Trash in the Apocalypse
63 Be Good, Be bad
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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63 Be Good, Be bad

Inside the activity area inside the mall, two young man were discussing something with each other.

The group sat on mono-block chairs as they chatter while waiting for something.

After a few minutes, the man with a fierce eye brows finally stood up. He looked at everyone's faces sitting in front of him. Some were his old friends who knew knew him for a long time, while the others were a new batch of people that made their way into his life. This person treats family as his only treasure. Knowing and not knowing whether his family is alive, he tried to remain strong, calm and collected. The only reason is for this group of people in front of him.

His new 'family'.

As he gaze at them, memories of the few days they've been together flashed from his mind. How he acted bossy towards them, how they cooperated, and how they took care of each other.

Jun was a simple man. When he likes you, he'll give you all his love. And if by chance you hurt what he loves, you'll be in a lot of trouble.

Jun solemnly spoke. "I gathered everyone to inform you of what my plans are. As a leader, I must bring confidence to my people. My plan is to secure this place and to have a stable supply of food.", he turned to Felipe as he spoke. The only reason he quickly accepted them were for this reason. Food would eventually run-out even if they ate their stocks conservatively. Setting up their farm early on should be a wise move.

"The world changed and a lot of things would still change, now and in the near future. We don't know what lies ahead and we could only survive by sticking together. When you decided to join this group for safety, for food or any other reason, you decided to submit yourself to my rule and have no choice but to follow my command. Always remember to follow my rules and everything should be okay. I'm not here to lecture everyone on how I want things done, but to tell you guys, that I will do anything, ANYTHING! Just to keep this group safe. And I hope that you guys do it too."

"The first change will happen now. There will be a new monetary system that our group will use." Jun beckoned for Evo to stand on his side.

Evo stood up beside Jun. "I'm currently developing a new monetary system that uses credit points as the base. It's in theoretical stage but I have the basics down. The gist of the project is that you can exchange any items for points and buy anything using points. We're still thinking of giving points based on contribution but that would still need a few days to finalized. The points will be given by me or Jun and will be monitored by us. I'm still thinking of security measures or how to actually implement the system. Though it's still not fleshed out, I still hope that I get it done to an applicable state by tomorrow. You come to me at anytime if you have any suggestions or if you just want to help. Having more heads to brainstorm would be better."

Evo smiled then went back to his seat.

"Everything will cost credit points. As a member of the group, you can buy things at a cheaper price but don't sell them to profit. The plan was to introduce the new monetary system to everyone, including those survivors at the city hall. There's a lot of new things that this world have to offer and we need something to buy them over." Jun showed the essence shard to everyone.

He then took his damaged Ogre's Club and passed it for everyone to see. The group saw the stats and were shocked, Jun stashed the club and continued speaking.

"Some of you have skills that will be useful in the future and we will use that as an attraction for the store that we will setup." Jun said as he stared at Old John.

"We would need managers, clerks and people who can do customer service." Jun turned towards Bernard and to every woman on the room.

"As I've said. There is a lot of new things to see in this world and we might have to fight to get those. So, I'll tell everyone my first simple rule. Be good and be bad. I want you guys to understand that our lives are at risk, not only because of the looming threat of infecteds, but due to the survivors as well."

"That ends this meeting. As a gift for us being alive, everyone can eat anything they want and choose seven sets of clothes for themselves."
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Jun ended the meeting with a smile.

Mike appeared pushing a shopping cart with an aluminum pot inside it. He distributed to everyone a bowl of hot soup to fill their stomachs.

Jun faded from the scene as everyone ate their soups. He sat down beside Evo who was slightly shaking while clutching his stomach.

Evo then raised his arms like he was reciting a poem. "I am Jun Reyes, adore me!", he teased Jun as a stifled laugh finally escaped from his mouth.

"I hate you." Jun said.


After the group finished eating, they finally started their shopping spree. They shopped like they have never before and chose the most good looking dresses and coats that they saw. Since it was free, they must make full use of it. The women chose some comfortable clothes and a few elegant ones while most of the men chose clothes where they could move flexibly.

Edward was picking his leather jacket with Jamie. The two laughed as they window shopped around the department store. Adrian was still looking around for panda plushies. The rest of the women stared at the two jealously. The rest of the the group started clearing two stores that would be used as their rooms.

Old John approached Jun who was picking a leather jacket from the clothing section.

"You knew?" Old John said accusingly.

"Just recently." Jun replied.

Old John silently stared at Jun.

After a few seconds he nodded to himself. "Want me to do something?"

"Actually, yes." Jun took out something from his dimensional storage.

The set of limb bones from the Ranked 3 Destroyer that he killed.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》