The Sword or the Pen
2 Naked in the park? Wait what!
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The Sword or the Pen
Author :Bronzeapollo
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2 Naked in the park? Wait what!

Aster awoke with a stir the world around gaining the color of night. The stars hung above him as he found himself in the middle of a field wheat growing all around him. In his arms was the brick he had just been bragging to the god about.

"My dreams have become more interesting than I remember. I'll have to be using this in my next story! A brilliant idea, as expected of my brain, countless brilliant ideas." Aster praises himself.

He really believes to highly in himself, what's going to happen next, he going to believe that he is some god in this world or something…

"I'm God!" Aster shouts at the moon above.

I'm just going to shut up now. Back to the story…

It took Aster's eyes awhile to adjust to the light of night but when he does he stands up and takes a piece of wheat in hand. He examines the wheat for reasons unknown but after a short while snaps the wheat steam in hand before sticking it in his mouth.

"Perfect, now my cool guy image is complete. This truly is a dream!"

Trudging through the wheat he finds no sense of life besides himself. After about twenty minutes of walking Aster falls over in exhaustion. He was unable to still even in this world have any sort of endurance. After so few steps he still gloats so highly of himself. What god would stop after a few twenty minutes?

"This seems like a good place to take a nap. Just worthy of my greatness." Yawning as he states this Aster in a few short moments following it he falls asleep as silent as a baby. To those who have been around babies you know how loud that is. That unbearable crying that never ends, that was Aster right now, he was snoring endlessly. Comparing him to a complaining wife would have fit better…

As morning arose Aster is awoken from the sounds of screams. Jolting awake he hears the insanely feminine screams and expects himself to be next to a beauty he had been with last night. He could already imagine the scene her being frightened as he soothes her as they later in life fall in love and get married. Before he opened his eyes, his lips were already graced with a smile.

'Please be a beauty…Please be a beauty…Preferably an Erza. I always did love that name.' Aster prays in his mind in hope of it being a reality.

Opening his eyes, he finds the figure was a fine shape with an amazing golden tan blending with the wheat. They weren't without muscle having been working the field for their lives. He starts to notice problems as he begins to look further of the body. First, there were no breasts but Aster just threw that up to being a flat chested woman, he never did care for mountains anyway. It got worse even more so though, looking at the face they weren't the least bit feminine. It would have been a shock if they were though, as they were a man. That feminine scream had come from a full-grown man.

"W-Who…are y-you?" The man was stuttering his voice just as feminine as before.

Not answering Aster tries to remember what was going on before he had fallen asleep. His second thought after examining the person in front of him was that this wasn't a room. 'I'm not the type to have sex with a dude, right? The beauty must have left when she woke up! Who is this though? How did I get here? Wait…'

He suddenly remembers that he wasn't with anyone last night. He had been in a dream, 'Wait is this a dream inside a dream? Can't be I wouldn't dream of man. Last night had to be a dream, though right?'

Looking to his right he finds the brick is lying next to him. Assuming this to all still be an elaborate creating called a dream, he decides to be honest, "I'm Aster, you are?"

"W-why a-are you n-naked?" The man asks to where Aster assumes him to have a stutter.

After assuming that does he connect what the man was saying.

"I'm what…" Looking at himself he finds what the man said to be correct he was naked.

"Well isn't this awkward…" Being in this situation Aster was unsure how to respond if he was supposed to at all.

"How d-did you get h-here?"

"I was sent here I guess. Can you give me a set of clothes for myself?" Aster requests having not any moves to cover himself up.

"S-sure." The man was still greatly confused but what did he gain by leaving Aster naked in his field. He much like Aster find this situation exceedingly awkward.

Making their way to the small house at the edge of the farm Aster finds himself almost falling over from exhaustion once more. The clothes themselves exceedingly simple being a plain white tee and a pair of ripped navy jeans. His feet were still barefoot as even the man, Kawa didn't wear shoes. To say Aster was displeased would be an understatement, but he knew he was in no right to complain.

Stuttering with every other word Kawa explained what he knew of how the world worked. Explaining the currency of Jewels, a concept that Aster didn't understand having not expected his dream to go this in-depth. Then there where they were, along with how far from the capital. The fact that shocked Aster the most was that this world had magic.

"You mean people can use magic?" Aster asked in wonder,

"Yes. I even use a magic called "Growth Magic" helping me grow crops." Kawa explained still stuttering.

"That is awesome!" Aster exclaimed without hesitation, his eyes glittering with sparkles.

He never knew his dreams to be this depth and even began to suspect that this wasn't a dream at all. That he truly was sent to another world exactly like the ones he used to write about as fiction. With the brick, still in his grasp he even suspects that it may, in fact, be real. This idea scared him for if this brick is real then everything in this world was going to be flipped upside down, every fact ever known would be rewritten by this brick. No one man should ever have this much power. No man deserves this much power, to rewrite history is only for the winners and with how he was Aster was no winner.

As much as he may gloat or brag he knows his limits, he knows his limits than anyone else. He wasn't worthy to have this brick; this brick was something greater than anything he could ever imagine for himself. For the so much as a slim shot that this wasn't a dream, this wasn't all fake, he would change. He for a fact knew here he wasn't even worthy of being called average.

Going onto his knees he pleads to Kawa, "Allow me to work for you!" He wasn't even worthy of being called a nobody for he was even less than that. He needs to become stronger he needs to be worthy of the brick he strongly grips in his hand. He wouldn't even be able to show a fraction of its power if he were to use it now. 'One day… One day I will allow you to show your true elegance!'

Always accepting a second set of hands he allows Aster to work for him. How much he got would all depend on the work he did. One would be able to assume that for the first months Aster got next to nothing not being able to adjust to the different world.

His first problem was his endurance as he was barely able to work more than 10 minutes before being exhausted. Kawa never complained to him though, never scolded him for his actions. When they weren't working in the field the two would sit around the small table and talk away the nights.

Kawa had always been alone in his house and the sense of companion was something he grew to love. The days and nights continued to pass as they grew closer to one another. When Aster had finally left he had been with Kawa for three whole years.

He had appeared here at the age of seventeen and when moving away it was his twentieth birthday. Aster of course never mentioned any of this Kawa keeping his past as secret as possible creating a whole new life here.

When Aster started he was like a new born child but the day before now he had lasted out in the field for five whole hours. The years of work had paid off.

"You really have to leave?" Kawa questioned with a frown, still not having lost his stutter.

"Yep. I have to show the world true power!" Holding the brick out in front Kawa he praises the brick.

After all these years Aster had yet to let go of it even after all this time. This was his reason for working harder, this brick in hand was the reason he worked day after day. If not for it, he would have stayed the way he was when he first appeared here. 'This isn't a dream, is it?'

Feeling the burning sun on his skin he begins to question what he had believed this whole. His skin was like Kawa's when he first met him along with a lesser form of his muscles.

"What is with you and that brick?"

"This is no ordinary brick. This is the most powerful brick, this is the Dao of the Brick!" Aster explains to him his voice full of passion and admiration.


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