Trash in the Apocalypse
11 I Don“t Need You
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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11 I Don“t Need You

Carlos face changed from vexation to warmth and pleadingly said, "We need to talk."

"We don't. Please don't come here anymore.", Sheila replied. There's a trace of guilt and hatred in her eyes as she opened the door, showing Carlos his way out.

Jun and Adrian kept quiet the whole time. They just sat back and watched everything nonchalantly. Carlos was going to vent out some of his frustration to them when he noticed Jun holding a bloodied baseball bat. He got intimidated and tried to make his presence as small as possible. He didn't even dare to take a single glance on Jun's direction. When he was passing by Sheila, he clicked his tongue and closed the gate with a bang. He left the clinic's premises cursing Sheila on his mind. A smile crept on his face and the annoying feeling inside him alleviated a little when he thought that something bad will happen to her.

Sheila had a troubled look on her face as Carlos finally left the clinic. Even though she was acting cold towards him, she actually have feelings for him. She felt moved after seeing Carlos' sincerity in the past two months.

That's why she purposely act cold and did not reciprocate Carlos' feelings. She still love's her ex and doesn't want to hurt Carlos.

What happened earlier in the storage room was due to her carelessness. She was unable to control her feelings which finally gushed out, like a dam with its gates fully opened.

The corners of her eyes have already turned red but she still tried her best to compose herself as she approached Jun and Adrian.

"H-hello guys... Sorry about that. Please don't mind it. By the way, I'm Sheila. My father should be arriving in a few minutes. In the mean time, is there anything that I can help you with?", Sheila asked professionally, as if everything she said was something already ingrained on her memory.

When she finished talking and finally saw the blood-stained baseball bat that Jun was holding, she became frightened. She can't help but think that something bad will happen to her, she might get abducted, taken advantage of or worse killed.

Expectations were different from reality though. Jun didn't even glance at her, and was instead murmuring something, while holding a bulging green eco-bag on top of his hands.

A small black hole appeared in front of Jun's hand. He slowly put the bag he was holding inside the black hole. When he pulled his hand back, the bag was nowhere to be seen. As if he was enjoying the feeling of his hand being inside that hole, he once again shoved his hand inside. The bag appeared on his hand but it was flat and seemed to be empty. Adrian and Sheila both felt shocked. The two 'normal' people who haven't reached level one, which seemed to be the minimum requirement to gain access to the menu screen, were both looking at Jun in astonishment. Their astonished expressions gave Jun a satisfying feeling. He stood up and said to Adrian, "I think it's time. Go and guard the door. If that guy comes back here, kill him. And explain what's happening to her. I'll search around and grab everything that I can. Just shout if there's a problem."

Adrian was surprised on the order that Jun gave.

He was not sure if what he heard was correct, not because he was asked to kill someone but because he was asked to help someone.

He thought that in order to survive, he would need to follow this cruel man and so he already prepared himself for the things that he would have had to do. But helping someone? It didn't come across his mind that his boss still had a good side to himself.

The way he looked at Jun softened and following this boss seemed more acceptable.

"Okay. But I don't have any weapon. The only thing I brought with me was this lock pick.", Adrian raised his left hand holding the lock pick.

"That's okay, just use this one. Be sure to go for the neck or the chest. One stab should do the trick.", Jun replied as he took a military-grade knife hidden on his back.

After handing the knife to Adrian, he then proceeded on looting the pharmacy. He took every single bottle of medicine, syringe and miscellaneous things like, cotton, bandages and alcohols. Everything was deposited into his dimensional storage.

He finally felt how useful the dimensional storage can be. He looted the entire clinic but he didn't have to carry anything. When he opened his dimensional storage, he saw that it didn't even reached half-full. Most of the items were stacked, sorted by names.

When he felt that there was nothing else that he could loot, he chose to go out and meet with the people outside.

Jun noticed a person lying face down on the floor. Blood was spilling on his neck, which covered the floor staining his clothes.
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Adrian was clutching the wall in a corner, vomiting his guts out. Sheila on the other hand was sitting on the sofa, staring lifelessly on thin air.

As he approached Carlos' body, he can't help but notice the varying sizes of bite marks and the huge chunks of missing flesh.

He then squat down and leveled his eyes with Sheila. While staring at her soulless eyes, he indifferently said, "I think Adrian already explained some things to you, so I'll just tell you a brief summary of what I know. The world change into something terrible, or good, depending on how you see it. People become infected when they got bit and being bit, from my limited knowledge, is bad. Very bad."

"You now have two options. Either you choose to follow me willingly or I will force you to. Of course I won't take advantage of you. In return, I will make sure that you're always safe. And just to make things clear, I don't need your body. What I need from you is your expertise. So, what do you think?"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》