Trash in the Apocalypse
74 Night Raid
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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74 Night Raid

Inside the mall.

Jun stared at the black card on his hand. A simple white logo centered on the black card, the two alphabet letters, BH. It simply stands for Black Haven, which is their groups name. This is the newest invention by Evo that would serve as an identification card and account card for its owner.

Jun held the card on his right hand and tapped the logo with his thumb.

A hologram flew out from the logo and appeared in front of him.
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Name: Jun Reyes

Balance: 1000 CP

[Transaction History]

The first two lines were written text, while the third line, which is the transaction history, was a hyperlink.

Jun tapped the hyperlink and a new window showed up.

[Transaction History]

Primetivo Javier sent you 1000 CP.

Jun chuckled after reading the entry.

"I still can't help myself but laugh every time I see your name.", he said as he stared at Evo that was now glaring at him.

"Stop it. This is embarassing." Evo looked around to see if anyone was nearby.

The two were in the corridor of the Department Store. Luckily, the members were doing their own things and no one really bothered with them.

"Why? Isn't your name cool? Like some primitive ancient man." Jun laughed again, clearly enjoying the expression on Evo's face. "What's the point of hiding it when you already gave everyone their points. They should know it by now—"

"Why would I use my own card? Of course I used yours!" Evo sighed. He was already used to the way how they do things. Jun would always treat unimportant things as jokes and as ways to entertain himself. He doesn't care about what normal people would care about. Though he has a very low bar when it comes to triggering his emotions. Anything could upset him when he's not on the mood and anything could make him happy when he's on a good mood.

"Don't tell anyone about this, okay? You're balance is 1000 CP, but it's actually infinite. I don't want to give salaries and you should do that job. And I know you wouldn't do that, so I gave Bernard 50,000 CP to handle that. You can use the card to reward people, but please! Don't ever lose that thing. That would cause trouble. And be responsible! Don't just give random amounts of credit to people, that would cause a huge problem for the economy."

"I know, I know! Don't nag like you're a mum. It doesn't suit you." Jun replied. He threw the card into a black vortex that appeared on his right, then caught it on the black vortex that appeared on his left.

It looked like Jun was playing a simple game, but he was actually practicing his reaction time with opening and closing the dimensional storage. With his current experience with the infected, he knew that switching weapons in the middle of a battle could prove useful in the future. Not only that, it could also be used as an element of surprise when fighting other people. Improving his reaction time when using the dimensional storage could only give him benefits.

Jun said. "How do I use this?"

Evo smiled widely as if he was waiting for that question. He took his own card from his dimensional storage and held it in front of Jun.

"The one on top would be the sender while the card under would be the receiver. Try it, place your card on top." Evo explained excitedly.

Jun followed his instruction and a trade window appeared in front. It was a basic trade window that only had a numeric pad and a digital floating numbers. To test things out, he put 1000 CP in the trade window and confirmed the transaction.

A notification for successful transfer popped up and the trade window closed down.

Jun raised an eyebrow in shock and happily switched roles. The trade window showed up with the only difference of not having the numeric keypad.

[Primetivo Javier sent you 1000 CP.]

Jun chuckled when he saw the notification but was able to stop himself from laughing. Evo noticed his reaction and knew what he was thinking. Evo shook his head, then turned around and leaves.

Jun apologized as he ran to catch up to him. He cleared his throat as he matched with Evo's pacing.

"There's something we have to discuss. I need you're feedback."

Evo's interest got piqued. There's only a few times when Jun requests for his help, it only happens when it concerns deep thinking and planning. Jun was the type to charge forth and solve the problem with his head, literally.

Evo stopped and turned towards Jun. "Go on."

Knowing that he got Evo's attention, Jun hastily spoke. "On the way back, I saw other survivors scavenging almost every food store that they passed through. We should arrange scavenging groups for tomorrow. There's another matter that I have to discuss with you. Group formations, there should be a specified looter in the group so capable fighters could preserve their strengths for fighting the infected."

Jun felt happy watching the surprised expression on Evo's face. But the smile on his face disappeared when he heard what Evo replied.

"You managed to think those up?!"

Though he knew that Evo was messing with him and was probably teasing him for his ideas, it still felt annoying remembering that shocked expression.

Evo composed himself. "We're already doing that. It just happened that way. Earlier this morning, maybe out of boredom or just because they want to do something, the members scavenge the whole vicinity. Some even went further and managed to get a huge haul. They went out in group and safely came back this afternoon. But you're idea about formations is a topic that we should discuss with the group."

Evo walked towards the second floor, where most of the members were staying. The furniture section of the Department Store became a huge kitchen, There's a living room set up a bit further, and people where chatting there.

Evo and Jun joined the group.

After some casual greetings, they went straight to the point. Everyone would receive one hundred credit points per day, as long as they contribute to the group. Doing simple jobs like washing dishes, maintaining the cleanliness of the area, security, etc. A new changed would also be implemented regarding food, every member would receive two free meals per day. This was discussed by Evo and Jun as they were walking up the escalator. Except for the lights and a few speakers, everything that consumes power were shut down. Though they used cooling fans for comfort in their rooms.

Tactics and formations were discussed.

The group taught each other how to fight, shared thoughts on how to know if the place they were going into was safe or full on infected, and what items to take. Regarding the formation, they settled that a group should have four or five members. A pathfinder, in charge of leading the way and choosing which route to take, also the leader of the group. two or three capable fighters for obvious reasons and the porter. The porter would be an essential member of the group since he would bring all of the groups equipment including the loot.

The job of looting the corpses was discussed and by vote, the idea of one person looting all the dead bodies was rejected. It would take to much time if one person alone would loot a dead horde of infected. They settled with everyone helping each other, and taking turns being the lookout when the looting session comes.

Just then, the mall's PA system came alive.

Tatang Robin's worried voice came from the speakers.

"We have a situation at the entrance."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》