Trash in the Apocalypse
65 Survivors
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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65 Survivors

Through Edward's introduction, Jun and Sheila learned of the schools structure.

The university is shaped like the small English alphabet-h. Most of the rooms were classrooms and there was a college faculty on every floor of the building.

The remaining space was the canteen and the parking lot on the empty space in between the buildings. A half-court for playing basketball was on beside the parking lot.

The three advanced and met up with the infected killing them easily in the process. The one sided slaughter was quick and safe but looting all the bodies took more time. Sheila and Adrian chatted while Jun surveyed the surroundings.

Considering that most of the infected where already killed, there should still be some hiding in the corners or hidden inside the rooms, trapped. Since there goal was to retrieve something, they should be able to get out of here quick.

"So where are we going?" Jun said.

The two stopped chatting and Edward turned his head.

"It should be on the faculty room."

"What are we looking for actually?"

It was Sheila who spoke, finally looting the last body. She dusted her hands even though it wasn't dirty. A human's habitual manner perhaps.

"Something really important for me."

Edward scratched his head as he smiled shyly.


The loud shriek of a woman echoed from the building.

The three of them looked towards the corridors through the first floor up to the fourth. They don't see anyone running but they could hear her screams as if she was almost about to die.

Jun slowly walked forward, looking left and right, then stood in front of the school map that was encased on a glass panel on the wall. It was a top-down view of the university and nothing were specified. He turned his head to Edward and said, "Lead the way."

Edward and Sheila became dumbfounded after hearing what he said.

"Aren't we going to help them?" said Sheila puzzled.

Jun shakes his head. "Rushing in would be a bad idea since we don't know if there are any evolve infected in the area. We're not sure if we can arrive there on time, so why take the risk?"

Edward looked unhappy with his decision but chose to shut his mouth.

Jun noticed his reaction and said. "I don't have any responsibility to help everyone that got themselves in trouble. My only goal is to make a safe place for everyone. Let's go! Lead the way."
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The three climbed a set of stairs that led them to the annex building. They arrived at the second floor and readied their weapons as they slowly move forward the narrow corridor. Growls were heard on one of the classroom to their left. Jun took a glance inside through the slightly open door. He saw five infected stuck on the window. The infecteds were looking up towards the other side of the building.

Jun scanned the room and didn't saw anymore infected in the room. He checked the corridor once more to make sure that there's no infected in the area.

"We'll kill one each then deal with the rest." Jun said. He planned to finish this trip safely and quietly.

The three of them went inside the room and advanced slowly. They carefully passed rows after rows of wooden chairs.

Halfway through the room, Sheila's spear slightly bumped one of the chairs. Thanks to the infected's growling, the low thud wasn't heard clearly. Sheila sighed on relief when one of the infected turned its head.

Jun readied his shield and club as he ran forward. Edward and Sheila ran after him.

The infected shrieked loudly attracting the attention of the other infected besides it. The others turned their heads and finally noticed their group. The infecteds shrieked then followed the first infected that rushed towards them.

Since Jun was ahead, he encountered the infecteds first.

Jun bashed the first infected in the head quickly killing it. His strike was so strong that the head shattered and the club dug deeply and stop at the infected's nose. He kicked the body away to retrieve his weapon. At the same time, he used his shield to block the infected that lunged from his left.

The infected stepped to the side unsteadily when a spear suddenly pierced its head. Sheila withdrew the spear and stood by Jun's side.

Jun readied his stance when he saw another infected pounced on him from his right. A yellow barrier appeared and blocked the infected. Edward appeared on the side then pulled the infected away with his bare hands.

Jun charged at the two remaining infected. He kicked towards the infecteds chest then used the shield to separate the infecteds. Sheila killed one while he tackled the last one with the shield. Cracking bones sounded and some blood spurted out from the infected's mouth and stomach. The shirt became dyed with blood as several holes appeared on the chest area.

Jun quickly knelt down to start looting the body.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention."

Sheila looked down on the floor as she looted a dead body.

"Let's finish looting everything and move on. You need to learn how to use that if you want to come with me."

Jun stood up and let the two of them loot the rest of the body. He looked outside the window trying to find out what the infected were doing. There should be something that caught their attention if they're reaching out and growling like they found some prey.

He scanned the area. The scenery was nothing special, mostly classroom windows and the back side of A/C's. The only point of interest he saw was the roof top of the school building.

As he was about to turn back, he saw a head pop up.

A girl with glasses stared at him in shock. She disappeared for a second then came back with two more heads. Two men appeared beside her and gasped in shock. As if they couldn't believe that what they're seeing is true. The girl waved at him then turn around proceeding to discuss something with the two.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》