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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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68 Warning

Earlier that morning.

Evo was working some things with a pile of reward points card. He was editing the values and the way how the cards actually work.

He tapped the card and a hologram floated from within.

There's nothing to read since it was still the beginning stages, but a piece of paper was laid flat on the table. Phases and developmental plans were written on the paper including three essential information, the name of the card owner, the remaining balance of the card and the transaction history. The first two were the core of the new monetary system, while the third is a vital one.

Evo knows that the probability of other people having the ability to edit items or having similar ability would be rather high. He doesn't expect that he alone would have that kind of ability. So, setting up safety measures early on should save him the hassle of dealing with this kind of problem later on the long run. He's also making a secure code that would destroy the card if someone tried to tamper it. A simple tampering of name or any information would turn it into dust. The only one who have the authority or administrator rights to edit the cards was him.

It took him two hours to edit the first card to its current state. But now having the experience of how to do it, he should be able to quicken the pace. Adding the needed information should be his next priority.

Evo placed the card down on the table and stretched his hand. He took the lemon juice on the side of table. As he was opening the cap, he caught a glimpse of Jun and Adrian talking on the corridor. They seem to be discussing something important. Something that was hard to do, since even Adrian who seemed to be ruthless and scheming looked apprehensive about the matter.

Evo pretended he didn't saw anything and drunk some juice. He then continued working on his project.


"Adrian!" Evo shouted at the teenager, kneeling with one foot on the parking lot in a shooting position. He must have tried learning how to shoot more accurately or he was still trying to learn how to.

In front of the toll gate were several civilians holding onto all kind of pole weaponry. One adult man was down on the ground, wriggling like a worm. The man's shoulder was dyed red and some blood already spilled on the floor.

A commotion happened earlier when their group finished making the labyrinth of cars along the road.

The men noticed the group of armed civilians heading towards their direction. They decided to inform the higher ups and let them decide on the matter.

At first, the civilian group was peacefully having conversing with them, chatting like they were some old friends who haven't seen each other for a long time. That quickly went downhill, when an individual requested to be given relief goods, then another one demanded to be allowed to take whatever they want.

Evo arrived at the scene and immediately knew that someone was surely controlling this event behind the scene. The only person that came to his mind was the mayor. He should be the one who instigated this lot to rally and cause some trouble for them. He was thinking of ways to fend off the group of civilians, when one of them angrily brushed off Bernard who was blocking the civilians from advancing forward. Bernard tried pulling him back, but was slapped back-handed in the face by the man.

The man run past the toll gates, then suddenly fell down.

A loud gunfire echoed across the area.

The man dropped on the ground, wailing at the top of his lungs while clutching his bleeding shoulder.

Adrian's invisible body slowly appeared ten meters away from the man.

"Adrian! What are you doing!"

Evo run towards the wounded man.

Adrian stood up and walked forward while not lowering his guard, watching everyone on the other side of the gate.

The members of their group that were working on the car labyrinth, took out their weapons and slowly backed off. There was a rising tension between the two group as the pole wielding civilians angrily glared at them. No one from their side tried to approach closer, afraid of being shot.

Evo checked on the wounded man. He may not be knowledgeable but he could tell that the man isn't in any grave danger.

He then turned his head back to Adrian.

"Was it Jun?"

"Yes." Adrian coldly replied. There were no emotions in his eyes. It was like what he did was something normal and he was just following orders.

"You didn't have to do it, right? He gave you a choice. I'm sure of it."

"He did. But he also told me that we have to lay the rules and set examples. I'm actually good when compared to him. He told me to kill the first one so that the others know that we're serious business. I tried killing that man, but couldn't. I tried."

Adrian looked towards the other civilians. "Please go back and tell whoever sent you here to stop causing trouble or I have to do something."

"What about him?"

One of the civilians asked what will happen to the wounded man.

"Take him back. Our doctor isn't currently in and the police officers should know some first aid skills." Adrian said.

Bernard and the other group members split in the middle, paving the way for them to collect the man.

The civilians warily advanced forward. They helped the man up then cautiously walked off. Before they could reach far, a concerned voice sounded from behind.

Evo said. "There's a convenience store near the University, a restaurant and a bar. I don't know why you're wasting energy on idiotic things instead of scavenging for supplies. We should fight these creatures together and not fight with each other."
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The civilian group turned back, looking at him. One of them replied with a chuckle. "I know, right?"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》