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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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45 Sphere Thorns

Everyone of the tamer guild fell to their butts as they felt this suppressive aura! Their faces were filled with horror that as if the world reached its doomsday as they saw the guildmaster being thrown away like a paper! Jin Rou's group remain standing.. however Old Mo and Ran Haoyu could not defend themselves but were supported by Jin Rou. This kind of power was something they could not hope to stand against! Guildmaster Na wastaken aback by this and gritted his teeth as he tried to withstood this. Just fighting this type of power was already his limit and it already made him puke blood! Knowing that the enemy only released a suppressive aura which was only 20% of the real power, it already made Guildmaster Na realize how far was the gap between him and Kai Shauha! It was like the distance between heaven and earth! Though Guildmaster Na was also a Sky Realm cultivator, he was only in the first stage. Compared to the power of the Sky Realm, seventh stage, cultivator like Kai Shauha, his power even combined with his years of experience could not amount to this! Guildmaster Na was already filled with despair at this moment. His willpower was slowly degenerating and already having thoughts of giving in.

As the Guildmaster of the tamer guild, he should prioritize more for his members and beasts that were in the guild, however, the words of his ancestor was equivalent to this and in fact, it was more heavier than the state of his people. But as he watched his guild members slowly being eaten by fear and some already turned insane, his heart was filled with grief. He was on a difficult situation, it was like he was being chased by enemies and was cornered into a cliff, and there were only two choices to make, to fight to the death against the enemies or jump to the death.

Kai Shauha snorted in disdain and mocked them, "Is that all you got, you trashes of this place? This princess only released a tiny amount of power and yet everyone was already trembling in fear, what a bunch of cowards! Hahaha. No wonder you trashes belonged to this kind of filthy place. "

She continued to mock them, "Oh well, tamer guild is it? Compared to the the tamer, you guys could not even be counted as a tamer there. Why don't you guys just abandon this and just be a servant to some royal families out there since you all could not even amount to a single diamond? Hahaha!"

She paused for a moment as if she pondered something and revealed a devilish grin, "I was wondering why you guys were so trash.. I came up with an answer, it is because your ancestors and might even your progenitor were also trashes? After all, trash would always remain trash! Hahahaha. This is really funny! Hahahaha." Kai Shauha laughed so devilishly like she really found this funny.

Kai Shauha loved trampling the dignities of people she was not pleased with. She loved those faces filled with terror and despair, crawling for their lives, finding some glint of hope to turn the tides. She smirked in her heart, this was only the beginning of her payback for declining her gracious offer. After all, she asked nicely and said the price would be negotiable but this tamer guild chose their pride over their dog lives even after being threatened.

Guildmaster Na was trembling in anger at this moment. His heart was palpitating violently as if it was about to burst out. This blatant mockery was not only humiliating him or his guild members, it was also mocking their whole tamer guild including their past ancestors and progenitor! He could let it past if Kai Shauha only mocked him and his people, but to actually disdain their ancestors and progenitor was already past his limit of tolerance! Even those elders and members of the tamer guild were extremely infuriated by this mockery! They even forgot their fears at this moment! This.. This!!!

Just because you are more powerful than us and our tamed beasts here did not mean you could step over our heads!


Guildmaster Na released his full power and stanced in an offense, he shouted through his lungs that made the ground trembled, this voice was filled with utmost ANGER, "I COULD TAKE IT IF YOU GUYS HUMILIATE ME NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES, I WILL NOT EVEN RETALIATE, BUT.. MOCKING AND DISDAINING MY TAMER GUILD AND MOCKING OUR ANCESTORS AND PROGENITOR? YOU REALLY DARED?!"

Kai Shauha was not intimidated by this and said with her devilish smile still present, "Oh? I got into your nerves? What will you then? Attack? Hahahaha. Sure sure! I will happily receive you, trash."

She was planning on toying with them for a while since it could be a sweet relief for them to be killed instantly. She was determined to show them that it was not a good choice in getting against her.

Guildmaster Na bend his knees and release a giant palm, "That's what I am going to do! Die now, bitch! Three Mountains Palm!"

The giant palm rushed towards the direction of Kai Shauha, this palm was actually powerful that made the ground cracked where Guildmaster Na was currently standing.

However, Kai Shauha only smirked and said, "Not bad. To actually use this technique that has the power of Sky Realm, second stage, you may seem the best of this bunch of trashes.

She added, "However, you think that would be enough? I gave you a chance yet you only gave this kind of lame attack? Hais." and thus, she waved her sleeve.


The giant palm that was strong enough to crack the ground was just vanished into thin air! Guildmaster Na could not believe what he saw. This was his most powerful attack and although he didn't have any high hopes for the attack to subdue the enemy, it would at least injure her even a bit! But this.. she only waved her sleeve and the palm attack was already deflected? This.. was way unbelievable!

"Impossibe.." Old Mo could actually feel the energy essence that was within that palm, and he was pretty sure that it was extremely strong, however it was deflected like it was not even worth a sht!

Just how much powerful this Kai Shauha was?

"Hais." Kai Shauha sighed, "What a pity. To think you guys are really trashes. Don't worry, I will now start sending you to some unknown heavens."


Appearing before everyone, hundreds of sphere with a bunch of thorns in it could be seen. Evey thorn had a very tiny violet liquid on its tip. The appearance of these sphere thorns actually made the people trembled and just knelt in despair. This was the end. Even Guildmaster Na could only close his eyes upon seeing this sphere thorns, it seemed like he was resolute to die here along with his dignity and pride for the tamer guild.

Kai Shauha licked her lips and said, "These sphere thorns had a very poisonous substance in its tip and even just scratch would kill the person in a matter of twenty seconds, if lucky, a minute."

She added, "These were enough for you trashes to die. Any last wishes?"

However, no one answered. But Guildmaster Na opened his eyes and looked at Jin Rou's group who were standing by the side silently without revealing a hint of worry. He thought that even one of these guys would lend them a hand even a bit since they also have huge backgrounds, but who would have thought that they would only sit still there nonchalantly like it was not their business? Although it was really not their business, they could not at least think to watch several innocents here to die. Right?

Kai Shauha then revealed a smile reaching her two ears, "Very well then, die, you lowly lives!"

The sphere thorns rushed towards the people of the tamer guild and they braced themselves for this incoming attack, since they will die either way, might as well stand their ground and die with dignity! After all, they already cowered a while ago, they could not cower again this time! Guildmaster Na smiled upon seeing this, His face was filled with satisfaction..

Jin Rou created a seal without anyone noticing, he was planning to save these guys in the last minute. He could not just let this princess do whatever she desired!


However, the sphere thorns that should already killed them stopped its tracks and seemed to be frozen when a frightening and bone chilling roar resounded the entire forest!


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