The Sin of Pride in Another world
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The Sin of Pride in Another world
Author :OPCharacter18
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Eros and the others went to sleep after dinner. When Eros entered the room, he found that Star isn't there.

Eros: (She must be bathing with the other girls. I will take this chance and cultivate the Devine sun technique a little. Its really been a while since I last cultivated. I feel like I've stayed here for too long).

In reality, Eros didn't use the technique for more than a month. After he reached the second level at the cave, He never cultivated again.

After all, the events that happened were successive and didn't give the time for Eros to rest or do something. Even during their rest, Eros decided to not cultivate until he rested well.

Eros: "Well, This is interesting. Thanks to all the information that I gained from the books I read and the knowledge that I was given by Sophia and the others, my understanding of the divine sun cultivation technique is deeper now".

Eros went through the cultivation again and discovered many new things. Aside from the rise of battle time during the night, Eros also discovered that his lifespan will rise along with the levels.

When he entered the first level, he gained 300 years and after he entered the second level, he can now live for over 800 years. Eros also found that by entering the third level, he can live for over 1600 years.

For the fourth level, he will be able to live for over 5000 years. Finally, He can enter the fifth level and can live for over 50000 years.

Eros who looked at this information felt really relieved. All the others can live for at least 500 years and some of them for 1000 years. He will be sad if he can be the only mortal in the ship.

Eros also found that on the second level, his 'One Mode' time increased only to 3 minutes. Eros felt disappointed as he didn't expect the time of the Invincible 'One Mode' to rise by only 2 minutes.

Because of that, he wanted to raise his power as he saw that by the time he reached the fifth level, His 'One Mode' can only be entered for 10 minutes.

Eros: (I don't understand. When I want to read what is beyond the fifth level, I can't remember anything. It's like the levels beyond the fifth level are all sealed and can't be accessed).

After some time, Eros didn't think too much about it and just decided to first try and reach the fifth level.

Eros: (I am only at the second level. I can't rush this. For now, I will try first to break through the second level and reach the third. After all, At the third level, I will have 4 minutes and then 8 minutes at the fourth level. Finally, 10 minutes at the 5th level. Hahahahaha, When I reach the 5th level nobody will able to defeat me).

[AN: Man, I don't want to spoil but I know that I won't have another chance to use sarcasm against you so....ahm ahm. I DO NOT THINK SO MY DEAR EROS, DO NOT BE SO SURE].

Eros didn't talk too much anymore as he started gathering the Mana around him so he can break through another level.

What Eros didn't know is that a little creature is watching him as he cultivates.


It's almost midnight now. All the girls are gathered in the bath except for Lisa and Saya who are resting in their rooms.

The bath in the Ship is very big. It's divided into men and women baths. Each one of the baths can accommodate till 15 persons.

This shows how the bath is big. Even when you enter, you could see how big it is. There are even heads that water descends from.

The shape of the heads resembles those of eagles. When the girls saw all of this, they could only gasp at how rich Sophia father is.

He could build for her such an expensive ship and even made sure for it to have all kinds. necessities.

The girls started getting naked as they discussed the training of the warriors. Sophia who soaked herself inside the big bathtub sighed and then said.

Sophia: "Ahhhhh, nothing better than a bath in the night. This kind of comfort is very amazing".

Her wings also were in the completely inside the water. Shira, on the other hand, has only her legs and the tip of the spider legs inside the water.

She is also completely naked and her chest is even bigger than Sophia and Star.

[AN: cough, cough I am an honest author but I need to give some fanservice. You can return to the previous chapter and you will find images of Sophia, Star, Shira, Serena and each other girl].

Shira: "Miss Sophia, I wanted to ask you last time but how can you hide your wings. It's such a convenient thing. Because I am half an arachnid, I can use my spider legs and they enter my body. They are like bones but black that's all".

Sophia nodded as she looked at Shira spider legs. They have metal like feeling when you touch them. Sophia also saw that Shira can move them freely by using spiritual power.

[AN: A reminder about Shira spider legs. They are like Tang San External spirit bone from soul land].

Sophia: "Well, the spell I use is a special spell can make them look smaller and then hide them in a special ancient formation that is carved in my body".

Sophia then got up and her Beautiful and smooth skin showed itself. She was very beautiful and gorgeous beauty.

She then made her wings disappear. She also turned and moved her hair away so all the girls could see that there was a special red circle that was carved on her body.

Star: "This is really amazing, it must be very hard to carve such a thing. Your father must have really paid a great sum of money so he can get the spell".

Sophia shook her head and said with a smile:

"No, my father didn't pay anything. It's a spell that can only be carved on my family. It can't be used on any other person. It's also very painful when you carve it on your body the first time".

Star, Lina, and Shira looked at each other and then sighed. They didn't think that they asked such an awkward question that gave her bad memories. Serena, on the other hand, didn't say anything and just looked at formation.

Shira: "I am very sorry. I didn't know about this. I shouldn't have asked this question".

Star: " Yeah, we're very sorry".

Shira shook her head and just gave a smile to them.

Sophia: "No need to. It's not your fault. I knew that you were just curious so I don't blame you. For now, let's change the subject. Lina, tell me more about your magic ability. I totally forgot to ask you".

Serena looked at the spell on Sophia and then without saying anything, she rose from her place and as she was completely naked, she started walking towards Sophia.

Compared to Star, Sophia and Shirafilia, Serena didn't have a big or a great body. After all, she is only 17 and she is still growing. She then reached Sophia and started touching her back.

Sophia: " Wahhh, Serena, what are you doing to my back Hahahahahaha stop. you are tickling me hahahahah Stoooppp". you tickle me

Serena: "This spell, I knew it. This spell is from the spells of the angel race. I don't believe it, I only saw it in the memories and never thought that I will see it here. Sophia, are you the angels descendant????".

When Everybody heard that, they gasped and looked at Serena with a shocked face. Sophia then tried to sneak from answering by answering her with another question.

Sophia: "What do you mean by the angel race?? This spell is a special spell that is only known by my family?? Does it have any relation with the angel race you're talking about??!!!".

Serena looked calm as she answered her without showing any expression.

Serena: " Well, as I said some time ago. There are many races in the Sarna world but some of them went extinct or disappeared suddenly. The angel race is one of those races. They look like humans but have wings behind them. You know that thanks to the special ability 'Heaven Knowledge', I have a special memory about this formation because one of my ancestors has an angel race friend. He told about this spell that can only work on their race body".

When Sophia heard that, she sighed and looked at everybody who is waiting for her answer. Finally, she told them.

Sophia: "Sigh, Fine, I will tell you about it. Just don't tell Eros or anybody. This secret must be Kept by you 4. When we reach the empire capital, I will tell them myself".

Shira and the others looked at each other then turned back to Sophia and said all at the same time.


Sophia: "Okay then. Everything begins 300000 years ago. After the era of the founding of 5 great empires..."


[10 days later]

Everybody is on the ship looking at the big city in front of them with the great wall. Eros looked at the palace that was painted with white and the. said:

"We finally reached the city of the north, Dastonya city".


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