Trash in the Apocalypse
37 House Attack
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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37 House Attack

A scrawny infected stood up after rolling on the asphalt road. Its body had obvious changes especially its jaws and legs. All of its once humane teeth now became ragged while its legs shortened, making its length almost the same with its arms. The nails on its hand became slightly longer and sharper.

It looked around the area as if it was searching for something, and when it failed, it then looked up towards the sky. The moonlight fell on its body and its irises changed its color; from the usual yellow, it turned into pure white.

After a few hours of absorbing the moonlight, as if on schedule, every infected stopped looking up and did their own things. Some stayed standing on their spot while others shambled randomly in the area.

The scrawny infected let out a loud roar when it woke up from its trance. It then plopped down to the ground on all fours, then it ran like a dog while roaring wildly towards the east.

A few infected started to follow, then as they get further, a long parade of infected that got attracted by its roars formed and ran after it.


Jun was sleeping cozily on the couch when he suddenly felt someone biting his shoulder. He shoved with his hands as reflex before he could even open his eyes.

A soft sensation filled his palm.

"Hey, gently~"

The woman on top of him coquettishly said, with her index finger on the tip of her lips. Her seductive eyes inviting Jun's soul to come out and play.

Jun shook his head before covering his eyes with his arm, trying to go back to sleep.

"Marianne, can you get off me? You're not that light anymore..."

"Wow~ how dare you say that to a lady. You'll never have a girlfriend at this rate!", Marianne leaned forward, locking Jun in between her arms, their faces almost inches away from each other. "Lucky you, you have this young maiden here by your side, willing to do anything for you as long as you say it."

Marianne winked then slowly lied down on top of Jun.

"You're acting so weird, it's like... I barely know you.", she muttered.

Afterwards, silence permeated the air, followed by her slow breathing.

Jun could feel her bountiful chest go up and down causing an inflatable tent to erect by its self down below. Her sweet fragrance traveled into his nose and woke up the sleepy Jun.

Jun took a deep breath before placing his two hands on her back; hugging her.

"You're still the best hug pillow! Ever!"

"What? After everything I've done I'm still a hug pillow? You evil hug monster!", Marianne hit Jun's shoulders a few times jokingly. Then softly said, "Can I apply for a promotion?"

Which Jun hastily turned down. "No."

Then it became quiet again. Marianne knew Jun wouldn't say yes and wasn't affected. The thing she really want to know is why Jun is acting weirdly. The Jun he knows would always laugh and yell loudly. Ordering everyone around like a true king from some ancient times.

Marianne tried asking him, but he wouldn't budge. And so she asked the most probable reason and the hardest question she could probably asked of him.

"Is it because of your dad? I thought you hated him."


Marianne knew Jun's strengths, and of course his weaknesses.

Jun is someone who is sensitive and cares too much for other people. Once he treats someone like a family, that persons actions and circumstances heavily affects Jun's state of mind. If one of his family members ever got into trouble, he would rush and help them. If someone's celebrating something, he would visit and bring gifts for the celebrant. He is someone passionate when it comes to his 'family'.

"I know you can get past this, but you need to compose yourself. You can't let the crew see you like these."

"...I know."

Just then, a voice interrupted the two of them.

"I hate to disturb the two of you, but we have a huge problem."

The two turned their heads at the same time towards the voice.
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Adrian was standing on the window, looking outside; peeking through the curtains.

Marianne got off Jun while glaring at Adrian with no intention to hide the dissatisfaction she's currently feeling.

Jun stood up next and walked towards the window.

"What's the problem?"

Adrian didn't answer his question and stepped back instead, letting Jun see the situation for himself.

Jun took a peek outside the window.

At that time, he saw an infected hit the armored truck that they got earlier. Its hand created sparks as the nails scratched the plated outer layer of the truck. Just from its outer appearance Jun was sure that this infected already evolved.

As if knowing that its attack failed, it roared loudly, then circled around the truck. After circling for a few times, it stopped on the truck's passenger door and sniffed like a dog.

It continued sniffing the ground, then turned its head towards the house where Jun's group currently stays.

Jun stared back and their eyes made contact with each other. An impending sense of crisis rose within him as sweat appeared on his back.

He turned to Adrian then said, "Wake everyone up! Take the backdoor. Quickly!"

At the same time that Jun was relaying his message to everyone, the evolved infected looked into the sky and made a long howl that reverberated in the quiet subdivision. Afterwards, it growled ferociously as it charged towards the door.

His face paled as he watched the scene outside. Jun brought out his shotgun from his inventory.

"What happened?"

A panicked voice came from behind him. He didn't even need to explain since a loud scratching noise came from the door, followed by some beastly roars.

"Hurry up!", Jun yelled without looking back. He stood in front of the door anxiously waiting for the infected to show itself.

Don't be mistaken.

Jun isn't scared of a single evolved infected. What truly scared him was the numerous things scatter outside the streets. When he took a peek earlier, his attention was solely focused on the unique infected, and so he didn't notice that the once empty streets was now filled with hordes of infected.

He only noticed them when they started running and clustered into a group that was huge enough, that there was no gap to see the back line.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》