Trash in the Apocalypse
46 Jun, You!
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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46 Jun, You!

Inside the office, two people huddled behind a wooden desk while a heavily-built person was guarding the door with a pistol in his hand.

An old chubby man, who had a shining skin head, stared at the door. He is the current mayor of this town and most of the people know him by his alias, Yobet. His real name is Francisco Caesares, the youngest son of the former mayor, Matalino Caesares.
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The people know him as someone polite and respectful, someone they could rely on. But unbeknownst to everybody, he is one of the protectors of drug and group syndicates on the area. In exchange for protection, those groups help him deal do his dirty jobs, so he wouldn't have to tarnish his image.

Yobet raised his head and listened for any noise from the outside. The slim female beside him looked anxious as she tried peeking from the corner of the desk. She has a revealing dress unfit for her position as the mayor's secretary. A few feet away from the door, the heavily-built man in white long-sleeves, who was guarding the door turned to them.

Then, he whispered. "Should I open the door?"

Mayor Yobet showed a hesitating expression.

"Neil, do you think they're bitten?" Mayor Yebot said. He then imagined that what if, those people outside were already bitten. They could become an infected any time soon and would be a threat to their lives.

After weighing the cons, he thought to himself, then muttered, "That would be bad... Don't let them in!"

People have the common understanding that once you get bit, you will die and become an infected. That idea came from playing video games and watching too many movies.

The mayors personal bodyguard, Neil, nodded his head as confirmation.

Just then, a banging sound came from the outside. The center portion of the door broke, showing a huge red club that crashed through it. Splinters of wood flew on every direction. The door has now a two-feet long vertical gap caused by the club. The club was then slowly pulled out, causing scraping noises as the club collided with the wooden doors edgy surface.

Someone grunted, then started complaining from the outside.

"I already have 17 points in power yet this thing is still heavy!"

"You need 20 points in power to use that. Did you forget already?"

"Of course I remember! But still... Haa... Nevermind, the first time I tried using this, I almost crushed my feet. It's already a huge improvement that I can swing it."

"Can you calm down? Don't hit the— We should speak to them."

"I tried! They didn't want to. My offer's gone and I want to rob them! I'll strip them down then use this club to slap their buttocks."

"Why are you acting like this? Sometimes, I don't understand you. That weapon doesn't suit you. And why is it glowing?"

Neil waited in trepidation as he listened to the conversation. When suddenly, a set of fierce looking eyes appeared from the hole. There's an illusionary red effects on the corners of the eye.

The female assistant, who was curiously listening at the conversation, happened to be looking at the door. She saw the pair of bloodshot eyes turned towards her, causing her to shiver.

There's only three requirements to be able to work as the mayor's secretary. You need to be a dumb, beautiful, young woman. A lot of women regularly applies for the position, since you don't need any experience for the job. As long as you can satisfy the mayor with your job, he would hire you.

She was thinking that everything she heard outside was directed at her, and so she shrieked loudly.

The bodyguard knew that the people outside were living people. He was going to open the door earlier, but was reminded of the possibility that those people could have been bitten, so he changed his mind. When he heard the frightened scream of the woman and seeing the crazed eyes on the door, his professional instincts kicked in.

Neil's been working with the Mayor for a long time. He always prioritized the mayor's safety over anything else. The once relaxed hand, holding the gun that was pointed at the floor, suddenly raised itself.

The bodyguard did what he had to and that was to make sure that his boss is safe. He started firing his pistol at the giant hole on the door.


"Fvck! Fvck!" Jun yelled as he used the carbon alloy shield to block the continuous gun fire. He's shoulder and arms shaked everytime a metallic thud rung the shield.

"Please stop shooting! We're humans!" Evo yelled while leaning on the wall.

After a few more gun shots, the other side actually listened and stopped shooting, or they just probably run out of bullets.

"I'll fvcking kill all of you!"

Jun ran ahead and raised the ogre's club overhead. He was planning to smash the door open, but was blocked by Evo. Since he was stronger and faster than Evo, he was already swinging the club down before Evo arrived. Now that Evo stood in front of him, he tried to pull his hand back. Though, he managed to slow it down, he wasn't able to stop it.

With his strength, he was sure that Evo will die if he got hit by this strike.

Just before Evo got hit, a medium-sized black vortex appeared in front of him. Half of the club's body went inside the vortex while the other half continued on its path.

Jun felt his hand lightened and so he quickly pulled it back. Then he noticed that the other half of the club was gone, the part where it was separated was cut neatly and have small black lightnings crawling on it.

Evo have an exhausted expression and he could barely keep himself to stand up, all energy on his body seemingly drained. He stared at the two notebooks that the vortex spat out. The notebooks then slowly dissipated into sparkling stardust.

"Jun, you a*shole. Pray that there's nothing important written there."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》