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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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55 Awaken

The Destroyer flinched and stood frozen for a second before it roared back.

Jun's body appeared to be shimmering with red light. Like he was emitting a red aura filled with power.

Jun aimed at the Destroyer that was closing in at top speed. He took a deep breath before pulling the trigger.

The explosion was louder than usual, as it echoed in the plaza square. Some people couldn't help but turn their heads towards the explosion.

For the first time, the Destroyer made some anguished shriek as if it finally felt some damage. It got out of the smoke while clutching its face and unstably strode forward. Its arms and chest were burnt and some sizzling sounds could still be heard. Smoke was rising from its body when it suddenly opened its eyes that showed through the gaps of its hand. It stared at Jun as if he was its mortal enemy.

The upper body of the Destroyer was badly burnt and some patch of flesh were already falling off.

Jun became speechless. He knew that he would become stronger after using skills but he didn't expect that using a skill can have a huge effect on the battle.

Howling Rage increases damage dealt by 10% while also reducing the enemies defence by the same amount. Threaten reduces the overall stats of the target by 20%. That mean that the Destroyer lost a lot of its defence, its movement speed reduce, endurance and physical resistance, everything was affected!

With the combination of Howling Rage and Threaten the impenetrable skin of the Destroyer finally opened up. The duration of Howling Rage was only one minute and Jun decided to use it effeciently.

He fired the last shot causing another explosion. He then stashed the grenade launcher on his dimensional storage. It would probably take a long time before he coukd use it again since he doesn't know when or where he could find ammunition for it.

Looting an intact armory was already lucky for their group since it was still the early days of an apocalypse and people are still figuring things out. After gaining a foothold in this world, people would surely stock up for weapons to use.

This time, the Destroyer didn't scream. Though, its movements slowed down and the berserk feeling that it emitted was reduced, its bloodshot eyes still only looked at Jun, who dealt the most damage to it.

Jun, of course, noticed that its already weakened. He brought out the Ogre's Club that was already cut in half.

The Ogre's Club used to be a one meter long club that was thin on the handle and becomes bigger as it reached the end.

The other half, the heavy part, was gone since it was cut inql half due to his fault and Evo's self defense. Thankfully, the club still retained the lifesteal effect even through everything that happened.

The club looked like a regular baseball bat. It became half-meter long, which is about three foot long and some extra inches.

Jun and the Destroyer finally clashed.

Jun used the Ogre's Club to attack and defend while the Destroyer fought, ignoring its defense, putting everything into attack.

The Destroyer swatted him, Jun dodged. It punched, he blocked. He skidded away and had to jump to relase the force that pushed him away. As he landed, he stepped back a few times to balance his body.

The Destroyer charged once again. Jun became used to its attack pattern. When he was within arms reach, it would punch straight or do a hook. Every time, it eould obmver stretch and Jun used those opportunities to hit the Destroyer's arm muscles. When he was a few meters away, it would lunged on him and swat down with its arms. Jun would then hit the muscles on its legs.

Jun finally wished he had a sharp weapon to cut the Destroyer's muscles. Its legs and arms reddened, dark blood was flowing out of its pores. The Ogre's club absorbed some of the blood everytime it hit a bloodied part of the Destroyer's body.

Jun dodged another attack and the Destroyer lunged at him. Jun was preparing to dodge to the sides when suddenly, the Destroyer spread its arms to the sides, changing its pattern, and managed to grab his left arm. The

"Jun!" Edward shouted anxiously.

After hearing his panicked shout Adrian and the rest of the group looked towards Jun. The side group who were clearing regular infected were doing a good job, that some people could take brief rests.

Marianne and Evo were the one's who quickly turned their heads. They saw Jun dangling in mid-air being held in the arms by the three meter tall Destroyer.
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Marianne's face became filled with horror as she ran towards Jun.

"Please take care of this side!" Evo said to the person next to him before running to follow Marianne. He wanted to use the M16 that he was holding, but was scared that he would shot Jun due to his miserable aim.

The Destroyer tried biting Jun, but was blocked by a barrier. After a continous usage of the skill, Edward appeared to be exhausted and couldn't even raise his arms.

Marianne and Evo was still too far away and Adrian was busy fending off the Hunter.

Jun saw the disgusting teeth of the Destroyer, closing in. He knew that this was it. No more chances. He planned apporopriately but still met a bad end. He was just... unlucky. He slowly closed his eyes. Memories of his father flashed by. His mother. His little sister.

He wished that they're okay and doing well. He hoped so deep in his heart.

He suddenly heard laughter. He opened his eyes and was shocked to find himself inside a dark place. There's nothing over here and the place was like a void. Except for the place where he was standing, there was only darkness.

Jun was jolted by an old reverberating voice that echoed in the area. He looked around but couldn't see anyone. The voice said, 'I want to see the world burn. You are my eyes. Please me.'

Jun was puzzled. He blinked and was returned to the real world. The Destroyer in front of him was stretching its mouth trying to bite him. Edward used barrier one last time, before kneeling on the ground, exhausted.

Everything was moving slowly, even himself.

As everything happened abruptly, Jun doesn't know that his eyes were emitting black sparks of lightning.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》