Trash in the Apocalypse
20 Hoarding
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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20 Hoarding

Jun listened carefully as they explained what they need to complete their quests.

Afterwards, Jun smiled like a devil and his eyes brimmed with naughtiness.

"I have a plan. Let's go to the bank!"


Jun decided that they sort the loot since everyone already have their own dimensional storage. He still doesn't fully trust them but seeing the green name above their heads allowed him to.

Jun carried all the weapons and food, while Adrian was assigned to carrying, materials and miscellaneous loots. Sheila was fascinated as she transferred all the medical supplies, placed on the table by Jun, into her dimensional storage. With her wits, she already started playing with the dimensional storage.
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She was juggling a bottle of flu medicine; a small black hole appears on her left hand and when she tilts her hand the bottle drops out from the vortex, the vortex on her left hand disappears and appears on her right hand just in time to suck the bottle inside it. She played with it as she walked.

They walked out from the front door and Jun turned around. He took his final look at the old two-story house where he spent half of his life.

He then went out of the gate with a firm will to not look back.


"I thought we're going to the bank?", Sheila nervously asked as they stood in front of the local construction materials shop. She kept looking left and right, looking for any unexpected things that could happen.

After what happened on the alley, she seemed to become a scaredy cat who would stare suspiciously at the clanging rusty roof due to wind knocking on them.

There's only one single building on the area, as most of the space are used for materials storage. There's a truck used for delivering materials in the middle of the shop.

There's no one in sight in the open area, human or infected.

Jun chose to approach the truck cautiously, holding his bloodied baseball bat on his right hand. If anything were to jump on him it would unfortunate for the other party, since he wanted to test how strong he had become.

After reaching the corner of the truck, he slowed down. Jun made a quick dash, hands tightly grasping on the bat, ready to smash anything that moves.

When there was nothing on the other side, he lowered his baseball bat, and said, "Nothing here. Adrian, take every piece of wood and metal that you can stuff in your storage. Shiela, guard him and pay attention on the entrance."

"I'll go and check out the office."

Jun turned around not waiting if they would actually do what he said.

He strode towards the small building, practicing his bat swinging skills. He really like the weightless feeling the bat gave him. After adding points to power, the baseball bat became lighter in his hands.

He arrived at the door and twisted its knob. It's a simple office with four tables around the center. Papers were scattered on the floor, and the water dispenser was on the ground spilling droplets of water, as most of its contents are already on the floor mixed with the pool of blood that came from a nearby body.

A middle aged woman and an old uncle was chewing on a young man. Their teeth couldn't bite through the skin but they kept on chewing.

The young man was facing the ceiling and blood was flowing out of his head. A piece of scraped flesh was still stuck on the table beside him.

After encountering a lot of old infected and seeing this pair, Jun concluded that there's a high chance of old people turning into undead due to them not being able to endure the pain. Cardiac arrest? Maybe.

"Okay! Get up, get up! I can't be choosy. I just hope your skulls are tough so I can practice a bit.", Jun excitedly shouted while taking a few steps forward.

He repeatedly jumped on his spot as a warm-up, and stretched both of his arms while holding the baseball bat.

The two old infected ran towards him, both infected growling and showing speed that people their age shouldn't have.

The old uncle arrived first followed closelg by the woman.

Jun kicked the old uncle in its stomach, causing the infected to bent forward unnaturally. It then fell on the floor with a plop.

The middle-aged woman lunged at him. He dodge to his right, making the lunge ineffective. When the middle-aged woman turned its head, it was greeted by the baseball bat. The infected woman fell back with its feet raised and head its head heavily smashed the floor. Blood flowed out of her head and she stopped moving.

"That... wasn't exciting."

Jun looted the old man after making sure that it was really dead then knelt down beside the aunty.

He was looking outside the door, staring at the stone wall directly in front of him.

There's a white question mark floating behind the concrete wall. He can see it hover towards the left and then went back to its original position, as if the person behind the wall was anxiously thinking of something.

It stayed near the entrance for a few seconds the a bald head appeared. His shining head gave a sparkle as the sunrays hit his head.

The guy watched Adrian and Sheila as they gathered supplies. When he saw a vortex appear on Adrian's hand, the bald man became shocked as he widely opened both his mouth and eyes. He seemed to be doubting what he saw and so he wiped his eyes with the back of his hands.

The bald guy then turned his head and saw Jun standing in front of the door while staring at him.

His eyes almost popped out as he shouted, "Watch out!"

Jun was extremely puzzled as to why would this guy shout. The question mark above his head change to green and Jun becane more confused. Someone was trying to warn him but they didn't even know each other.

What was he talking about?

A low growl came from inside the office and Jun felt every hair on his body stand. He turned around and tried to raise the baseball bat on his chest but he was a step to late.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》