Trash in the Apocalypse
19 Random Crate
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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19 Random Crate

Jun was sitting on his father's bed while using his father's mobile phone, when he received a new notification. He then put the phone in his jean's pocket.
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[Your subordinate leveled up! You gained 1 stat point]

[Faction - ???]

Leader - Jun Reyes

Members - Sheila Arada, Adrian Santos

When Jun gained the stat point, he quickly put it into power. He added the first 3 points into power since almost all of his skills rely on the power attribute.

With the sudden increase in stat, his body felt more powerful and stronger.

Since he already saw Sheila and Adrian's character panel, he made an assumption that an average adult have 5 points as the base. The base point will increase or decrease depending whether they are good or bad in that area. Just like Sheila's power and wits, it has 3 and 6 respectively.

[Jun Reyes][Profession - Thug][Level - 1]

[Health - 100][Energy - 100]

[Title - Thug Life]

[Power - 12][Endurance - 6][Speed - 5][Wits - 4][Cunning - 5][Charm - 6]

[Stat Points - 0]



-[Iron Guts]



-[Threaten - Lvl.1]

-[Rob - Lvl.1]

-[Execute - Lvl.1]

-[Blunt Weapon Mastery - Lvl.1]

With 12 points in power, Jun felt like he could swing the baseball bat with one hand but having the force of two hands! He assumed that he had the strength of 2 adult man!

While he was feeling satisfied with his new found strength, he remembered that he received an item earlier. It was the Random Weapon Crate.

The dimensional storage appeared near his hand and he put his hand inside. When it came out, he was holding a red gift box with a huge yellow ribbon tied on top. A white question mark can be seen on its sides.

"Is this the newbie package? But since I only received the quest since I'm one of the first to level up does that mean everyone won't get this box?", Jun thought to himself.

He played some games and knew that there are event items and some unique items that the 'top' players are privilege of.

He became proud and happy knowing that he was a bit special. He

He used his mind for the weapon crate to open itself, but it failed. He tried incantations and when all else failed he then used his hand to manually pull the ribbon.

With a shake, a rattle and a boom, the crates four corners fell outwards and revealed a red club.

[Ogre's Club]

[Description] A club used by an angry ogre to smash a vampire into mushed meat after being told that he looked like an idiot for having two heads. The vampires blood was absorbed by the club.

[Durability] 1000/1000

[Additional Ability - Lifesteal] Convert 20% of damage dealt as health.


- Power 20


Jun would have been happy after reading the item description and seeing its effect! He would have dance and jumped around if it weren't for the size of the club being too big! It was at least 1meter long and had a width of a man's head. You can probably chop this into two and use it as fuel for fire!

Jun consoled himself that, fortunately, he haven't reached the requirements to use the weapon.

He reached out and took the red club that was slowly rotating while hovering in mid-air.


When he took the club, it felt weightless and it gave the feeling that it was a stick that you can casually pick up anywhere.

When he fully grasped the club, it's weight changed causing large cracks on the floor. The club weighed almost 15-20kg.

"Isn't this almost a tree! It's weight alone could be used as a weapon!", he said sourly.

Jun opened his dimensional storage and hid the club inside. There's nothing he could do but level up and wait for his stat to reach the requirements. He then would take it out when he had enough power to use it.

He took the phone on his pocket, and fell on the bed sideways.

He scrolled up on a message conversation looking for something, he then stopped at a recent conversation two weeks ago.

Anna: Dad! We moved houses again. Please stop stalking mum.

Dad: I know. I'm sorry I got caught. Where did you moved?

Anna: Not far, we went back to old granny's house. Please stop talking to mum and send some money! I need to buy something for my class.

Dad: Okay. I'll send them to your card.

Anna: How's older brother?

Dad: He's still rebelling...

Anna: Its your fault!

Dad: I know, I'm sorry.

Dad: Anna? You still there?

Seeing that the following conversations were his father asking for a reply, he closed the app.

Jun opened the faction tab, focusing on Adrian's name.

[Adrian Santos][Profession - Burglar][Level - 1]

[Health - 100][Energy - 100]

[Cultivation: Thieves Codex]

[Power - 4][Endurance - 4][Speed - 7][Wits - 4][Cunning - 5][Charm - 5]

[Stat Points - 2]



[Description] Makes less noise when moving.


[Description] Gain more focus and can sense changes in the surrounding area.


[Description] The user had a dexterous hand. Has faster opening of locks and doors.

-[Cat's Eye]

[Description] Gain +20% better vision at night

-[Keen Hearing]

[Description] Hearing radius +50% further.


-[Stealth - Lvl.1]

[Description] Lowers the users presence in the area. Enhanced effect when sneaking or inside a shadow. Drains 10 energy upon casting and 5 energy for every 1 minute it was activated.

-[Pickpocket - Lvl.1]

[Description] Steal an item from the target. Chance of alerting the target will depend on the user and the targets SPD. Drains 20 energy upon casting.

-[Backstab - Lvl.1]

[Description] Deal 3x damage when hitting the target from behind.

-[Blade Weapon Mastery - Lvl.1]

[Description] Gain 20% increased damage when using a sharp weapon.


In the kitchen, three people were staring at each other. Since no one was willing to speak first, Jun started the conversation.

"I know that you guys leveled up, so I'll teach you the basics. If you guys already figured it out then that would be better."

The two were surprised after hearing what he just said. Its true that they leveled up, but there's no indication or any signs that they did. They were curious as to how Jun knew but they kept the thought to themselves.

Seeing that the two remained quiet, Jun continued speaking.

"You use your mind to navigate on the menu and your will to interact with them. There's three sub-menus; character, dimensional storage and faction."

"You can just think of opening the dimensional storage, and it will in front of your hand. You can store a huge volume of items inside."

"The character sub-menu shows your personal stats, its the same for faction. My skills came from my expertise, which is robbing people and I received a quest for it."

"I need to rob 10 people to complete it. Since there were only 8 people in the bank, I needed to rob the both of you. I won't apologize and I'm not justifying my actions. I just want to clear things up since we're stuck with each other."

"I think that both of you received quests too?"

Sheila glanced sideways to Adrian.

Jun saw that action, but seeing the green name above her head, he chose to ignore her.

After a few seconds, Adrian finally spoke up followed by Sheila. They both admitted that they received quests for being one of the first to level up on their respective professions.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》