Trash in the Apocalypse
12 Skirmish
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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12 Skirmish

Sheila Arada is currently 20-years-old. She enjoys listening to music, baking and watching television. She is kind and graceful, but can also be very foolish and a bit dull. People of old and young tend to like her on their first meeting.

Physically, Sheila is in pretty good shape. She had average height with light skin, black hair and brown eyes.

She grew up in a working class neighborhood. She was raised by her father, her mother having left when she was young. Her father owns the clinic and was one of the reasons why she chose to become a nurse. She always felt that her father tries his best to keep on smiling, so that she can forget the past and grow up happily.

Hearing Jun's explanation, and seeing Carlos' body riddled with missing flesh, she had no choice but to slowly accept the fact that the world had changed. Instead of feeling scared, she was now filled with anxiousness. Her father should have arrived five minutes ago, and knowing the situation didn't make her feel good. When she was staring blankly ahead, looking soulless, Jun asked her the same question.

[A user sent you an organization invite. Would you like to accept? You gain 10% EXP gain and 10% overall stat increase. Declining the offer will stop you from receiving invitations for the next 12 hours.]

"I have a request.", Shiela said, her eyes filled with hope. "I want you to help me find my father. I will follow you willingly and do everything that you ask me to. But you must help me search for him. Even if it's just his body." Tears started flowing down her cheeks, and her voice filled with despair.
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Jun looked at her indifferently, contemplating about her request."I can't promise you that. You don't even know where he is. We can check your house, and that's the best concession I can give you. I don't have enough time, so I need your answer now."

Sheila felt troubled. Her request didn't went according to her plan. She thought that Jun badly needed her and would try his best to gain some 'gentleman points'.

Sheila thoroughly misunderstood Jun. The only reason Jun was having this long-winded conversation with her, is for his father. After leaving the bank, his plan was to go back home and secure the house. He's an unfilial scum of a son, but the thought of his father getting feasted by a group of infected still made him feel bad. Jun is not someone who's bad. He chose to do bad just to annoy his father, to make him see what his son had become. Jun's hatred was so deep that he's trying to recruit a nurse, so that someone, with proper training and knowledge, can take care of his father.

"Okay, I'll follow you. Please keep your promise."

As soon as Sheila agreed, the idle notification on her side updated itself.

[Congratulations! You joined a faction. You can join and leave a faction anytime you want. Leaving a faction gives you the 'Hunted' debuff. When fighting someone from your old faction, receive 10% reduced overall stats.]


[Description] You are hunted. When someone from your old faction is near, they can feel your presence.

[Faction Member: Rank - Recruit]

[Effect] Gain +10% EXP Gain & +10% overall stat increase.

Jun placed his hand on Carlos' body with the intent of absorbing some free stats. Unexpectedly, he received the 'looting' notification. He was confused on why this happened. When he placed his hand on Jake's body he absorbed some of his stats, but when he did the same thing to Carlos' body, the result changed! Thinking hard, the only difference between the two was one was bitten and the other was not. Was that the reason? Jun decided to ignore the matter for now. He glanced at Adrian leaning on the wall. "Are you done? We're leaving.", he said then took the military knife from Adrian's hand. He gave him his baseball bat, and the knife to Sheila. Jun looked around and found a coat rack beside the door. The coat rack was made from cast iron and had a simplistic design. It's height almost reaching up to two meters. There were four hooks on its top, spreading in four different directions. He took the coat rack and was instantly surprised. He was holding a two meter iron coat rack, but the feeling it gave him was as if he was holding onto a tree branch. As if he was using a spear, he practiced swinging left and right, testing the range of his new weapon. He made a diagonal slash, brought it up and finished with a simple stab. 'It's really light!'

When he was finally satisfied on how he handled the coat rack, he opened the door. "Let's go."


There are four infected hitting the gate. There's only 40% remaining on the gates durability bar. Jun strode forward with no hesitation. Using the coat rack, he stabbed the infected's knee joints through the gaps on the metal fence. He used the same technique on each of the infected making them unable to stand due to their knees inability to hold their weight. Every stab he made was precise and powerful. When all of the infected fell down and could only growl at them. He opened the gates and went outside. He hurriedly stabbed the joints in their shoulders then whispered authoritatively. "Kill them, be sure to go for the head. Both of you get two each. Hurry up! We don't know how fast they can recover!", Jun said anxiously. He noticed that the horde of infected who was 50 meters away when he first entered the clinic had come closer and were approximately 30-40 meters away. He then chose to guard the perimeter outside the gate, so the two behind him can focus on the task.

Adrian and Sheila followed his orders without questions. Adrian swiftly stabbed the military knife on the forehead of an infected that was nearest to him. When it stopped moving he then looted it's body. He had been observing Jun's action starting from when they first met at the bank. And since he already know that an infected's body who didn't get looted can reanimate once again, he chose to first loot the body while being cautious of the other infected next to him.

Jun can see that Adrian has already began to adapt and his plan to make them reach level one seemed achievable. That hope vanished when he turned to the side and saw Sheila standing idly near an infected. She was trembling while hugging the bat close to her body. She raised it forward and smashed down on the infected's head. Due to her force not being strong enough, it only caused the head to cave-in but the infected didn't die. The infected who got bashed in the head started snarling loudly causing the group of infected to notice them.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》