The Adventures of the Young Master
47 How Should We Kill You?
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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47 How Should We Kill You?


An ear-piercing sound could be heard that almost crash one's eardrums! This clash of heavy attacks created fluctuations that ripped the void off! The countless number of ice-made rocks keep on hitting the Dark Sphere Thorn and every hit created crisp and solid sounds that made the the earth tremble!

"This is insane." Old Mo paled upon seeing this two attacks clashing with each other. He knew that if ever he ever dared to near this clashing powers, he would instantly turn into mincemeat.

"That Ice-winged Lion's power is really something you could not underestimate." Ran Haoyu, who was silent all the time, finally talked. Her expression revealed a bit pale. It seemed like she was also being affected by this clash.

"That's a magical beast after all." Yuan Gu said nonchalantly.

The guild members again fell to the ground upon receiving the shocks of the clash of the two projectiles. This power was way beyond their capability! Even Guildmaster Na was sweating beads just to prevent himself from falling to the ground!

Shi Hao also paled from fright at this moment. He never had seen the princess in action and thus, this was the very first time he saw her fight! And judging by it, it seemed that the gap between him and Kai Shauha was enormous! Just the six stages gap between their cultivation was already stressing for him, to think that even potential and raw power, he might pale in comparison! All this time, he thought that he could catch up to the princess in order to do the job of protecting and serving her, but looking this situation, his last strand of hope diminished into thin air. It seemed like he would be instead protected. But he immediately brushed these thoughts off and toss it at the back of his head. What was important today was to get the magical beast and win this fight.


After several breaths, cracking sounds could be heard and it piqued everyone's attention, tracing where the cracking sound came from, they looked up and saw the Dark Sphere Thorn having slight cracks turning to bigger and bigger like a ground giving way to an ascending king from the underworld.

Kai Shauha frowned upon realizing this fact, to actually push back this technique she was so proud of! Never did she expect that this Ice-winged Lion was something she could not push as she desired! This!!


The Ice-winged Lion flapped its wings and stood in the air arrogantly giving off an imposing posture as it looked Kai Shauha with disdain. It seemed like it was trying to say 'is that all you have got? quite disappointing."

Of course, Kai Shauha understood this and was immediately enraged. To be disdained by beast was something she could not accept! She shouted, "ANIMAL! JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAGICAL BEAST DOES NOT MEAN I WILL SPARE YOUR TINY LIFE NO MATTER WHAT!"

Kai Shauha released a huge amount of essence energy, slowly being transmitted to the Dark Sphere Thorn. This was a power up for the technique.

One of the old men shouted, "Princess, you're already reaching your limit! Let us do it in your place!"

Another one joined in, "That's right. Rest assured that we will subdue that magical beast for you, princess. So you don't have to worry about anything and just lay down and relax."

However, Kai Shauha only shouted them without any hint of respect, "I dare you old fools not to intervene in my business! This is my beast so this is my responsibility! I--"


Before Kai Shauha could finish what she was saying, her expression turned a hundred eighty degree as the Dark Sphere Thorn suddenly disappeared like it was never there to begin with. And this stupefied the old men to death because there were still some ice-made rocks that were going towards the princess' direction.

"PRINCESS!!" The old men cried in fright, they leaped turning into the ray of light to protect the princess since they also knew how powerful this ice-made rocks were!


However, they did not make it in time, Kai Shauha was thrown away like a kite with its string snapped as she hit the ground violently spinning several times before coming into a stop. She laid there motionlessly, unknown if she was still breathing or not. The four old men stood there in shock, unable to regain their realities.

"Princess Kai!" Shi Hao ran so fast towards Kai Shauha, and as he reached her, he immediately saw the tragic state of the princess. He gritted his teeth in rage upon this moment as he glared with his eyes seemed like full of knives to the Ice-winged Lion.

The four old men who were standing there motionlessly finally regained their wits and immediately rushed towards Kai Shauha. One of the old men checked the state of the princess and concluded, "The princess is still alive. However, her internal organs were damaged and some were crushed. And an essence vein was damaged. I'm afraid.." the old man who was a master doctor did not know how to say this state.

"An essence vein was damaged? It was only damaged, it could stil be cured! Why giving us the long face?" the fat old man said.

"No. Forgive me if I made you misunderstood it but this damaged vein could not be cured since the damaged vein was crushed." the master doctor said..

"WHAT?!" the three old men were stupefied upon hearing this. What did it mean if a cultivator's one opened essence vein was crushed? it just meant that the potential of that cultivator would greatly decrease and what was worse, it shortened the lifespan of the victim tremendously! However, what stupefied the old men was the fact that the essence vein of the princess was crushed! One needed to know that it was not easy breaking or damaging essence veins since it was a very hard vein in a cultivator's body. Even you slaughter a cultivator, its essence veins would remain intact. Of course, this was applicable for those opened essence veins only. It was an entirely different story for closed essence veins.

To crush the princess' vein by that technique? Terrifying!

Little they did know that the sudden boost of the Ice-winged Lion's ice-made rocks and the instant vanishing of the Dark Sphere Thorn were connected with Jin Rou without being noticed by the beast itself or the old men. But he only lend a hand and the rest was credited to the magical beast.

The four old men stood in the air after checking the princess one more time. Seeing the tragic situation of the princess, they could not help but be enraged, extremely enraged!

The tiny old man glared at the Ice-winged Lion with a terrifying killing intent, "Now animal, how should we kill you?"


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