Trash in the Apocalypse
64 University
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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64 University

Each store had a set of beds that the men carried.

They tried using the dimensional storage but the size of the black vortex couldn't eat up the huge beds.

The men and women were separated in two different rooms.

Jorge volunteered to take the night shift at the surveillance room so Tatang Robin could take some rest.

Evo was sitting on a table in the furniture section together with some volunteers. They helped him on finalizing the new monetary system that they are planning to use.

Jun was sitting in the corridor, contemplating on how to increase his strength. Leveling up should be the best way to go. The next things should be familiarizing himself with the uses of energy, how to efficiently use the dimensional storage and get some weapons and armor.

His whole clothing was revamped.

He wore a motorcycle leather jacket that tightly hugged his body. There were straps, pouches and a white outline flowed from the the sides. He chose an elastic jeans that looked easy to move in and a pair of combat boots. The toughness of its frontal section should be able to cause damage to any regular infected he kicks.

He was guarding the front door since they couldn't lock the shutter from the inside. Though they used the master key to lock the glass doors, it could be easily lockpicked or broken.

He was exploring the system, when he noticed that one of quest requirements was actually completed.

[The Big Boss II]

[Description] You managed to tell the world that there's a new boss in town. Now, you just need a base of operations and a territory to lord over.]

[Claim or build a base. 1/1]

[Clear all of the infected in an area to become it's lord. 1 km radius 0/1]

[Reward] Increase follower count.

He wondered how it happened since he was sure he didn't claim the building. If setting up camp is considered building a base, isn't this too easy?

Jun didn't know that his earlier actions and some luck helped him in claiming the building.

The first action was to clear all of the infected in the building. When Jun and Evo left, Tatang Robin finally willed himself to kill Henry, killing the last infected in the building. He also verbally said the he is claiming the mall and its surrounding area as his territory.
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With everything set in place, the infected-free building and his verbal confirmation, he finally cleared one of the quest requirements.

He now planned on how to do the second one as he thought of routes on how to quickly reach his grandmother's house.

The group finally succumb to fatigue and slept.


Before the sun could rise up from the east, people were already working hard doing various stuffs.

The women were helping Mike prepare food. He looked cute like a little kid, so the women worked with him comfortably.

A bus was being driven in front of the mall. It drove towards the wall and stopped right before it hit, leaving no gaps at all. A jeepney followed and slightly bumped the rear part of the bus, causing both vehicles to quake.

Paterno came out from the bus while Bernard came out from the jeepney. He laughed asking if he should pay for the damages that he caused. Paterno shrugged and went back to clear the cars on the streets.

With the blockade in place, the only way to enter the mall was through the parking area. The toll gate should suffice to monitor the number of people coming in and out of the area.

On the streets, cars were being carpooled into a maze-like passage. The first idea was to completely block the road with cars, but having the infected learn how to climb would be bad and so they sticked with the idea of delaying and minimizing an infected's movements. If they can predict where the infected would go, it would become easier to kill them.

The plot of land beside the mall was being tilled by two people. The father and son duo, Felipe and Anthony. They willingly picked tools and already started their works. Jeepneys and UV's surrounded the farm and was being used as fence. They could also be used as hiding spots if any infected manage to slip in.

Three people gathered into a group. A bald man, a fierce looking guy and a gentle looking woman. They were headed towards the west, walking on the sidewalks.

They passed by an alleyway that leads towards the gymansium and TESDA building. They journey forward and killed infecteds that were stuck on the driver's seat. They met some survivors from the city hall still looting a convenience store.

The three stopped in front of an arcing gate that welcomed them.

"Is this your college?" Sheila said.

Edward replied. "Yes."

"So what are we actually doing here?" Jun asked impatiently.

His plan was to set out early for his grandmother's house. He talked with Evo for a while, discussing the development plan for the mall and the shop that they were planning to start up.

When they finished talking and he was on his way out, he was stopped by Sheila. She reminded Jun that he was supposed to help her in finding his father.

Jun explained that it would require time and luck to find her father but he would certainly do it. She then asked on where he was going and when he said that he explained where, she insisted coming with him, saying that they might find her father on the way.

Jun knew what she's currently feeling since he was also experiencing the same thing. Not knowing whether the important people in his life were dead or alive. He agreed with her request just as Edward happened to pass by.

Edward overheard their conversation and requested that he tagged along. He requested that they helped him retrieve something from his university. Safety in numbers he said. He also stopped speaking gibberish and started communicating with everyone normally.

Having fought a large number of infected and having enough experience in fighting the infected, the three strode inside the university filled with confidence.

Jun hit the shield on his left hand with his new aluminum bat, causing loud ringing sounds to echo on the seemingly empty school. He got this new weapon from the sports section of the mall.

Even if he wanted to use the Ogre's Club, the raging feeling that he felt every time he used it was still suffocating. Losing control of your mind is something he doesn't want to happen since he could injure the people near him.

The depleting durability is also another reason why he stopped using it. Unless he could find a way to restore or repair the items durability, he prefer to stash it in his dimensional storage for emergency purposes.

Shrieking sounded out from every direction. In the distance, several infected run wildly and ferociously towards them.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》