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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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58 Home

There are three groups resting inside the safe-zone.

The policemen and the civilians.

Jun's group fell in the civilian category but they separated themselves with the real civilians that the policemen takes care of.

Its been almost thirty minutes and the groups energy and stamina has already recovered.

Lieutenant Cedric tried recruiting their group to join the police force but was declined. Jun experimented with the portal. Since he can see more detailed information than the others, he was able to decipher how to 'actually' use the portal.

He searched for the orb of light that seeped in his chest and covered it with energy. He felt a warm sensation, then suddenly, runic symbols circled the orb. After a few seconds, the runes expanded and went out of his body. This sudden change caught everyone's attention.

They stared at Jun filled with curiosity.

Though they were curious, no one stepped forward to disturb him.

A few more seconds and Jun was covered with a flash of dim light. With the same flash of light, he appeared on the other side of the statue. Everyone was shocked to find him on the other side. His group members thought that Jun was able to use a skill related to blink or teleport.

Unlike earlier, he didn't teach them how to teleport or recall. Evo told him that information is power. The more information that they have, the more powerful they become.

For example, the essence crystal. Its a simple item that was combined by numerous essence shards. You can combine ten essence shards to make a low-tier essence crystal. They haven't experimented about higher tier shards since they haven't got enough shards. With this campaign, they should have enough to try things out.

But also take note that not everyone knows the usage of essence shards. They just probably know that they are useful items that gives experience and would keep it to themselves.

The most important information that they currently have is their knowledge on energy.

How to use energy, where to use energy and other applications of energy.

With the battle earlier, Jun proved that energy can be manually used to strengthen yourself. His fist became hard and much more powerful. With the help of energy, he was able to shake the infected's head and free himself.

Energy is a new source of power and people aren't used to it yet. Some maybe born with the gift to wield it naturally like they're just breathing air, but most people cannot.

Jun checked the portal and noticed that its durability was decreased by 1. He called Evo and talked to him alone. He asked Evo to think of a way to repair the portal's durability. He can't divulge the guide to his members on how to use the portal, if they can't find a way to repair it.

Edward finally woke up after the repeated Cure from Sheila.

Jun gathered his members and announced that they will be leaving.

The group collected their belongings and cleared their side of the safe-zone.

Jun started walking towards the highway while holding a red club. Evo appeared on his side with an M16, warily looking around.

"Shouldn't we camp at the Municipal Hall? That place is safe. There are barricades, the areas are clear of infected. And there are more people. Safety in numbers, right?"

"I don't like that place." Jun said.

He stopped and turned towards the municipal building.

He saw an old man standing by the glass panel, watching everything that's happening on the plaza square.

"Besides, somebody already owns that building and I don't want to live on someone else's house. Especially, when I don't like them."

Evo turned around and saw the mayor looking at them. Then, he turned around and pointed towards the civilians. "What about them? They know nothing."

"That's why there's the police. There's still a government. That's what that lieutenant claims, and we won't interfere with them. If they want to join us, they can. But I must remind you, food will be scarce. And with a large group, resources depletes faster than you know it.

Jun continued walking.

As they got closer on the highway, some infected appeared on the distance. All of them were regular infected that have problems with their legs.

Jun passed by a car that have an old infected stuck in the drivers seat. He killed it by shoving the tip of the ogre's club into its mouth and destroying its head. He then heard a groan behind a truck. There's an advertisement on the trucks side that says "Crystal Clear".

Jun traversed the corner with his weapon at the ready. With a quick turn on the corner, he saw an old man sitting on a wheelchair. There are numerous bites all over his body; the face, the arms and some on his neck. The groaning turned into growling, then shrieking, right after the old man saw him.

Jun looked around making sure that there's no other infected, before proceeding to kill the old man. When the old man died, he received a notification that he leveled up.

[Jun Reyes][Profession - Thug][Level - 3]

[Health - 170][Energy - 110]

[Title - Thug Life]

[Power - 18][Endurance - 7][Speed - 5][Wits - 4][Cunning - 5][Charm - 6]

[Stat Points - 2]



-[Iron Guts]



-[Threaten - Lv.2]
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-[Rob - Lv.2]

-[Execute - Lv.2]

-[Melee Weapon Mastery - Lv.1]

- [Blueprint Creation - Lv.1]

-[Howling Rage Lv.1]

-[Sprint - Lv.Max]

[Description] Increase movement speed by 10% for 5 minutes. Additional increase of 10% when running on flat terrain. Drains 10 energy upon use. Additional 5 energy per minute. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

-[Time Perse - Max]

[Description] Activate to stop time temporarily. Drains 1 energy per second. Large movements drains 5 energy per second. Cooldown: None.

Jun felt disappointed after leveling up. The goal that he was working forward to, was already achieved. He haven't thought of where to allocate the points and chose to store it for a later time.

Though the Ogre's Club was broken in half, it actually felt like a blessing. Almost anyone can use it since it has low stat requirement and its very easy to use. Besides the negative buffs that it gives, its still a good weapon to be used as a vanguard due to the life-steal effect that it gives.

The group resumed walking and finally stopped in front of a huge building.

Jun said to Evo, who was standing beside him. "This is our new home."

"Everyone will like it."

Evo gazed at the Gaizano Mall in front of him.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》