Trash in the Apocalypse
43 Safezone
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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43 Safezone

A group of people wearing blue uniforms were standing in the middle of the plaza square. They circled around the five meter tall statue of Jose Rizal, a Filipino hero and one of the most prominent proponents of change in the Philippines during the Spanish occupation.

Numerous infected have surrounded them from all sides, showing no gaps as they growled and stared at them.

Although there was nothing blocking them from attacking the group, no infected dared to step inside the ten meter radius of the statue.

"Lieutenant, one of the civilians isn't looking good. Is he going to turn into one of them?"

When they first checked the civilians temperature, a screen panel appeared saying that that person is infected and can turn into an infected. Though their wasn't any time indication, they knew that he would die anytime soon, just seeing his laborious breathing and facial expression. The said person had two bite marks; one each on his arms.

The lieutenant furrowed his brows. The morale is falling down and everyone is hungry and exhausted.

His name is Cedric Ulang, Police Lieutenant of Binangonan, Rizal. There's currently six people around him, waiting for his instructions.

Under the statue of Jose Rizal, there were nine civilians sitting on the ground, dazedly watching the growling infecteds. Three people were placed further from the group, looking pale.

"Are there any news on Team 2? They're supposed to radio back after looting the armory."

"Nothing sir! They haven't made contact since ten minutes ago."


If it were any other times, Cedric wouldn't have cared if someone was late in executing missions, but this time it's really different. There's a lot of things that could possibly have happened.

Although he tried his best to think positively, his thoughts couldn't stop thinking the only probable reason why the team was still not radioing back.

It has been almost two days that they we're stuck here. Their food won't last for long and their supply of bullets are rapidly dwindling. Although they don't have much to start with, they managed to conserve bullets and made every shot count. They only have a few clips left and after that they would have to use their pistols as a baton.

At first, there were twenty officers that managed to survive and hole up on the city hall. They quickly noticed that people have changed and they started to fight back. They used guns and killed every threat inside the building, securing the area.

They were supposed to be happy for surviving, but after seeing the number of civilian casualties, their expressions turned sour. They then started providing help to the civilians outside, which finally caused some casualties on their side.

A woman tackled an officer then got mauled to death by a group of people. One got overrun and was bitten to death. As they tried to help more people, the more casualties they received.

Before they could even go back inside the building, their group were now surrounded. They made a circular formation and placed all the civilians they rescued inside. They tried retreating towards the city hall but got stuck at the area of the statue. They leaned their backs on the statue so they won't get attacked from behind.

They planned on risking it all, just so they can go back inside the building, but the lieutenant suddenly ordered for a ceasefire.

Although reluctant, the officers stopped shooting, then they noticed that those strange people stopped charging towards them.

Every infected stopped at exactly ten meters away from the statue. As if something was stopping them from entering. The people inside could interact with the infected outside but the infected can't do anything other than stare.

With their safety mysteriously guaranteed, they then planned to secure more arsenal and get some food.

The police headquarters was on the back of the city hall and six officers volunteered to go.

Since it was only the beginning, most of the people were still trying to fight back as they were pinned on the ground. Some tried calling for help but the group ignored them.

The people on the statue waited for a day with no results. More and more infected crowded around them. On the next day, due to fatigue and hunger, they formed another group with the objective of obtaining weapons and food. They even convinced some civilians to help them carry things back.

The remaining civilians helped attracting the infected to cluster on one side of the area, so that the team could safely get out. After five minutes, they heard gunshots, then nothing else.

The infected just stared at them, looking docile. They don't show any sign that they would attack anyone from the inside. Some civilians actually got fooled by this and tried running outside, but was quickly caught by the fast running infected.
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Lieutenant Cedric was losing hope. They are low on bullets and they are surrounded. With no food and water, their deaths would come and its only a matter of time.

"We need to get out of here. Everyone get up! Use the pistols handle to kill them. Marco, radio Team 2 for the last time and check for any updates."

The police officers followed the orders. Rank and discipline needs to be followed as they were already deeply ingrained in their bodies.

While on the civilian side, some chose to help while others just watched.

They're not being lazy or anything, its because they knew that those people get up even if they get killed. So there's no use on killing them again.

Lieutenant Cedric had to choose. Are they all going to starve or will they choose to pave their own path?

He closed his eyes to ponder. Afterwards, he took a deep breath and said, "Ready! On my mark!—"

*Crackle crackle*

The radio that was attached to an officers' belt, came to life.

"This is Captain Jun. And, I'm happy to talk with you. I'm a bit occupied right now. So you'll have to wait a few seconds... Yeahhh! That was nice Edward! How did you do that? Ohh, I'm done. Sorry about the yelling. An infected pounced at me from behind. But don't worry, I'm safe and sound."

Lieutenant Cedric's expression became happy. Though the joy in his heart was short lived as he remembered that he's the highest rank officer on duty two days ago, so it was impossible for their to be a Captain in the station. Even if there was a slim chance that a Captain visited their branch, they are probably dead since its been two days and there's no contact at all.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》