The Devil CEO and Fairy Teacher
372 She will die!
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The Devil CEO and Fairy Teacher
Author :Hateera
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372 She will die!

Dinesh frowns suddenly 'Wait...Why am I spoiling everything? Ananya lied and stopped the engagement. That's it! Why am I after her to clarify? Why am I trying to complicate everything?'.

He shrugs mumbling "Just ignore her Dinesh..Don't act fool and trap yourself in trouble again".


After a week.

Tang Xi's old apartment.

Ananya is playing with the babies while Tang Xi is bathing. They have to depart in an hour.

Lu Cheng is speaking with Feng about the case.

Ananya squeals holding the baby's hand " baby boy want to pull my hairs? Do you like them? Your Aunt loves them too!".

She claps her hands to get attention of the babies and sighs looking at her watch "I don't wanna send you! Ahh! Shall I kidnap you with me?!".

The babies play tugging her hairs.


Lu Cheng talks with Feng admiring the posters in the room. Everything belonged to Jing. The room walls had Jing's 'paintings', scribblings, his favorite heroes' posters.

Feng asks "Do you want me to ask our lawyer to take this case?".

Lu Cheng smirks "Let him do whatever he wants. I don't want to involve into any of his proceedings-".

Feng sighs "Cheng...I can't see Rouxi's face anymore. She started locking herself in her room for weeks! She has changed completely. She acts like a lifeless machine. She comes out only to have her medicines and food. Tell me what should I do! She is already broken hearing what her father had done to Yuhan. It was hard for her to realize his father's true face. She stopped asking about the proceedings of the previous cases. I have no idea how would she react if she gets to know this. She would go mad hearing about her father's cruel side. How could he kill Tang Xi's parents for some freaking deal?!".


Lu Cheng and Feng stops speaking hearing Rouxi's voice.

Rouxi stares at Feng shocked. Her hands start to shake spilling the water from the glass which was she holding to take her medicine.

Feng gasps turning "What ...what are you doing here?!".

She looks at the pills in her hands and back at Feng. She panics thinking whether he would misunderstand her for eavesdropping.

She stutters "I..s-swear..I was just taking the medicines! You are the one who came walking here...while talking".

Feng nods "It's okay...Relax...".

She looks at him worriedly "What was that? My dad did what?!".

Feng sighs "Rouxi....You have nothing to do with what your father had done! Stop feeling guilty for everything-".

She cries lowly and runs back to her room suddenly.

Feng follows her "Rouxi!" but stops at the door as she closed it before he reaches.


Feng knocks the door worriedly "Rouxi..".

Rouxi cries leaning over the door. She didn't know whether to cry for herself or for her cruel dad.

'He destroyed my whole life! He destroyed his too! Why did he do this to me?! I managed to get freed from the guilt of leaving Cheng...But what he had did now?! He pulled me down with him! How would I face Cheng? He would hate me! What would be Tang Xi's reaction if she gets to know the truth? Why is it always me?! Why do I want to take the blames for everything?! Every bad things were happening because of me! How could I even apologize to Tang Xi?'.

'I don't want to be a pathetic! But why I always end up troubling Cheng?! I don't want this to happen! I can't allow this to happen!'.

She feels uneasy in her chest and coughs. 'Medicines! '.

Suddenly she remembers that she forgot to take medicines while leaving from Feng. She stands holding her chest weakly.

Her knees starts getting weak before she reaches the table. She kneels down with no choice and drags herself to lean over the wall.

Faint sounds of knocking made her realize that Feng was still knocking the door on the other side. She cries with a painful smile 'Why can't he go? Why is he still after the solutions? Why is he still comforting me? I can't live with his pitiful gaze. I don't want to trouble Feng anymore. He has done everything to help me...Even when he misunderstood me, he never left my side! In fact he fought with Cheng for my sake!'.

She coughs badly and gasps for breaths. 'I wish I could get a chance change everything.... At least I get a chance to apologise Tang Xi before I die...'.

She closes her eyes hugging her knees. She had no strength to make it to the table anymore.


Lu Cheng creases his eyebrows while Feng was trying to follow Rouxi "Why did she came out?".

Feng "I wasn't careful man! She came to have her medicines! See What have I done!". He knocks the door "Rouxi! Open the door dammit!".

Lu Cheng sighs "Since when she become dramatic?". He almost sounded mocking.

Feng grunts "Shut up Cheng! She is hurting! I have seen her breaking! Just shut the f***-".


Feng stops speaking hearing her coughing and curses loudly "F***!!".

Lu Cheng rolls his eyes "Now what? Is she creating a scene there?". He still couldn't believe that Rouxi decided not to trouble him. She never compromises.

Feng stutters " coughing! She didn't had her pills you *******! Don't you know she would die if she doesn't take them in time?!".

Feng tries to break the door madly. Hearing her coughing sound increasing, Feng pounds on the door even faster.

Lu Cheng grits his teeth and scolds "Why the hell are you breaking the damn door? Just grab the master key you fool! Have you lost your mind while staying with her?!".

Feng stops for a second getting enlightened and runs towards his room where he kept the key.

Lu Cheng glances at his watch with serious expression "It's been 2 minutes. Feng hurry or you will lose her!".

Feng gets back to Rouxi's room and unlocks the door. Seeing her sitting near the table, he sighs mumbling "She must have had the pills?".


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