Trash in the Apocalypse
34 Disadvantageous Essence Shard
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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34 Disadvantageous Essence Shard

"I'm happy that you're here now, but really... what took you so long? Safety Code #02, in case of emergency or problem that can endanger your life, in the next 12 hours, head to the nearest local authority. That's the rule you made. And here you are, the one breaking it."

Besides the driver's seat, Marianne unhappily stared at Jun. She sat with one leg above the other while her hands were crossed in front of her, as if waiting for an explanation. Although it might be a coincidence, but her chest area became bigger and more attractive, as one of the buttons of her blouse got loose.

On the driver's seat, Jun tried his best to ignore the meaty legs that presented itself to him. He focused on his driving but still couldn't help himself from taking a few glances, which was seen by Marianne. His action seemed to make her happy as a smile blossomed on her luscious pink lips.

"I live near the towns plaza and there's a lot of infected. I helped people and we became a small group. I also needed to take care of my father..." after speaking, Jun stopped talking and focused his attention on driving.

"Ohh, you're still taking care of him. Sucks. Where is he?"

"Dead." Jun replied with a smile. "Okay we're here. Let's go inside."


Everyone was gathered at the table. After learning the news that the search group didn't find anyone, the joyous atmosphere that the waiting people have, disappeared.

To some extent, after experiencing fighting the infecteds, they knew the outcome themselves. They just took that small chance, that maybe, just maybe, their families could be alive.

The table was filled with meat and vegetable dishes, with some steamy soup on the sides. Jun sat between Evo and Marianne.

Marianne changed into a new set of clothes. Although it was just a simple shirt and jeans, it emphasized certain areas and made her look more bountiful.

As they ate, Marianne chatted happily with everyone. Her laughs and contagious smile turned the gloomy dinner into a livelier one.

"Okay, here's another topic.", Marianne looked around then continued. "What's your current goal? Since the world has ended you should have things that you want? Right?"

Her question made everyone think. Even Jun contemplated on what he really wants.

Then everyone realize that they really don't know what to do with their life anymore.

Seeing that no one had an answer to her question, Marianne spoke first.

"I'm a cosplayer and streamer just a few days ago, and I plan to continue doing just that. Although I don't think the internet is working anymore, so streaming would be out of the picture... Well, that's what I want to do."

With her taking the lead, Gina followed.
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"I want to build a store.", she exclaimed. "I'm sure that we will get through this and other people will survive, just like us."

Gina looked around with resolute eyes. As if she knew that what she said would become the truth.

"That's true."

"We will."

"We need to start hoarding things to sell."

"I'll be the cashier, hehe."

Jun was voted as the owner of the store and the one in charge of everything.

The group went and did their own things after eating dinner.

Adrian smoked on the front door while Edward sat beside him eating the left over foods. The girls stayed in the kitchen to clean up.

Jun then brought Marianne and Evo into a room.

"I'm not into this.", Marianne smirked as he faced Jun.

Evo knocked her head softly, then turned to Jun. "What now? Adrian and Edward already explained a few things to me. Are you going to help us level up tomorrow?"

"What level up?"

Evo gave her a brief explanation about the system and how zombies reanimate when not disposed of. Marianne looked at him astonished.

"When did you learn all this? We were together the whole time!"

"Did you not listen to anything that I have just said? On the way back here, when we're on the truck, I chatted with them. All you know is how to flirt."


Jun interrupted them before things got any worse and to helped himself get some peace and quiet.

He handed a transparent crystal to each of them. An essence shard

After handing the crystal to Evo, it quickly disintegrated into stardust that vanished in thin air.

On the other hand, Marianne was scrutinizing the small crystal in her hand. "I like this! Thanks, do you have more?"

Jun smiled wryly, then proceeded to explain what she needs to do. Although unwilling to part with the crystal, she still followed his instructions and managed to absorb the essence shard.

He then gave each of them one more shard and they absorbed it. After killing infecteds along the way, Jun had a stock pile of 112 essence shards.

The two gasped after they absorbed their 50th crystal. They finally leveled up and has now access to the system.

Evo quietly navigated through the interface while Marianne pestered Jun to teach him how to.

Evo muttered under his breathe. "It seems like everything here is based on my real stats. My attributes perfectly show how unfit I am and my skills are related to my work. Haa... I should have exercised more often."

Jun laughed heartily seeing his friend lament over his attributes. "What is your main stat? Mine's power. I have 15 points on it right now.", he said braggingly.

"Its wits, with 8 points on it.", Evo ignored him. "By the way, how do I use skills?"

"Just press the hotkey.", Marianne interrupted their conversation. The two were already used to her and chose to ignore her.

"You guys! Stop ignoring me! Jun teach me too!"


"What do you mean you only have two skills?", Jun asked Evo. "I have four of them when I first leveled up!"

"Its true. They are called Debugger and Backup. Can you tell me how you leveled up?"

Jun complied and narrated how he fought the infected siege at the bank.

Jun was very attentive and patient when he explained to Evo. Simply because Evo was the brain of their old group and he was the brawns. So, he usually leave troublesome matters on his table.

Yes. Table.

Evo was someone intelligent and someone who knows how to code, a programmer. He takes care of problems by hacking into the root of the problem.

Your someone with status? We can't beat you up? Okay! To the table it is!

Posting shameful photos, confessing love for someone, believing in Half Life 3, etc. Those were the light punishments when he's bored. Don't be mistaken though. Evo can be bad when he wanted to, really bad.

"Based from what you said, I'm pretty sure that everything you do before you level up can affect your gains. Now, we don't know if it's just on the first level up or every level up. We need more data for that one."

Marianne got bored watching the two of them and decided to butt in.

"My skills are Broadcast and Illusion. Jun can you explain things to me? Why is my cunning at 8 points? Why is it higher than my charm? Why is my wits lower than my charm? Jun... wait up!"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》