Trash in the Apocalypse
71 Every Little Thing
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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71 Every Little Thing

Inside on one of the many rooms of a two story apartment complex, a couple in their mid-twenties was shivering in fright every time the door got pounded by the infected outside. The man held a kitchen knife in his hands as he watched the door shake every time it got hit. Though there were sofa's blocking the door, the couple didn't felt safe and instead felt more anxious.

By the road side, a mother in her thirties and her two young daughters were hiding inside the back of a van. The infected lingers on the area, shrieking, sniffing, hunting for their next prey.

The same thing were happening almost everywhere, people hid and were surrounded by groups of infected. Some stayed in their houses, some managed to climb into a high place for safety, some desperate ones even hid themselves on bushes.

Some people luckily hid themselves but were unable to move to a different direction due to the current circumstances. Some fortunately hid on places that have stocks of food while the others weren't that fortunate.

For the latter kind of people, their number one enemy isn't the infected, but the pangs of hunger that currently made them consider to risk going out to look for food. It's been a few days without food and water and their throat were parched while their stomach were rumbling.

When the mother hiding in the van finally willed herself to go out, she saw her husband standing idly a few meters away. Her husband sacrificed himself so that his family could safely hide in the van. He even lured the nearby infected away from the van before he got pounced and killed.

Tears welled up by the sides of her eyes as she examined her husbands current appearance. His face was torn, his neck have missing flesh and blood was dripping from it. While her husband was fighting for them, she just cowered inside the van, hugging their daughters. Like a water fall, tears finally released itself from her tired eyes.


A loud sound came from the distance.

She turned her head and looked at the things that flew up in the air. She watched as the infected surrounding the van and the nearby infected idling in the nearby area, run towards the direction of the explosion.

She watched her husbands back get further and further. She surveyed the area with her eyes. When all of the infected were finally gone, she mustered up all of the courage she could gather just to lift the tailgates of the van. She felt scared and was even trembling as she took her first step.

She turned around and faced her daughters. "Stay here, okay? Mom will buy some food for you."

The kids nodded their heads, though fear was still evident in their eyes, the hunger was already making their senses numb.

The mother weakly trudge along the sides of the van. Her goal was the street food cart on the distance. She made sure that the place was really safe before walking forward. Looking left and right for any infected that might have been left behind.

Since there was nothing, she finally sped up and reached the food cart. She opened the cabinet and found four bags of fish balls, three bags of kikiams, two bags of hotdogs, squidballs and chickenballs.
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She took two bags of hotdogs then proceeded to light up the stove. There was already oil on the pan and so she directly put the hotdogs inside without waiting for the oil to get hot.

Since it was a street food vendor, the cart was facing the streets. She didn't notice an infected closing on her from behind. Its jaws was ripped open and so it couldn't make any sounds. One of its legs were mangled like it was bitten by an animal. The muscles on the legs were so damaged that the infected limped every time it took a step forward.

The mother was happily cooking the hotdogs when she suddenly heard running footsteps. She turned her head to the side and saw a man run towards her holding a knife. Her eyes widen and was about to shout when the man lunged in a different direction. The man tackled the infected to the ground, then stabbed it in the head repeatedly.

The mother saw the event and instantly knew that she was being saved. She expressed her gratitude verbally and offering some of the hotdogs. The man declined but she insisted. The man called for someone, then a skinny woman appeared with two cute little girls on each hand.

They happily shared the food. The mother even added a variety of street food to the pan when a something appeared on the alley.

A Bullmastiff came out, sniffing the ground as if looking for something. It appeared that it was hungry as it stared at the hotdogs being held by the children. It also looked like it has a high chance of turning rabid any moment now if it weren't fed anything.

The Bullmastiff is a large strong breed of dog that has been used as a guard dog for many years. This majestic dog has a short coat that lies flat on his body. Coat colours include fawn, brindle and the dog have black markings on the head. Its a stubborn and loyal breed of dog. The Bullmastiff is all muscle and does not require a huge amount of exercise. While puppies are full of energy this breed will eventually settle. Adult Bullmastiff's have a calm nature but if provoked they will become fierce and hard to settle.

The bullmastiff growled as it prowled towards them. It seems like hunger can really turn one into something terrible as savageness filled the dogs eyes.

They unconsciously back off towards the van as the bullmastiff came closer. They didn't run since it may result in being chased by the dog. One of the kids suddenly stretched her arms, trying to hand over her food.

The bullmastiff stop and tilted its head, then dangled its tongue like it was a docile innocent dog. The adults saw its reaction and threw some hotdogs towards it. The dog barked and seemed to become enraged, but still ate the hotdog on the ground. They continued backing off towards the van while feeding the dog. They don't know if it will attack them if they have no more food to feed it, and fear already clouded their minds, fear of the unknown. Whether the dog is good or not, they wouldn't risk their lives to know it. They would just wait it out until the dog leaves on its own.

As everyone got safely inside the van, they watched the dog sat in front of the van's door as if waiting for more food. After a few minutes, the dog left and approached the dead infected by the food cart. It sniffed the body, then shook its head as if it got dizzy by the bodies smell. It raised one of its legs as it peed on the dead body.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》