Trash in the Apocalypse
52 Rescue Operation
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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52 Rescue Operation

Jun explained the situation to the group while they were eating.

Although no one really voiced it, everyone isn't really keen on the idea of risking their lives. It was okay if they were sure and that they could guarantee everyone's safety, but the ratio of the fighters and the non-fighters were too huge.

Adrian then suggested on finally using the guns. His plan was to use the guns to reduce the group infected before they go and fight them on melee. They need to fight them in close ranged so they can loot the bodies. There's no use in killing infecteds from afar if you can't loot their bodies or they'll just reanimate and you'll just waste a bullet.

In the middle of their meeting, some good news finally came.

Edward finally woke up and even managed to sat up on his own. His first words even made everyone laugh. He said: "Are there any food left?"

Evo then wrote something in his notebook.

Edward was given food and he started eating heartily.

Adrian watched him eat his food. He didn't disturb Edward and waited for him to finish. When Edward was done eating, Adrian went and thanked him. Since Adrian was younger than him, Edward blushed and replied shyly, "We're all in this together. You guys are like my family, so of course... things like this. You know... hehehe."

The meeting continued.

The group settled with thinning the infected with firearms then going in with melee. They went out from the front entrance, which was the nearest to the plaza square.

Just as they got out, Jun couldn't help but notice the cluster of infected on the plaza. It was so compressed that they couldn't even see the survivors inside.

Jun said. "Remember the plan. Don't waste bullets. If you can't hit them in the head, go for the legs. Bodies are okay too since they still die, they just reanimate faster. Okay, let's go!"

This information was the result of Evo's research. The infected dies when there heads get damaged just like a normal human. Body shots can be used to kill them but it uses too much ammo, while a shot in the leg slows them down. He also wrote that the infected can regenerate themselves, if they eat some flesh of a human or infected.

After approaching sneakily, Jun stopped the group from advancing. He hid on a flowerbed as he observed the National Highway on his left.


Adrian appeared next to him, puzzled. "What's the problem?"

Adrian followed where Jun was looking, only to see a horde of infected. Their numbers easily exceeding the hundreds.

It would be fine if it was a horde of regular infected, but Adrian saw a three meter tall Destroyer towering amidst the regular infected. Its clothes were ripped due to its bulging muscles. He even saw a Hunter running around like a dog, while chasing an actual dog.

The regular infected tried catching the dog but was always dodge. They even helped the dog by blocking the Hunter's path. Those who blocked the Hunter's path was killed by stabbing the bodies and fell like dominoes. Some infected from the back started rising up from the ground. They were killed earlier by the Hunter and were now reanimated.

The dog just played around and ran between numerous infected's legs.

"So... we can't use guns?" Adrian said.

"We can't fight in the open. We'll make too much noise and we'll be overrun."

Jun looked around the area. He smiled and asked Adrian. "Do you know how to drive?

Adrian was confused with the sudden question, but he still answered filled with hesitation. "No?"

Jun grinned wickedly.

"Even better."


In the plaza square.

The civilians kept asking Lieutenant Cedric questions that have already been answered. Thankfully, his officers controlled the situation and calmed them down.

"When are they coming?", "Are they still coming?", "Why aren't here yet?"

Those questions entered his mind. He even begun thinking that he just got pranked and was about to call the other side when the loud ringing of sirens suddenly filled the plaza. He climbed up the statue to see what it was about.

He saw two blazing-colored firetrucks appear from the municipal buildings corner. The leading truck was making left and right turns like a zigzag and the driver was screaming loudly for his life. The firetruck hit a few infected that surrounded the statue while the second truck that followed, drove smoothly while ramming every infected that the first truck missed.

Half of the infected were quickly killed. But Lieutenant Cedric wasn't happy. He knew that this infected would once again stand up and surround them.

The trucks mowed down the hordes of infected. At that time, gun fire echoed in the area.

Since he had a height advantage, he immediately saw people appearing twenty meters away from the plaza square. Some had armalites and handguns, while most of them held melee weapons. They fired like amateurs and most of the time missed their shits because of the recoil. Still, some lucky shots hit the bodies of the infecteds.

The group charged and dealt with the infecteds. He squinted his eyes as he saw three familiar faces. He remembered them because he had to actually go and apprehend them himself. When the three prisoners saw the lieutenant staring at them, they froze for a second, but continued killing infected. The three cooperated smoothly. Chanchan stood in front, facing the infected, while the two attacked from the sides.

Afterwards, someone split from the group and approached the statue. He shot every infected that come close to him with an M16. The gun made clicking sounds and it meant that he run out of bullets and needs to reload.
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An infected noticed him and dashed towards him. A small black hole appeared and the man shoved his hand inside, pulling out a rifle magazine. He slowly retreated as he reloaded his gun. Then he noticed that the infected stopped charging at him and only stared at him. The man looked around and noticed that he was near the statue. He then took two steps forward, luring the infected to attack him, and it did!

The infected lunged at him and so he retreated back. Before the infected could step back, the man caught its hair and pulled the infected inside. The infected shrieked then turned into sparkling lights that got absorbed by the statue.

The man was, of course, Jun. He could have killed the infected by melee but he wanted to see for his own eyes the mysterious things that this world has to offer.

The reason that they used guns to kill the remaining infected was simply because they don't have enough time. They used the firetrucks loud sirens to cover the sounds that the gunshots made. The firetrucks were also used to thin down the horde of infected on the highway.

Jun looked around, then stared at the policeman on top of the statue.

"Lieutenant Cedric?"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》