Trash in the Apocalypse
67 I“m Learning
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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67 I“m Learning

The infected run forward and slipped again. It fell on its jaws and blood appeared from the corners of its mouth. Its body slid to the side thanks to the green moss on the ledge.

"Calm down. Walk slowly and carefully." Priscilla said as she balanced herself from the slippery floor. Water and moss filled the space in front of her.

It was her idea to cross the ledge and go for the other buildings rooftop. The dangerous thing about this plan was that there's nowhere to hold after reaching the other buildings side. A storage room was built on the rooftop and there were walls instead of railings.

"We'll die if they catch up!" Kevin shouted in panic.

Sam replied. "And we might fall if we rush. Then we die."

The two trudge slowly towards the other end. They were at least seven meters away from the other side.

An infected pounced and fell a few feet away from them. Its body started to slid forward and clawed at them, shrieking loudly while staring at them.

The three continued onwards without looking back, hoping that all of the infected would trip and won't reach them. There were at least five infected who jumped over the railing and followed them. One already died while four were still behind them. The last infected that jumped over the railing slipped and slid towards the edge. As it fell, it clawed and shrieked towards the three of them.

Priscilla hastened her steps a bit which caused her to slip when she stepped over a pile of moss. She almost slipped but was caught by Sam behind her. Priscilla thanked him and Sam nodded. He then took the lead and slowly navigated forward.

Jun watched them filled with curiousity. He took out his M16 when he noticed an infected gaining speed. It was the infected that pounced at them. Instead of trying to run, the infected began crawling forward.

Jun used Time Perse, then zoomed in as far as he could for greater accuracy.

With a twenty meter distance, the skill activation and zoom in cost him two-thirds of his energy.

Aiming through the stock scope, Jun pulled the trigger. The loud sound echoed along the hallway.

The infected was madly crawling forward when its head suddenly jolted to the side.

Sam turned his head and saw Jun firing another shot.

"Move! Don't just stand there!" Priscilla nudged him from behind.


The three of them reached the railings on the other side of the building. When they climbed over to the other side, they finally heaved a sigh of relief. The gunshots stopped a while ago and no infected can be seen behind them except for that one infected lying on the ledge.

"What do we do now?" said Kevin.

Sam replied. "Let's go down first."
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Sam scouted the area as they climb down the set of stairwell. He carefully scanned every nook and cranny before stepping out of the stairwell into the hallway. The first thing he noticed was the scattered blood on the distance. Pools of blood were a few meters away from each other. He doesn't know if its been a long time since it was there, but he had no plans of going anywhere near it in the near future.

Priscilla looked left and right the corridors before opening the faculty room. The place was clean and neat, but the bookshelves were empty. She called out but no one answered. She searched every cubicle but failed to find anyone.


"Shouldn't we help them?" Sheila asked Jun.

They were currently walking towards the gate of the University. They fought through a group of infected as they go out, due to the noise created by the gunshots. There were two ways to exit the building, the way they came from and the one were the infected were coming from.

Jun chose the latter since it there was no evolved infected. Earning more experience as much as possible shouldn't be a bad thing.

"We already helped them. The place is clear and it should be safe for them to come out on their own."

Jun doesn't like baby sitting. He assigns tasks like this to his subordinates.

Most of the infected they encountered were killed, so it's not his problem if those people can't defend themselves on their own. Jun thought that since they were able to survive for days on their own, they should be somewhat capable.

As they exited the gates, Edward took one last glance at the University. Though he wasn't emotionally or spiritually attached to the University, he couldn't help himself but feel nostalgic about the past when he was still studying here. It was only a few days, but he felt like it was already a year. Now that he think he about it, where could his friends be? Are they safe? He silently wished for them to be safe or doing well.

Jun searched the parked cars on the road side for their keys. Of course, he wouldn't find any. Why would a car owner leave their keys inside their cars. He then moved on and checked the cars that were involved in an accident. He looked through the car's window and finally found one. A black SUV that crashed onto a white Honda sedan.

Jun tried opening the door but it was locked. He then broke the window using his shield. He stored his weapons into his dimensional storage as he climb on the car.

Edward and Sheila rode in the backseat making Jun shook his head at how his subordinates was treating him. When you look at the two comfortably sitting at the backseat, you would be given the impression of a youthful woman and a dashing man. On the other hand, he looked like he was the driver of a wealthy family.

Jun turned the key and the car came to life. The fuel meter reach the highest possible number then slowly went down towards the middle. He then turned towards the right, looking for the gear shift. When he couldn't find it, he just thought that this car runs on automatic by default.

Jun stepped randomly on one of the pedals and the car accelerated forward, grinding the sedan's trunk, pushing it forward while causing screeching noises.

The SUV shook and slid to the side passing a few other cars, dodging them by a hairs breadth. Jun pulled his feet back up then stepped on another pedal, which happened to be the one responsible for the brakes.

The SUV halted in the middle of the road and the two passengers at the back flew forward, hitting their faces towards the back of the front seats.

Edward and Sheila massage their faces as they leaned back on their seats.

"You know how to drive, right?" Sheila nervously asked.

Jun looked at the rear view mirror with a naughty grin on his face. "No, but I'm learning."

The two at the back hurriedly wore their seat belts.

The SUV would move forward, then would stop after almost hitting an abandoned car. A shrill screams could be heard from the car's backseat.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》