The Adventures of the Young Master
48 You Are Getting Into My Nerves
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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48 You Are Getting Into My Nerves

The four old men stood facing the Ice-winged Lion. Each of them was carrying a tremendous killing intent! They were so enraged at this moment that anytime they would vomit blood! The princess that they should supposed to protect was now laying down there in a very tragic state. What was more was that her essence vein was crushed! The old men did not know how to face the emperor when they got back. They did not know what the emperor would do to them since they knew they would not be let off easily! But first, they need to take the head of this animal who injured their dear princess daily!

"Animal, We admit that you are indeed powerful and deserving of being a magical beast. However, you pushed your luck this time. How about we take you to our empire and be a slave beast by the Shauha Royal Family? Maybe you could repay this sin by that." The master doctor old man who checked Kai Shauha's state said to the Ice-winged Lion who was still in the sky. The tiny old buddy of his was already enraged and anytime he would attack and take the Ice-winged Lion's head. Even though the master doctor was also very enraged, it was still a fact that this magical beast had been taken for liking by their princess. And thus, he needed to give some leeway for the beast.


However, the Ice-winged Lion roared in displeasure signing that it was not even a bit interested for being a slave.

"Fool!" the fat old man shouted, "You refused a toast just to be forced to drink a glass of forfeit. Just because you injured the princess doesn't mean you are already invincible! Don't think that you could reign this world just by that puny strength of yours!"


The fat old man released his aura, Sky Realm, seventh stage!




The other three also released their hidden aura that made Guildmaster Na frowned seriously.

They are all actually Sky Realm, seventh stage experts! Yuan Gu was shocked of this as well. To think that the Shauha Empire actually dispatched four Sky Realm, seventh stage experts to protect the princess. It just meant that the emperor took priority for this daughter of his!

One should know that the powerful cultivators of a high-tier empire could only be said up to Sky Realm, seventh stage. For all cultivators who reached Sky Realm, this was the bottleneck that everyone must experience and most of the time, cultivators could not proceed any longer and just remained in this stage of Sky Realm. If reaching Sky Realm seventh stage was already hard as hell, then breaking through the barriers of Sky Realm eight stage would be like trying to reach the heavens. But of course, there were a very few cultivators who reached the Sky Realm eighth stage that was still alive. And one of that was the emperor of a high-tier empire.

But even it was like this, the number of Sky Realm, eighth stage experts in every high-tier empire could not even amount to 30. How could the Shauha Empire actually dispatched the four of them?

The Ice-winged Lion's eyes turned seriously as it observed the instant power boost of the old men. It seemed that they were really hiding their cultivations a while ago. The Ice-winged Lion could not help but step backward for a moment. It was clear that it was in a very disadvantageous since it will battle four Sky Realm seventh stage experts over its cultivation. It could handle if it was 1v1, but to think that these old men were planning to attack together, it was not part of magical beast's analysis or did not take it into consideration.

This was not getting any good.

Jin Rou said to Guildmaster Na, "The Ice-winged Lion was in a very disadvantageous state. Even the fight with Kai Shauha already consumed his energy and already chased its breath."

He added, "your magical beast was in danger, Guildmaster Na."

Guildmaster Na suddenly knelt which made the tamer guild members agape in shock of extremity. He pleaded with utmost sincerity to Jin Rou, "Young master, I don't know who you really are but please lend our magical beast a hand! We will pay you handsomely in exchange of your service!"

Guildmaster Na also knew how grave and disadvantageous for the magical beast to fight against four old men with Sky Realm, seventh stage experts. This just basically asking for death. And thus, even though he threw away his face, this was for the good of his people. After all, all of them were in his care so Guildmaster Na searched for Jin Rou and asked for an advice, and the next things were already told.

Jin Rou's eyes suddenly lit up as he asked Guildmaster Na, "How much?"

Guildmaster Na did know how to respond, "As long as you help us, you can name your price."

Jin Rou became excited as he heard this! They were already running in short for diamonds to spend and thus they needed some. Now that someone was offering a gracious amount of 'name your price." How could it slip by Jin Rou's hands?

Jin Rou seemed like he realized something and asked Guildmaster Na, 'About the mount for transportation, you will not deduct the fee for it later on right?"

Guildmaster Na's lips twitched. To think this guy was talking about money in the midst of their serious crisis? however, Guildmaster Na only deeply sighed as he said "No no no! We will not deduct anything. Just like I said, as long as you cured it, then all is well, No fees to be collected."

"Great!" Jin Rou suddenly stood up and streak a ray of light towards the two sides confronting each other!

In the sky, the four old men finally started their move. They circulated their auras synchronized with each other. After which they disappeared! The Ice-winged Lion could not help but staggered a step backward as it felt the danger that was about to come! It roamed its eyes nonstop to trace the prints but to no avail!

"THIS IS THE PAY OF YOUR ATROCIOUS ACT, YOUR KARMA!" after a moment of hide and seek, one of the old men who was lurking in the shadows, created a giant palm and shot towards the Ice-winged Lion! If the magical beast was to be hit by this, it would sure gravely injured!

The fat old man who strucked the palm smiled devilishly but immediately faded as it turned into an expression full of disbelief.

There was a glass-like wall that protected the Ice-winged Lion from the giant palm. Following which, slow steps ascending the sky suddenly piqued the old men's curiosity. They had not felt his presence at all!

Of course, this was Jin Rou! He stopped his ascending steps as he looked at the four old men currently invisible, he then said annoyed, "Now now, Shauha Empire.. you're really getting into my nerves, eh?"


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