The Adventures of the Young Master
46 Ice-winged Lion
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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46 Ice-winged Lion



The entrance door got suddenly smashed into ashes! Following which, a beast figure appeared right in the eyes of everyone. Guildmaster Na's eyes that were filled with despair a while ago were having a glow of excitement! He held his breath as he watched the figure that was still filled with smoke slowly walking. However, Kai Shauha was confused at this moment and was a bit stupefied. Even the old men behind Kai Shauha suddenly turned their expressions seriously. That roar actually intimidated them a bit.

Upon pondering for a moment, Kai Shauha grinned as she came into a conclusion. She licked her upper lip and was waiting for the next scene to be unfolded.

As the smoke gradually disappear, a ten foot tall with its large white body appeared before them. It walked as if it was the overseer of this place and as its steps were carrying dominance with its ice-made wings flapping violently. It had the figure of a lion, however, this was ice-white and no hairs surrounding its head. Its black and white eyes were carrying a terrifying murderous intent! This was the magical beast of the tamer guild, the Ice-winged Lion!


The Ice-winged Lion roared once again. It seemed like this magical beast was extremely angered right at this moment as it was glaring to Kai Shauha filled with murderous and terrifying, bone-chilling killing intent!

Jin Rou smiled in satisfaction upon seeing this. He thought of using his power to save these guys even though they left a bad taste for him. After all, not everyone in this guild had dark inner hearts. Take it as an example for Guildmaster Na, he was just standing his grounds not to bury the expectations of the people depending in him to the ground. Though it could not be said that his inner heart was clean and white, at least it was not to the point that Guildmaster Na was killing innocents.

Now that the Ice-winged Lion finally revealed its appearance, Jin Rou could not help but praise this beast. After all, magical beasts were born to be arrogant and be one of the kings of the food chain. To think that it would came for guild's rescue? It seemed its mother or the ancestor of the tamer guild who left this magical beast, left some words imprinted for this Ice-winged Lion when it was still cub.

The four old men suddenly moved next to Kai Shauha, however, she gestured them to not to bother, "No need. This is my pet so I should play with it." after pondering for a bit, the four old men then stepped backward and not bother any longer. They only stood there silently but their cold stares were fixated to the Ice-winged Lion.


The Ice-winged Lion revealed a roar of displeasure. To actually be called a pet and would play with it? This..!

"Oh, did I anger you?" Kai Shauha smiled and said gently, "I'm sorry. I just became so excited now that I see you. How magnificent! You really deserved to be a magical beast!"

She added, "And thus, you deserved to have a powerful master. Don't you think?"

And she finished it with a gesture of pride towards herself, "And that is me."


The Ice-winged Lion roared furiously and loudly that the hall almost broken down! The void suddenly fluctuated and trembled violently as if something was trying to burst out beneath! After which, it flapped its wings and turned into a ray of light taking the offense against Kai Shauha!

Kai Shauha knitted her brows upon seeing this reaction, however she already expected that taming this magical beast would not be easy. After all, magical beasts stood at the top here in this world and thus, they don't like being commanded or subdued. Of course, it does not mean that taming this type of beast was impossible since there were tamed magical beasts in the high-tier empires, however, each might only had one.

Kai Shauha then said, "You don't want to be tamed in a gentle way? Well then, let this princess subdue you!" and she suddenly turned into a ray of light also and was about to clash with the Ice-winged beast!


A loud, crisped impact was created upon the moment the two rays of light clashed! The whole hall was torn down and the void trembled violently as the ground made cracks as it shook!


Consecutive booms were heard in the sky as the two rays of light clashed like crazy which made the Guildmaster and his members agape with their mouths wide open. This kind of fight..!

After several breaths of clashing, the two stopped mid air. Kai Shauha was panting a bit hard, however it seemed like her face was filled with excitement and satisafaction, she then praised the Ice-winged Lion, "To think you are only a Sky Realm, third stage, yet you are on par with me who was a Sky Realm seventh stage. You are really a magical beast that should be mine!! ONLY MINE!!"

After which, Kai Shauha closed her eyes for a moment and the moment she opened it..


Rumbling sounds coud be heard as the ground shook violently once again! Moments later, a giant sphere thorn appeared behind Kai Shauha. This sphere thorn was so huge that it already covered one's sight, combining with its color black, it seemed like this was a monster in a round shape filled with countless long and sharp thorns.


The Ice-winged Lion seemed like it noticed how serious this kind of power was and roared. It also released its real power and created countless ice-made sharp rocks varrying from small to large sizes pointing its tip towards the huge sphere thorn.

"Incredible." Yuan Gu praised the Ice-winged Lion and said to Guildmaster Na, "To think you guys really have this kind of beast here. It was really your luck."

Yuan Gu was really amazed by this fight the Ice-winged Lion put up with. Its cultivation was four stages lower than Kai Shauha and yet it could stood its ground without being injured. How terrifying!

Guildmaster Na did not know what to say but only smiled. Who would have thought that this arrogant magical beast would present itself to fight for their sake? What could have possibly happened that this magical beast would save them?. But he did not have the luxury to think of that right now. What he needed was that their Ice-winged Lion win the duel and take back their pride!

Kai Shauha smiled and said, "My little beast, quite an imposing technique you have there. You will clash my Dark Sphere Thorn using those? Be careful."


The Ice-winged Lion only roared angrily as it signed the ice-made sharp rocks to attack!


After which, uncountable number of ice-made rocks suddenly flew towards Kai Shauha!

Kai Shauha grinned devilishly upon seeing the incoming ice-made sharp rocks, she said in a hyper expression, "WELL THEN, MY LITTLE BEAST, TIME TO KNOW THE GAP BETWEEN YOU AND ME!"

And thus, she gestured the Dark Sphere Thorn towards the incoming sharp rocks!



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