Trash in the Apocalypse
6 Reanimate
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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6 Reanimate

Jun crouched down besides the old grandma. His eyes staring on the question mark icon hovering above the grandma's body. He placed his hand on top of the body and as expected! The icon expanded and an information screen appeared.

[Normita Mellendres - Dead Carrier]

-the host body died from severe pain.

- the Carrier was killed by a gun shot.

-Not enough energy to reanimate.

-Recharging from energy source... 20%...

The screen automatically closed after a few seconds. Just long enough for Jun to read everything that was written on it. Jun was giving his all trying to digest all those information.

Jun is not an idiot, he's just confused on what those words could mean. He can accept and think what a carrier and reanimation might possibly mean. Just from the impossible things happening outside, people biting and killing each other, a legless crawling teenage girl, a woman trying to go out of the car's window instead of opening the door, adding the disproportioned bodies of the jeepney's passengers, there's only one thing that sprouts up on his mind. Zombies!

A smile blossomed on his face unknowingly. He might not have explicitly said it, but Jun is extremely bored of his life. He lost his direction and life's purpose a long time ago.

He felt his heart beating faster at the thought of a wild adventure. A new world with a new set of rules!

Just then, a game like count-down appeared atop his hand that was still holding the old grandma's body.

Looting... Please hold. 10...9...

"What are you doing?", a soft female voice came from his side. Jun looked up and saw a woman sitting beside him.

He removed his hand and stared at the woman's name tag before he gave an answer. "Nothing special. By the way Alex, does that hurt?", Jun said while pointing on her left arm.

"Not really. It just stings a bit.", she answered not even glancing at Jun. The whole time that she was speaking, she was looking down.

"Let me take a look.", Jun grabbed her hand before she could have even said anything and a screen instantly appeared.

[Left Arm - Bitten]

[Description] The user was bitten by a carrier and will reanimate as an infected after death.

"Let go of me!", Alex pulled back her hand then stood up and went back to her co-employees. The manager, who was near, covered Alex from his view.

Jun raised both of his hands beside his head. He then pulled a nearby chair and sat down.

Now, there's only two more questions that he need answers for. First, why would zombies need energy source? And second, can everyone see what he can see.


The people inside the bank finally realized that something was wrong when they finally have the time to focus on what was happening outside.

The most common thing that they can hear outside, was the ear piercing call for help being followed by a miserable cry. Numerous car alarms kept on blaring in the distance, giving a resounding beat in their hearts.

The female employees covered the glass door with a curtain when Jun suggested that they should cover the door. The manager helped Pablo move two filing cabinets behind the door.

"What's your plan?", Jake asked as he sat besides Jun.

"What do you mean?"

Jake looked around before saying in a hushed tone, "I just have this feeling that you won't stay here. So... can you please take me with you."

"Sure, want to be my lackey? It's a good thing considering your current conditions." Jun stood up and walked to the entrance. He checked the situation outside through the slit on the curtains and went back to his seat.

He exhaled and stretched his shoulders as he sat on the chair. "I think you know that you would be safe just by staying here... while following me around would be a lot more dangerous. So why?"
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"I don't know. I just feel it."

"Hmm. Gut feeling huh. One of the things that save me from a lot of things.", Jun reminisced and then started laughing. "Sure you can follow me, but I need you to pass one test of mine. And just a reminder. If you choose to follow me, you can't quit on your own.", Jun said as he stared at Jake, causing the teen to sweat profusely.

"By the way, I'm returning your bat. You'll probably need it soon enough."

Jake took the bat and became confused by what Jun said. The only entrance to this bank was the glass door and he's sure that its locked. Before he could ask what Jun meant by that, a soft moan was heard. He turned his head just on the right time to see the body on the floor twitch. It's eyes slowly opened and the eyes unique brilliance once again brightened.

Even if Jake was somewhat slow, he was still able to guess that this was the test that Jun was referring to. He limped forward and halted near the body. He steadied himself, gathering his strength on both of his arms then swung the bat downwards forcefully. The head caved in but the grandma's body still managed moved both of its hands, making Jake hit it one more time.

The skull made a crunching sound, as blood and brain matter scattered everywhere, Jake being the closest one receive most. He felt his stomach churned and before he was already puking before he could even turn around, blood and puke dripping on his face.

"Hahaha! How does it feel? Stand up. We're almost done.", Jun grabbed Jake's arm and sat him besides the grandma's corpse. "Now, just place your hand there and tell me what you see."

Jake was still doubting if he understood clearly what Jun was saying when his eyes widened. He turned his head to look at Jun and said, "Something appeared! Its a... uhm... a transparent screen. it says 'Normita Mellendres' and that I'm looting the body!"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》