Trash in the Apocalypse
17 Not Enough
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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17 Not Enough

Jun shoved his hand into the void and took his baseball bat from his inventory. He used [Blueprint Creation], draining 10 energy, and scanned the baseball. A blue light came from his hands that travelled from the bat's handle to it's end. The blue light came back and a screen panel appeared in front of Jun.

[Scan Complete!]

[Wooden Baseball Bat]

[Description] A regular baseball bat made from wood.


- Log x1


- Planks x 8


- Saw

- Sharp Tool

Completion time will vary depending on the tools used.

Wait? I need tools? I thought I just need the materials. That's realistic I guess? But isn't this overpowered? I can just scan every essential foods and items, and I can probably survive holing up somewhere.

A smile blossomed on his face as he thought of his bright future. He then brought out his Colt .45 ACP and scanned it.

[Scan Complete!]

[Colt .45 ACP]

[Description] Semi-automatic handgun with standard seven round magazine.


- Steel x20

- Spring x1

- Screws x5


- Lathe Machine

- Welding Machine

Jun raised an eyebrow as he stared at the screen panel. It seemed like producing guns in a larger volume isn't probable in the near future.

Maybe, once he set up his base of operations and had people gathering supplies for him, then mass-production can happen.

Not just guns, he planned on making bullets too! With this ability, he can have unlimited bullets making people want to trade with him, and at the same time, gain his goodwill.

He took a .45 ACP bullet from his inventory, and scanned it, he tried to but it failed.

A splitting headache suddenly came and made him clutch his head.

[You don't have enough energy!]


Jun searched the room after the recovering from the headache. He took all of his fathers book in the bookshelves. Most of them are engineering books but there are some books about algebra and physics.

Afterwards, he changed to a new set of clothes, then put some spare in his storage.

He didn't brought too many since he plan on taking some more in the local mall.

Jun was walking out of his room when he got surprised by the notification that appeared in front of him.

[Your subordinate 'Sheila' has leveled up! You gain 1 stat point.]

Jun felt envious every time he remembers the benefits that his subordinates received after recruiting them.

An additional increase in EXP gain and an overall increase in stats!

Who wouldn't be?

They just follow you around and they get those buffs, while as the boss, he didn't get a single buff from them. If it were not for his knowledge during gang fights that there are safety in numbers, he would probably ignore this two and leave them for themselves.

['Faction' feature added on the menu screen.]

Jun called the menu and navigated to the faction tab.

[Faction - ???]

[Leader - Jun Reyes]

[Members - Sheila Arada]

Jun focused on her name and a character panel popped out.

[Sheila Arada][Profession - Nurse][Level - 1]

[Health - 100][Energy - 100]

[Title - Care Giver]

[Power - 3][Endurance- 3][Speed- 4][Wits - 6][Cunning - 5][Charm - 6]

[Stat Points - 2]



[Description] The opposite gender has a high chance of being more kind to you.


-[Minor Healing - Lvl.1]

[Description] Heals for small portion of the targets missing health.

-[Cure - Lvl.1]

[Description] Regeneration +10 Health and +5 energy per minute. Has a chance to remove illness. Lasts for 5 minutes and can only be used every 10 minutes on the same target. Drains 20 energy every cast.

-[Bladed-weapon Mastery - Lvl.1]

[Description] Gain 10% increased damage when using a sharp weapon.
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Sheila hurriedly followed Adrian after she finished looting the kitchen. Looking left and right, she found Adrian leaning on the walls at the corner of an alley. She walked towards him.

Adrian turned his head when he heard footsteps. When he saw that it was Sheila, the hand holding the hidden knife behind him, relaxed. He then turned back and kept peeking on the corner.

"What are you doing?", Sheila asked, curious on what he's up to. In response, Adrian just put one of his fingers on his lips, telling her to stop talking.

Inside the alley, there was an male infected mauling a dumpster. A loud banging can also be heard on the door next to it.

He was planning on killing the infected, but he's not sure if he can sneak behind it without getting noticed. If he can kill it quietly and quickly, then it would be much safer since he doesn't know if there's anymore infected in the area.

But Sheila seemed to have other thoughts in her mind. She walked towards the infected while holding her coat rack, and said, "It's alone right? There's two of us. We just need to be careful like how we did it earlier."

Adrian furrowed his brows, he didn't know if this woman is an idiot or not. The first time they fought the infected, they were behind a fence that's keeping them safe. On the second, they fought crawling infected, who are so slow they couldn't even catch them.

It seemed that her ego got some kind of boost, and this boost might cost her life.

The infected noticed her loud voice, and turned its head. Its arms had become soft

and looked bent, the flesh became mushed after hitting the dumpster too many times. It ran towards its prey ferociously, taking large strides which immediately closed the distance between them.

Sheila got surprised at the infected's speed and appearance that she forgot to raise her spear. She dazedly watched the infected run towards her like a deer in headlights.

Adrian tackled the infected just in time when it was about to lunged at her. As they fall, he tried to stab the infected in its head, but the force he managed to produce didn't seem to be enough. It tried biting him in his face, so he used his left hand to hold the infected's neck, trying to push it away as far as possible.

With a swishing sound, the infected immediately stopped moving as a spear-like object pierced it from the back of its head.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》