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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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44 A Liar

"Hahaha... Okay, okay. I'll stop messing around. My name's Jun by the way. And yours?"

Lieutenant introduced himself over the radio. He didn't even say any pleasantries and went directly to the point.

"I'm Police Lieutenant Cedric Ulang. I'm in charge of Binangonan Police Station. Since you have the radio, does that mean... Is there any police officers in the area?"

"Of course! We just killed all of them. And some additonal infected. I think they ran out of bullet and got overran."

Hearing the other person's confirmation worsened the survivors morale. Even Lieutenant Cedric felt that things have already went for the worst. Most of their bullets were given to Team 2 so they could safely reach the Armory.

Lieutenant Cedric gulped at the thought of all of them dying. And so, he compromised and took a bet. That the person on the other side of the radio is a good person and would help them.

"Okay, listen Jun. We need your help. I'm with a group of survivors and we're currently in the middle of city hall's plaza square. I need you to go to the Armory and get some guns for us. The armory is at the—"

"Why do I need to do that?", Jun suddenly interrupted him. "That's troublesome. Thanks for the info anyways."

Then, the other side hang up.

Lieutenant Cedric's face scrunched up. Anger and frustration filled his heart. He then press the radio once more and talked. But this time, he didn't try to act like he was in-charge. Though he didn't sound commanding, there's still a trace of stubbornness in his tone.

"We have fifteen people here, who can die of hunger, three of the civilians we have, got severely wounded and are now in a perilous state. Mr. Jun, you need to help us."

Lieutenant Cedric anxiously said then waited for a reply, but it never came.


"Aren't we going to help them?" Sheila said.

Jun glanced at her as if he was looking at an idiot. "Did you actually believe what that person said? He said that they're surrounded by infected in the plaza square. In the plaza square! That's an open space! No walls or barricades!"

"What a liar!" Jun harrumphed then searched the pockets of the infected policeman on the floor.


The support group looted the bodies and gave all the shards to Jun.

Adrian arrived after scouting the hallways.

Adrian said. "The whole place is secured. The doors were barred and all kinds of furnitures were used as barricade the open areas. There's no way these infected could have ambushed them. These infecteds must have followed them from the outside."

The truth about this wasn't anything complex. Team 2, with the help of the main group who were distracting the infecteds in the area, managed to quietly sneak back into the city hall. Their plan was to use the connected sky bridge from the city hall to go to the police station. They entered with a relaxed attitude since they were sure that the city hall was safe because they already cleared and secured the area. This caused them to be caught of guard and were all killed by the infecteds that reanimated on the building.

"Probably." Jun indifferently said. "I'm more interested where the armory is though."

Although guns weren't that effective as the infected evolved, that doesn't mean it foesn't have its uses.
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Having lots of weapon can increase their groups chance of survival. It can also serve as deterrance for people with bad intentions from attacking their group.

Unexpectedly, Jorge volunteered and took the lead. The group cautiously walked on the skybridge. They used their usual formation of having the main attackers stood in front while the support group guaridng the back.

The sun started to rise. The hallway they were walking on was then lit by the morning sun. Some shadows on the walls were moving as if they were dancing with the wind.

Jorge halted on the stairway.

"Why did you stop?" Jun asked.

Adrian walked towards the edge and peeked over the railing.

A K9 dog was eating a dead infecteds body. Its fur appeared clean and looked as if it was regularly brushed. It had a black collar on its neck connected to a ripped cord.

The dog raised its head, sensing the gazes of the people on the stairs.

It bared its fang then growled at them. Mucus slowly drip from the corner of its mouth.

Jun thought of something. His throat reddened for a second then returned back to normal. He then stared at the rabid K9 before letting out a loud roar.

The K9 stopped moving and only stared at Jun. When it recovered, it started whimpering then quickly ran away with its tail between its legs.

Jun smiled watching the scene. Now, his doubts was finally cleared. His threaten skill can actually work on both infected and animal. He also noticed that his treaten skill had a hidden effect. When his power is higher than the target, the target becomes paralyzed for a brief second.

Though he successfully scared the K9 away, the people behind him weren't happy. Due to Jun's shout, the nearby infecteds rushed towards them. They killed all the infected using the narrow hallway as a choke point. Two infected came at a time. Jun struck every infected that ran into him. He used an overhead strike, followed by a powerful diagonal swing, then a right underhand swing. When the infected got too close, he shoved them with his shield. When they lunged, he pummeled them.

Due to the space being limited, he had to take all of the infected on his own. Once in a while, one or two infected ignored him and ran past him.

Those instances were so few and it only happened when he was being too close with an infected.

The infecteds that got past him were killed by Adrian and Edward. Sheila didn't get to kill any infected and only readied herself.

After a while, the infected stopped coming from the outside. Jun took the lead to head out. He stood beside the pillar then looked around the area.

There are two buildings in the immediate vicinity, one on his left and one on his right.

The left side is where the police station can be found. The station have two floors. The glass doors were broken and blood stains littered the area. The small garden on its sides were destroyed. The bush and grasses were flattened as if someone mowed through them.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》