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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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50 Nobody

"I'm running out of bullets!"

The bodyguard killed the remaining infected and shouted as he ran towards the door. He was followed by the mayor's secretary who anxiously guarded their backs.

"Hey man, I'm Neil. I'm truly sorry for what happened earlier. Can you please let us in?", he then turned around to check if any infected is coming.

On the corner of the fire station, two askal dogs appeared. Askal were dogs that were abandoned or wasn't cared for by their owners. They loiter the streets to scavenge for food and they always roam in packs. They like to fight and are really dangerous. Some askals are crazed and will attack anyone who tries to go near it.

The askal's sat down in the middle of the road while scratching their heads with their foot. Afterwards, they went closer to a mangled remains of an infected which the K9 left. When the askal's saw the three people in front of the door, they made growling noises.

"Come on man, you won't let us die out here right?", the bodyguard tried appealing to Jun.

"Open. The. Fvcking. Door!", the mayor cursed in a low voice. He was too used to ordering people that he's not even thinking logically. He didn't even notice that they're the one who is currently in a disadvantageous position. The way he spoke gained the ire of the two people beside him, who were trying their best to convince Jun to let them inside.

"Please, I don't wanna die. Take me with you, I'll do anything. I've been doing everything just to survive.", the secretary begged. All this time she was acting like a stupid girl, so she could get more money from the mayor. The mayor was generous and gives whatever she wants as long as she do certain things for him. Now that their life was on the line and they could die any moment now, she decided to leave the sinking ship and jump into another boat.

"Kukuku..." Jun suddenly chuckled. "I like it! Three a*sholes.", he then looked at them while raising his arms to the sides as if welcoming them, "Just like me."

The askal's stopped warily ten meters away from them.

Jun said. "I want that gun, it looks cool. Mr. Mayor, you owe me and we're going to have a chat later. And you miss, will become my new secretary."

As Jun was giving his demands, the growling of the askal's changed into barking. The loud barking helped the three to hastily make their decisions. They all agreed to Jun's demands. The askal's noticed that those people were scared and couldn't harm them and so they charged forward.

Jun unlocked the door and let them enter before the askal's could reach them.

The mayor hurriedly ran inside, followed by his secretary. Neil, who was last on the line, almost got pounced, but he managed to shot the leading dog. It's momentum wasn't stopped even though the gun's knockback should have been able to. Neil dodge the body then hastily entered the door.

The other dog halted and watched them. After a few seconds of staring, it ran towards the dead dog and bit its neck, then drag it away while shaking its own tail, as if happy that he have extra food.

"Everybody hands up, and you, give me the gun." Jun said as he aimed a handgun on Neil's head.

The three were surprised with the sudden change in situation.

"Turn around, face the wall and put your hands where I can see them."

Neil handed the gun, speechless, then turned around and faced the wall. Jun started searching his body for any hidden weapons. Jun found a high-grade serrated knife sheathed on the back of his pants. Then, Jun searched the mayor. There was nothing. Not even a baton to defend himself.

Jun then move to the secretary's back. Her figure was beautiful and seductive. She probably even raised her butt to seduce Jun, due to the arc from her hips.

Jun stretched his hands towards the shoulders. A soft sensation hit his arm, followed by a burning feeling.

Someone slapped his arm.

He looked to his side to see Marianne looking fiercely at him.

"What are you going to do?", Marianne glared at Jun.

"Searching for weapons?" Jun replied indifferently.
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Marianne pushed him aside. "I'll do it."

Jun furrowed his brows. "Suit yourself."

He stood to the side, watching what Marianne would do.

Marianne scanned the body of the girl in front of her, then thought to herself: "This weapon's to dangerous for you."

Marianne roughly frisked the woman, starting from her shoulders going down to her hips. Mayor Yobet and Neil watched the scene while holding their breathes, a different scene was playing on their minds.

"Done." Marianne turned around and faced Jun. "There's nothing on her except the baton. Do you want it?"

Jun shaked his head, then turned to Neil. "I took your gun earlier, so where did you get this?"

Neil was still thinking if he should answer but was threatened that he will be thrown out if he doesn't speak. He said, "In a drawer from the Lieutenant's office. We couldn't leave the station without a weapon and so we searched everything. Please don't throw me out."

Jun doesn't really care where he found it. He just wanted to know if there's any hidden armory he needs to know about. Since there was nothing he left the three of them alone.

The secretary tried approaching Jun but was blocked by Marianne. She then hurriedly followed the mayor and started praising him. The mayor ignored her but looked at her filled with lust. They then walked towards the stairs on the end of the hallway.

Jun squat down beside Adrian. "I need your help."

Adrian, who was leaning on a pillar, turned his head. He was sitting on the floor beside Edward. Jun pointed with his eyes to the mayor's group and said, "Follow them and see if they're planning something."

"I can't. I'm busy right now." Adrian glanced at Edward, hinting to Jun that he won't leave Edward's side until he wakes up.

"I heard the story from Sheila. I think it's just energy exhaustion. I also experienced it once when I was trying out one of my skills. Although my energy didn't get completely drained, it was really painful and I got a massive headache afterwards. He will wake up after a few hours of rest." Jun said.

Jun tried experimenting with his Blueprint Creation on the first day of the apocalypse and he got a severe headache when he almost got his energy depleted. Base on that fact, he knew that Edward must be experiencing something like that but since he was fully drained, what he's currently feeling must be worse than that.

Seeing that Adrian is still listening to him, Jun decided to give him some motivation. "I don't trust those three and I don't really know them. As you've seen earlier, we don't like each other and they'll probably think of getting back at me, us. Now, think of this. What if they have guns stashed somewhere? What do you think they would do? What could happen to us?"

Adrian just watched him trying to convince him. Then he smiled. "You suck on convincing people and you know that, right?"

Jun smiled widely. "I've been told a LOT of times. That's why I'm always forcing my way through.", he chuckled before standing up. "People only listen when you're stronger than them."

Adrian stood up then dusted off his pants. "That's true.", he then vanished but Jun managed to hear some faint words. "...but people also listen when you're somebody."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》