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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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44 Kai Shauha

"They are already here?" Guildmaster Na was taken aback by this as his expression got worsen. Of course, he knew who were 'they' the master tamer reported about.

"Yes! The Green Gate of the middle-tier Shiden Empire and the Royal Palace of the Shauha Empire is here requesting for your presence!" the guard explained more. His expressionnwas filled with fear.

"This.." Guildmaster Na did not know what to say. But it was clear that he was angered! He never expected that these people would arrive so soon! It seemed they set off the moment they received the information about the magical beast! It seemed like they would not let this off!

Guildmaster Na was still pondering when the entrance door immediately opened in a slam. Following suit, six figures carrying majestic aura appeared before Guildmaster Na. These six persons were emitting authoritive auras that seemed like they were the big boss of this place. Especially the woman in middle wearing black robe. With her eyes seductive enough to attract even those from the people of the tamer guild! Her big towering breasts that were almost busting out the robe, her almost perfect voluptuous buttocks as it swayed and bounce as she walked. This woman.. is such a beauty! However, if to be compared to the real appearance of Ran Haoyu, this woman still paled in comparison.

Guildmaster Na knitted his eyebrows. This act.. is such a disrespect for their tamer guild! They were not sparing even a bit of face for them! These people were not putting him or even the tamer guild in their eyes. After all, they had the right to be like this since the tamer guild was something below the food chain.

The woman in black took a glance in each and everyone present here. Her glance was stopped to Yuan Gu. After which, she gave a seductive smile as she looked and said alluringly, "I never expected that the high-esteemed Gu Empire, Yuan Gu, would be here in this kind of low-class place. Might as well I presume you are also after the beast of this guild?"

"Hehe." Yuan Gu chuckled as he answered, "I never expected too that the only princess of Shauha Empire, Kai Shauha would come here."

He added, "And beast? I am not interested. I am only here to rent for a mount."

"Really?" Kai Shauha mused. "Then it's good. You see, this princess would like that beast no matter what so it saved me the trouble if you are not after it."

She then looked at Guildmaster Na and arrogantly said, "I presume you are the guildmaster, yes? Well then, name your price. This princess will buy it no matter how much it costs."

"No." Guildmaster Na firmed. "That magical beast was something left by our ancestor before he passed away. We could not just sell unless he gave his permission."

"Ridiculous." one of the old men shouted, "He already passed away. How can he give his permission this time?"

He added, "Besides, you cannot tame it. What for?"

The youth next to Kai Shauha joined in, "Guildmaster, Princess Kai Shauha wants that magical beast no matter what. Grab the chance since this was still negotiable. Do not push your luck further."

This youth's voice had a trace of threat. This was the Green Gate's young noble, Shi Hao. This man was so infatuated with Kai Shauha and several times asked her for a dinner. However, Kai Shauha was not interested. However, he was not disheartened by this and instead pushed further. After several years of chasing after her, Shi Hao now was given a chance and was currently courting her. Once he knew that Kai Shauha was about to travel to some low-tier empires, he immediately gone for Shauha Empire to ask permission to accompany her. After all, this could be the perfect time for Shi Hao to know Kai Shauha better and maybe if lucky, he could move on to the next level.

Kai Shauha revealed an expression of displeasure but immediately retracted it and was changed into a smile, "Guildmaster, I hope you reconsider your choice. This is negotiable so you can name your price. How much? Five million diamonds? Ten? Twenty million diamonds? Tell me."

Yuan Gu was shocked by this. Offering tens of million diamonds? This princess must be really loved and doted by the emperor that she could carry this kind of amount of money for personal consumption! He was already sweating to take out the three million diamonds for the payment, yet this princess!!

Of course, it doesn't mean that Gu Empire was poorer than the Shauha Empire. It was just painful to take out such an amount.

But eventually, Yuan Gu understood why this princess was going all out. Just from their conversation, one could already understand. This guild had a magical beast and the Shauha Empire's only princess wanted it no matter what.

This was a magical beast after all, a very very very rare to find type of beast that even the Gu Empire had only one!

Guildmaster Na was clenching his fist tightly. To think these guys were atrociously not minding their side! Be gritted his teeth and raised his voice, "Please leave! My tamer guild doesn't have a plan of selling it to anyone! Not even if the gods want it also!"

"You dare to raise your voice to Princess Kai? Atrocious! Kneel!" Shi Hao wanted to impress the princess and gain some points by this. He released his aura but his aura was immediately deflected by Guildmaster Na! He was stupefied for a moment. He was already A Sky Realm, first stage. How could.. Unless..

The elders that could not stand firmly on the side watching quietly was also shocked by this. They actually felt that young noble was already Sky Realm, first stage. But to think, his aura was deflected? Their hearts were brimming with excitement.. It just only meant one thing.

Guildmaster Na was already a Sky Realm expert! A Sky Realm expert had actually existed in this low-tier empire!

Kai Shauha smirked, "How surprising. To think there would be someone who would step into the Sky Realm in this kind of filthy place. You have my praise. As a reward, I will pardon you for raising your voice against me a while ago."

She added, "I will ask you nicely for the VERY last time, sell the magical beast to me at any price you wish! Even you flip both sides, you are earning a profit here! You are reaping benefits!"

She continued, "However, one last decline and I will make sure that this tamer guild of yours would be history from this day forth!"

She released a threatening aura! Everyone from the tamer guild felt this powerful aura and everyone concluded one thing, a Sky Realm, seventh stage, expert!

These words along with her terrifying aura that sounded the entire hall made the guild members trembe in terror. Their frightened expressions revealed how grave the situation they were in! Some already fell to the ground butt-first.

Guildmaster Na was in extremely extremely difficult situation! He was already filled with despair but his willpower was still fighting! He swung his sleeves as he steeled his face, "No matter what you say, we will not sell it to anyone! Our ancestor left that to us for us to take care of it. Not to abandon it! My answer will always be the same no matter how many times you asked, witch!"


Right at that moment, a suppressive aura hit the guildmaster and was thrown violently.

It came from Kai Shauha, she revealed an expression full of disdain and displeasure. "Very well, say good bye to your dog lives."


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