The System User in Another World
24 Another Divine Physique
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The System User in Another World
Author :Luisyfer
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24 Another Divine Physique

2 hours before the Monster Tide. Jay was seated on a sofa inside a room. He was currently facing 3 women, 1 man.

The three women were his acquaintance, they were Angelica, Anna and Marry. The man on the other hand, he didn't know. He secretly use [Appraisal] on him.


[Vice-Guild Leader (Black Wind City)]

Hosta Veler Lv. 126

Elements: Earth

Constitution: None


Jay was surprised to see the Vice-Guild Leader so soon. All of this was happening in a very fast moments due to his thinking process.

Then he heard Angelica says, "Hello, Jay! Nice to see you again! How have you been?" she smiles at him and hiding her predatory gaze but failed due to him observing her thoroughly.

He was startled and started to rub his nose and reply, "Um, it's alright. I've been living pretty well"

All of them look at each other and finally the Vice-Guild leader said.

"Hello, Jay. I'm Hosta Veler, the Vice-Guild Leader. We called you upon to request a small favor, no a huge favor." Hosta said seriously.

"Then, I would like hear this favor first" Jay spoke while laughing inside his mind, he already know what this huge favor the Adventurer's Guild asking him for.

"Then, I would be frank with you Jay. We would like for you to help us in the upcoming Monster Tide. We will make sure that after the Battle, anything you requested will be given to you. Even if you demand us to become your woman." she said seductively with a wink.

All of the people inside the room were surprised to what she said. The twin were blushing furiously and glaring to Angelica while Hosta was looking at her with a strange expression.

"What?" Angelica said to the three people.

"Nothing!" the twins said at the same time.

Jay was amused and also tempted to do her, but he already decided that he will not just add some woman in his harem.

"Hm, your offer was kinda tempting. How about let's talk about it aft..." As Jay was about to finish what he's saying, he used [Appraisal] to the three girls and his eyes widened to what he saw.


[Guild Master (Black Wind City)]

Angelica Grahamn Lv.130

Element: Fire Element

Constitution: Heavenly Yang Physique [Locked]


While Anna and Marry were rather normal but their level was 120's.

The things he didn't expect was to see that Angelica has a rather decent physique.

According to his System Shop, the Heavenly Yang Physique of Angelica was around 40 Millions SP while Claire's Physique was 100 Million SP.

Imagine their potential if they unlock their Bloodlines. Their strength would immediately soar towards the heaven and become invincible on the same level.

Jay calms himself and said, "Yeah, sure I'll agree. But on the two conditions" he raised his 2 fingers to them.

They waited on what he was going to demand on them.

"The first condition, I'm only going to act after a certain range was breach outside the city."

"The second one is for you, Angelica, to resign and travel the world with me" he smiles gently and seductively to her while releasing a bit of his pressure. Earning him a furiously blushed face of Angelica while her mouth was open and eyes widened on what Jay demanded.

"Nhaaa... whaa... What are you saying!" She said while trying to hide her panicked expression and calm her furiously beating heart. She thought, 'Even though I said you could even choose me, saying that in front of my face with that expression really makes me fall. And that pressure, he was really strong!'.

"I mean what I said now, and you also said that you will do anything for your request. You even offered yourself and Big sister Anna and Marry right?" Jay smiles smugly and look at their blushing faces while Hosta on the other hand. Watching their interactions with an awkward expression, he just look at them and then towards the opened window outside as if saying 'I'm not here. Go on, continue on what the both of you were saying.'


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