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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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4 Trash

Jun felt shocked with this discovery. On the screen, a complete detail regarding the state of the legs injury was displayed. The more shocking thing was that the side-effects and the amount of time for the leg to heal fully was listed. There's even additional information listed on it.

Jun started wondering why this inconceivable things are happening and why he can see this floating icons. He went back through his memories and the only strange thing that happen was the sudden headache and... the word that he saw on the logo! Jun swiftly looked up. What he saw made him gulp, the hair on his body all went up instantly. The back of his shirt changed color due to sweat.

'World Loading... Finished.'


"Holy! This is real!", Jun said as he stood up. He realized that the world changed, and that it's something very important. He just don't know what it means and what he should do. Should he yell on the streets that the world changed or post on social media? Wouldn't that make people see him as someone crazy. Well, it's not like people don't think him as crazy, he has lot's of 'side gigs' after all, but that would be a different compared to someone shouting things like 'the doomsday is near'.

Jun was staring at the bank's logo when black sparks appeared on its corners. Black lightning crawled on the logo's surface which covered it whole then vanished in thin air. It didn't even took a second for the whole scene to happen.

He heard a moan below that woke him from his trance. He saw Jake squinting his eyes as he regained consciousness.

"Hey there, fella. You're awake. I guess I'm done here right?", Jun waved his hands as he walked in the canteens direction.

"You can at least help me stand right?", Jake said as he forced himself to sit. It took him a few seconds before he could even lean on the car.

"Not gonna happen! You're big enough to stand on your own. Besides, you only got a small scratch. You'll be fine after a week of rest."
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"Asshole...", Jake mumbled as he made his way into the driver's seat. He sat facing outside then took his phone on the car's dashboard then called someone. His eyes nervously staring at the corpse laying on the car's hood.


The first thing Jun noticed when he arrived in front of the canteen was a car that crashed on one of its pillar. A woman with flowing black hair, wearing a red tube was showing the world how 'passionate' she can be as she kissed the man on the drivers seat.

"Way to go! Go on, don't mind me. I'm just here for my free lunch.", Jun said in passing as he tried to ignore them. He halted and turned his head in the cars direction before he could take a single step inside the canteen.

The woman who was passionately kissing her partner was now looking at him. The color of her eyes were yellow making her look unique. The only thing that's seemed out-of-place was the red liquid on her mouth, that made too much contrast on her white face, and the meat that she was chewing that still has blood dripping from it.

As he turned his attention to the man, he saw an area with lots of missing flesh. A huge part of his cheeks were missing and a black web-like pattern was slowly spreading on his cheeks skin.

The world seemed to slow down. He took a few steps back and was now on the center of the intersection. In front of him was the road where the passionate girls car and the huge traffic jam were located. The cars, motorcycles, and tricycles were blocking the road after colliding with each other. The people who were helping the injured earlier were now running away as they were being chased by the one they helped. The slower ones got pounced and was immediately surrounded by people when they were brought to the ground.

On his left, a bookshop and a huge grocery center can be found. An old bum was hitting a 9-year old kids hand. He was telling the kid to stop biting him. Bite marks could be seen on his whole left arm. Even though the bite marks weren't causing injuries, it still hurt him. When he tried to hit one more time, the kid bit his fingers and actually managed to bite them off. The old bum screamed his lungs out then slapped the kid with his other hand. The kid flew away which surprised the old bum.

He hurriedly went and helped the kid stand, then help shake of the dirt on the kids trousers. Seeing a huge swelling appear on the kids right cheek, he started apologizing, saying it wasn't intentional and it was just on the heat of the moment when that same kid instantly bit his neck. His eyes filled with bewilderment and uncertainty as he kept on staring at the kid. Blood kept flowing out of his neck which he covered with his hand. A yellow light covered the kids right cheek and the swelling vanished like it was never there. The kid then lunged at the old bum causing them both to fall down.

"Hey, asshole! Help me!", a loud pleading voice brought Jun back to reality.

He stopped watching the scene and turned to his right. Jake was leaning on his car's trunk, his wounded leg was being pulled by a crawling girl with missing legs.

Jun dashed towards them. He kicked the girl in the face with the intention of freeing Jake's leg, but the opposite happened. The grip tightened causing Jake to grimace and fought back the urge to curse out loud. He opened the trunk with his keys and took something inside.

"Here! Use this!"

Jun turned his head and saw a wooden baseball bat on Jake's hand. He took the bat and made a single swing downwards. He bashed the girl's head again and continued until he saw that Jake already managed to pull his leg back.

Jun stood straight with almost no signs of exhaustion on his face. He saw how Jake had a scared look on his face and so he said, "What? Never joined gang fights before? Well, we don't bash people's head but a few stabs to the side should be fine. By the way, if you call me asshole one more time, I might consider breaking one or two of your hands, okay?"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》