Trash in the Apocalypse
10 Master Burglar
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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10 Master Burglar

Dimensional storage?

Its not even an hour after the world changed and Jun was already used to seeing those unusual things. He only felt a slight shock when he finished reading the character screen.

When Jun was trying to comprehend and gain some understanding of the skills, a notification appeared on his view.

[You received the title, "Thug Life".]

[Thug Life]

[Description] Gain 10 EXP every twenty-four hours. [23 hours 59 minutes remaining]

[Notification] You are one of the first to achieve level one in your specific profession, the user will receive a hidden quest, 'The Big Boss'.

[The Big Boss I]

[Description] As one of the top newcomer on the crime industry, you must make sure that people know and respect you. Establish your presence in the area!


- [Gain two follower. 0/2]

- [Rob 10 people. 0/10]

[Reward] 50 EXP & 1 Random Weapon Crate.

[Failure] Quest Chain will end.

Jun closed the notification screen and turned his head to Adrian. He was quietly staring at him, as if waiting for something. Considering this guys amicable attitude towards him and remembering the contents of the quest he just receive, he started to think that he should take this guy as one of his followers.

"You said you want to follow me, right? Then tell me, who are you?", Jun said with a scowl. This would have been a normal conversation if he didn't actually try and experiment on what will happen if he used his [Threaten] skill.

Adrian's face became flushed and it took him a second or two before he could muster a reply. "What I said earlier is true, my name is Adrian Santos. And if there's anything important that I need to tell you, it would be my 'job'. I'm a burglar and I'm one of the best in this town. I'm also a good scout, I have experience as a look-out when I joined a group, a few years ago."

Jun laughed aloud after hearing his story. His eyes that seemed uncertain earlier turned firm and absolute. Like if Adrian decided to back out, Jun wouldn't even give him a chance.

He stood in front of Adrian and bellowed, "Do you accept being my follower?!"

[You sent an organization invite to someone. Waiting for the other party's reply. You can't send another invite to the same user, for 24 hours, if the other party declines the invitation.]

It seemed that a screen appeared in front of Adrian, as he gazed at nothing but was still moving his eyes, as if he was reading something. He then answered, "Yes! Please take care of me, boss."

A small orb of light flew out from Jun and entered Adrian's body.

['Adrian' has accepted the organization invite and has become your follower. Your follower's receive 10% more EXP gain and an additional 10% increase in overall stats when fighting with you.]

"Okay, good. Of course, I will take care of you. You just need to follow my orders and I will make sure that you're rewarded properly."
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Their festive mood was destroyed when a couple walked out of the storage room. The two of them were wearing white lab coats some shirt and jeans. The couple was surprised to find out that there were already people inside the clinic.

The kind-looking female approached first and gently said, "Hello there. Are you one of our customers? I'm sorry but the doctor hasn't arrived yet. Are you willing to wait?"

She had a round, innocent looking face that makes the opposite gender want to protect her. Her looks seem pretty normal but her gentle attitude makes strangers speak comfortably towards her.

"Sheila, come back here!", the man who was following behind her suddenly pulled her hands. He had a fearful glint in his eyes.

"Carlos! What are you doing? Let me go!"

When Sheila yelled at him, he immediately released her hands. He then glared at the two unwelcomed visitors.

Carlos was courting Sheila for almost two months now. Sheila graduated from a nursing course but works at the clinic, as this was their family's business. They met in this clinic when Carlos needed medical certificates for his job. He fell in love at first sight but it didn't seem to be the case for Sheila. In those two months, she repeatedly rejected him, telling him that she just broke up with her boyfriend and she's currently not interested in relationships.

As if his manly ego was challenged, Carlos kept coming to the clinic. He gave flowers and brought gifts everyday after he left work, but Sheila remained unmelting, not entertaining his advances.

Today, he was going to force an answer from her. When he arrived at the clinic earlier, there was no customer in sight, and so he locked the door. If he got rejected, he was planning to at least get some 'benefits' from her.

He saw Sheila enter the storage room and he hastily followed. He saw Sheila counting medicine stocks after he entered the room. Before he could approach her, he felt a severe headache and fell down.

When he woke up, he saw Sheila on the floor unconscious. He quickly moved to her side and checked if she was okay. Sheila got startled seeing a man after waking up. When she saw that it was the Carlos, she got flustered and was trying to leave the room but Carlos pulled her back. He slowly put his hand around her waist and started kissing her. She struggled in his arm and couldn't do anything, finally softening after Carlos' other hand roamed her body.

A scene that shouldn't happen, happened.

Sheila then left the room without giving a single glance at Carlos.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》