot-on. The tamer guild already left a bad taste for Jin Rou. Jin Rou hated people acting arrogant in front of him, who could look down in all these worlds with disdain. It was one thing if one could back it up, but if it's all for words, that's a different story. One more thing was that those people with dark inner hearts. As the true ruler of the universe, Jin Rou hated evil people the most.

"This.." Guildmaster Na did not know what to say, he pondered for a moment and answered, "We can rent you a white eagle and it can reach the Tyy Empire in 3 days if fastest or 5 days if slowest. "

"Then we will take it!" Jin Rou excitedly said. His previous voice that filled with coldness suddenly disappeared into the thin air. He thought that travelling even in a mount would require at least ten days just like Old Mo's estimation. But it seemed it would be faster!

"However.." Guildmaster had a hard expression in his face.

"However what?" Yuan Gu was a bit annoyed by this. It seemed like there would be no good news after all.

Yuan Gu was also delighted upon hearing that they would rent them a white eagle. In fact, even Old Mo and Ran Haoyu were also. This white eagle was one of the fastest mounts this world could offer. Even in high-tier empires, this eagle was the one of the best choices for travel. To think that this low-tier tamer guild had this?

Guildmaster Na pondered for a moment and suddenly had a complete change in his expression as he continued, "However, we only have two white eagles. The other one was currently sick while the another one refused to leave its side."

"They are lovers?" Yuan Gu was a bit taken aback.

"Yes. Her lover is currently sick and we did not even know what caused it. We already invited several master doctors but to no avail. No one could diagnose its real cause." Guildmaster Na gravely said.

Indeed, the white eagle was currently sick and in comatose. What was terrifying was that even two-star and three-star master doctors could not find the cause of this.

"Are there no available mounts except the white eagle?" Jin Rou asked.

"Unfortunately, there is none. All of the mounts rented had not yet returned." Guildmaster Na shook his head.

He added, "Besides, those mounts could reach the Tyy Empire if fastest for 15 days and for slowest, estimating 25 days."

"That's too long." Old Mo shook his head. If the travel will took that long, maybe they would reach the Tyy Empire with the painting competition already reached its climax. After all, that's their sole purpose for going to that empire.

"Yes.. It is great inconvenience if that trip's that long. If only the white eagle could be healed." Guildmaster nodded his head in approval.

Actually, if these guys were only some normal cultivators who they could handle, Guildmaster Na would not even glance at them, or if the other party offered a high price, he might rent the lowest class mount. But unfortunately, these guys especially the two were not someone he could afford to offend. And thus, he immediately offered the white eagle, but contradicting his offer, why would he offer a mount that could not be used?

Simple. Guildmaster Na opened this note because he was making a bet with fate that one of these two men were a high ranking master doctor.

If Guildmaster Na win this bet, he was pretty sure that it would benefit their tamer guild since their tamer guild not only had one white eagle, but two. Well, only Guildmaster Na knew why so. If his tamer guild survive this crisis, that is.

"What are you trying to say?" Yuan Gu frowned upon hearing this.

However, Guildmaster Na didn't mind it and said as he was smiling, finally revealing his intention, "Dear Esteemed Guests, this may sound inconvenient for you. But if anyone of you could heal the sick white eagle, you don't need to pay the fee anymore."

"Are you serious?! You—" Yuan Gu was about to retort when suddenly Jin Rou stood up and excitedly said, "Take me to the white eagle!"

Jin Rou knew that Old Mo would run short soon in money so as much as possible, they won't spend a penny. Now that the opportunity presented itself, how could Jin Rou let it slip? This was free!


Jin Rou almost thought this word as a legendary word for a second.

This startled Guildmaster Na. To think this young man became hyped up just because he mentioned that they would no longer pay.

Guildmaster Na calmed down and said, "Yes yes. I—"

However, he was interrupted by a sudden intrusion of a master tamer, he was filled with terror and paled expression and panting hard. It was almost oxygen was avoiding him and he keep giving chase.

Realizing something was wrong, Guildmaster Na asked, "What's the matter?"

The master tamer said stuttering, "Ma..Ma..Master.. They.. they are already… HERE!"


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