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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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54 Crisis

The Rank 2 Destroyer started falling from mid-air, then BOOM!

A loud explosion hit the Destroyer in the body. Black smoke filled the surrounding area,

Jun unloaded the shell from the grenade launcher and loaded a new one. He was using the grenade launcher as a stand alone instead of an attachment to the M16.

Jun isn't knowledgeable with firearms, but he at least know how to aim and fire. You don't need training when there's live targets everywhere.

When he saw that the M60 wasn't dealing any damage, he quickly swapped his machine gun with the grenade launcher stored in his dimensional storage. Jun noticed that the Destroyer was a bit shaken from the explosion. He was happy knowing that one of the few weapons he got finally have some effect. At least, he could do some damage now. He glanced at the black vortex on his side.

Actually, what he was seeing wasn't just the black vortex. He was also looking at his dimensional storage, checking his inventory. There's only four 40 mm grenade cartridge left and he had to make sure that every shot counts.

Jun advanced forward to get better aim. Sheila appeared next to him, dealing with any infected that got too close to him.
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The groups dealing with the infected on the sides managed to control the flow and killing the infected became easier.

Since a lot of people were shooting, the noise they created spread equally on the plaza. When they became used to the rhythm, additional infected appeared on the buildings and alley ways near the plaza.

This could be seen as an opportunity or a disaster depending on how you view the current situation.

If they cleared all of the infected on the surroundings, that mean that this area would become temporarily safe. They would have just to actively clear roaming packs of infected that might pass on the highway. This could also become a disaster and they would all die.

Jun aimed at the Destroyer while it was still busy shaking its head. He fired and caused another wave of explosion. He was standing almost ten meter away from the Destroyer.

The Destroyer stepped backwards a few times. It got off balance for a brief moment and knelt down on the road.

Jun prepared to shot one more time, but paused for a second. A Hunter appeared on the sides of the truck and jumped toward them. Before the Hunter could reach Jun or Sheila, its body slammed into a circular yellow barrier. Edward, who was behind them, was pointing both of his arms.

Edward blocked the Hunter's attack using his newly created skill, Barrier.

Seeing that Edward could really block an evolved infected's attack, Jun took a deep breath.

Everything is going according to plan.

Adrian, who was resting and trying to get get his soul back from near-death experiences, stood beside Edward. The two of them were tasked with killing the Hunter.

The group was divided into five smaller groups. Jun and Sheila, who were dealing with the Destroyer Rank 2, Adrian and Edward fighting the Hunter, two groups fighting regular infected and a scouting group that remained inside the safe-zone. Most of the people on the scouting group were the injured people and old people, who couldn't fight anymore.

Adrian took his M16 from his dimensional storage, unloaded the magazine to check the bullets, then popped it back in. Edward's hand lit up with energy as he ran towards the Hunter.

Jun shoved the Hunter away since it was too close. Sheila followed up with a quick stab. The Hunter got its shoulder pierced and started shrieking as it retreated.

Adrian started shooting at the Hunter. His aim was still a bit off since it was his first time firing a gun. Heck, he's still just a teenager!

The Hunter hid behind the firetruck and watched the group as it waited for a chance.

Jun, who was busy watching the Hunter ran away, felt vibrations. He noticed that it suddenly became darker. The sun that was sending hot rays of light disappeared. He didn't even turn his head to know why. He hastily tumbled to the side. Right after that, a swishing sounded from where he was before followed by a loud cracking sounds. Asphalt fragments scattered in every direction.


The Destroyer slapped the nearby Sheila with its muscular left arm. Though a yellow barrier appeared in front of her and Sheila tried to block with her spear, the Destroyer's arm still reached her. The barrier broke the bulky arms of the Destroyer sent her flying, back to the safe-zone.

The scouting group slightly panicked when they saw something flying towards them. When they saw that it was the woman who nursed them earlier, they hurriedly ran forward to catch her.

Sheila spat a mouthful of blood, before kneeling down. Her physical attributes were deeply lacking compared to others. She started losing consciousness, but before she did, she used Heal and Cure to herself. The group of men carried her to the innermost part of the safe-zone.

Jun restrained himself from the urge to shout her name. Attracting unnecessary regular infected wouldn't help them in this situation. He fired the grenade launcher and hit the Destroyer's body. Jun reloaded as he waited for the smoke to dissipate.

The Destroyer stood completely still this time. Its arms formed a cross in front of its body. It seemed that the Destroyer tried to block the grenade cartridge with its own arms. A few burn marks appeared along its muscular arms. The smell of burnt flesh circulated the area.

The Destroyer roared angrily before charging at Jun.

Jun felt the quaking of the ground, every time the Destroyer stepped forward. He finished reloading another shell but the Destroyer was already in front of him, raising its arms overhead.

Jun barely dodge the ensuing attack. He fired once again. The explosion was so close that he felt searing heat on his skin. They're probably burnt and he wished that Sheila knows how treat degree burns.

The smoke lingered longer than usual. A swooshing sound came from the inside and a hand appeared trying to grab Jun. A barrier appeared and it was the one that got grabbed.

With the given opportunity, Jun escaped and retreated a few meters away. He saw Adrian and Edward fighting the Hunter. Edward was at the front, tanking the Hunter's attack while Adrian dealt damage with the M16. He sometimes would go to melee using a military knife, sheathed on the side of pants. When the Hunter flees and hide, Edward turned around and watched Jun's situation.

Jun felt disappointed in himself. He was supposed to take care of them, but he was the one being taken care of. At the same time, he felt happy. So this is the feeling. The feeling of being cared for. Jun smiled. A genuine smile that looked crooked for anyone who happened to see it.

This is the moment that he finally considered this group of taskepeople as a new member of his family.

Jun turned around and faced the Destroyer. With a loud yell filled with his anger, disappointment and newfound happiness, he used Howling Rage and Threaten at the same time. His eyes turned bloodshot and red mirage appeared on the sides of his eyes.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》