Trash in the Apocalypse
47 Station Defense
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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47 Station Defense

Adrian surveyed the area. Behind him was his group of cheerleaders tasked to be his backup, if ever he met two or more infected. They advance carefully and finally reached the cell blocks. It was a small room and everything was designed simply.

The place was brightly lit and have a single pathway that leads to the cells. Two side-by-side prison cells were connected to the pathway. The first prison cell have two bunk beds; one each on left and right. A small boy was sitting on the floor, looking towards his feet. The child appeared to be ignoring their group as he didn't even lift up his head. Based on his looks alone, he should be 8-9 years old.

Adrian was wondering why is there a little kid locked in a prison, but then he noticed that the cells gate wasn't actually locked. He opened the gate but didn't enter. He then turned towards the next cell and saw three prisoners staring at him. One prisoner actually appeared excited as he smiled widely towards Adrian.


Sheila's group was the first to arrive back at the lobby, followed by Edward's group. Both of their groups didn't encounter any infected. They chatted while waiting for the others to come back.

Sheila was telling Edward how surprised she was when he opened the backdoor of the canteen. The canteen was free of infected and so her group relaxed when they explored the area. Sheila, who wants to breathe some fresh air, opened the backdoor that leads outside. A group of infected, idly standing on the back alley, welcomed her. The wall behind them was torn down and a passenger van was stuck on it. Sheila quickly shut the door then left, making her unable to see a Hunter that jumped up on the van.

Adrian's group came back with additional four people in tow. He explained that it was his old group and that they're good people. Sheila approached them and wanted to chat, to hear their stories and why are they in prison. Long story short, they were arrested because they were drunkards. A lot of people complained that they were noisy and causing disturbances in the area and so the police have to take action. Luckily for them, being imprisoned saved their lives.

A loud crash came from the canteen, then the infected started coming in. There were seven of them, and the group faced the abrupt situation calmly. Without anyone speaking, the main attack group took the vanguard position while the support group stayed behind them. The new people was placed furthest at the back.

Just then, gunshots came from the second floor causing everyone to look up.

Adrian shouted, "Focus! Don't get distracted!"

Though he said that, he was actually worried. He knew that Jun wouldn't fire a gun unless it was necessary. Hearing the gunshots only meant one thing, trouble. And not just because guns are dangerous, but because it creates a lot of noise.

Adrian saw an infected that have the same arm and leg length appear between the gaps of regular infected. It ran to the sides, circling around the canteen.

"There's a Hunter!" Adrian said. He turned and looked at Sheila. "I'll deal with the Hunter, you guys deal with the infecteds."
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Adrian then walked to the side before disappearing from their sight.

The newcomers became surprised at what they saw while the others appeared like they were used to it.

Sheila gathered her thoughts, then started giving out instructions.

"Marianne, can you check what's happening upstairs?"


"Bernard and Paterno, cover my left side."

Bernard left the rear row and stood beside her, while Paterno ignored her. Most of the people at the back where females, only Paterno was the male. Feeling their gaze towards him, he felt a bit embarrassed and moved forward.

"You don't have to fight them. Just block and stall them. I will kill them. It just takes a bit of time to stab and pull back, but I will kill them."

Sheila said nervously while staring at the group of infected charging at them.


"Are you okay now?"

Evo asked Jun, who was currently kneeling down on the floor. His blood-thirst was finally gone but he looked like a wilted plant that lost all its energy and life.

Jun felt heavily drained mentally and physically. He doesn't know what the reason was, but he knew that it was related to his weapon, the Ogre's Club.

The club was laying on the floor, neatly cut in half. The black sparks were nowhere to be seen and the part where it was cut started bleeding. Jun got curious and picked it up. The heavy feeling that the club gave him was gone. Instead, a strong blood-thirst overwhelmed him and started making him feel more exhausted. He dropped the damaged club. A small vortex appeared where it was about to fall, then it disappeared. When he picked up the bat, he quickly checked its description.

[Cursed Ogre's Club (Damaged)]

[Description] A club used by an angry ogre to smash a vampire into mushed meat after being told that he looked like an idiot for having two heads. The vampires blood was absorbed by the club.

Update* The vampire was on its period when it was killed.

[Durability] 100/100

[Additional Ability - Lifesteal] Convert 20% of damage dealt as health.

[Hidden Effect - Cursed. When holding the item, the user will become aggressive and will have mood swings. Drains energy and mental health, making the user stressed. They'll also feel dizziness and chest pains.


- Power 6

Jun decided to shut his mouth after reading the description.

"What happened here?"

A soft mellow voice came from behind them. Evo and Jun looked towards the way they came from. Marianne staring at them anxiously. She then ran forward when she noticed that Jun's expression wasn't looking good.

"Oh my god! What happened!? Are you shot? Were you the one who got shot!? Tell me!" Marianne asked questions and demanded for answers non-stop.

She then noticed the destroyed door that have a huge vertical hole.

"Jun wasn't himself earlier. You don't have to worry. He's just exhausted." Evo said while standing up. He sighed as he looked at Jun's current condition then turned around facing towards the door.

He then said, "Let's try having a conversation."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》