The Rise of the Evil Emperor
3 Celestial Scaled Lion
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The Rise of the Evil Emperor
Author :AnotherBystander
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3 Celestial Scaled Lion

Xie Mogui who was searching for something to eat, suddenly felt that there was someone nearby and decided to hide himself. Although he was not afraid, he still wanted to observe first before taking any action. Although he was only at the early stage of Qi gathering, his actual combat capability was a lot higher, and he believe that he could defeat somebody in a higher realm than himself.

Seconds later, three figures suddenly arrived. They were all wearing same style of robes and was talking to themselves. Xie Mogui who was hiding uses his senses to watch over the group.

"Junior sister, do I have some sort of rewards in helping you in your mission" a man said while he was looking at the woman lustfully.

The woman look at the man and smile seductively, "If senior brother can really help me in this mission, I will reward senior brother handsomely, especially at night" she said while she show some of her pale white skin.

"He he he, junior sister don't forget about me. I will certainly help you so include me in your rewards" the other man said as he put his arms around the woman's shoulder.

Xie Mogui who was hiding could clearly recognize their cultivation. The two man was both at Peak Stages of Qi gathering while the woman was only at the middle stages. Although they have higher cultivation than himself, in his eyes they were just a group of blood Qi. He can take their life anytime he wanted.

The woman who was leading the two men suddenly stopped, her eyes turned serious and a sword appear on her hands. Meters ahead of them was a huge lion with green scales covering its body. When the two men saw the lion, their eyes also turned serious and they both take out their weapon.

"Senior brother Meng and senior brother Hao, that is the beast that were guarding the magical herb that I needed in my mission" the woman said with her gaze still focus at the beast.

"He he he, Junior sister Lan don't worry that beast is only at late stage of Qi gathering. Even I myself can easily kill that beast" Senior brother Meng said arrogantly as he wave his sword.

"Brother Meng why don't you kill that beast why me and junior sister Lan will proceed and take the herb. After we finish this task we will both play with junior sister" Senior brother Hao said as he stares hungrily at his junior sister's body. His eyes were flaming in lust as he already stripped his junior sister in with his eyes.

Senior brother Meng thought for a moment before answering, "Alright, just be sure you protect junior sister Lan if any beasts appear. We don't want to have our junior sister here get her body injured, our rewards will be postponed if that happens"

Junior sister Lan smile seductively towards senior brother Meng while making sure to twist her body a little. Senior brother Hao nodded at senior brother Meng and went forward with his junior sister.

When Xie Mogui heard what they just talk about, his lips revealed a ruthless smile. When the woman called Lan left with the man named Hao, his crimson eyes focused on the one who was left behind. The man with his sword suddenly shout gaining the attention of the beast, then he immediately charged forward.


When the beast saw that there was a human in his territory, he let out a loud roar as it bares it fangs toward the man named Meng. It's eyes were staring at Meng with a cold glint.

"BEAST DIEEE!!" Meng said as he hacked his sword towards the mouth of the beast. Qi was surrounding his sword making it seems like a gentle flow of water.


The sword and the fangs of the beast collided with each other, making both of them jump back.

Feeling the numbness on his hand, Meng said, "It seems that you are not like any other beast. But in front of me you will still die"

"Gentle Rain"

Meng said and his sword suddenly emit light, three swords that were made of Qi appeared beside him. All those three swords were floating in the air like an air in the spring.

"DIE!!" Meng suddenly pointed his sword towards the beast, the three floating sword beside him suddenly vibrated and its suddenly flew towards the beast. The way the sword shot towards the beast were gentle as if there is not an intent to kill behind them.

When the beast saw the three swords shot towards him, its ferocious eyes suddenly shone. The green scales in its body shine and a mist started to appear beside the beast covering its whole body.




When the swords entered the mist, it was instantly destroyed and turned into glittering light. The beast who was covered by its mist immediately take the chance and pounce towards the shocked Meng.

Meng who was surprised on what he saw was unable to move as the sharp claws of the beast near him.


"AAAaarrrggghhh" with a blood curdling scream, Meng was deeply wounded by the sharp claws of the beast. There were three deep wound on his chest, and it was bleeding continuously. It was clear that it was a very serious and grave injury.



Meng cough out a mouthful of blood as the blood on his face drained. His face was white as paper and his body was limping backwards. There were a trace of unwillingness and regret in his eyes as he stares at the beast just in front of him.

Xie Mogui who was hiding had a wide smile on his face. When he saw the beast at first he was surprised. He hadn't thought that this beast will appear in front of him, and it was also an infant. The beast in front of him was one of the divine beasts in the divine realm. The chance of him encountering this type of beast in this mortal realm was almost zero. His blood was excitedly circulating around his body as he stares at the beast, 'I never really expected that a Celestial Scaled Lion would appear in front of me, and an infant at that. This time my ascension will be unstoppable'

"Little beast it seems you need some guide" while preparing for his death to come. Meng heard a cold voice behind him. He turn his head and saw a young man with crimson red eyes staring at him. He was happy inside as he thought that a savior had come to help him, but deep inside his heart he was feeling dread as if something bad will happen to him.


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