Trash in the Apocalypse
76 Sleepless Nigh
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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76 Sleepless Nigh

The ball of yarn bounced a few times, then suddenly exploded.

Yarns flew everywhere and expanded at a visible rate.

Jun and Edward got caught in the blast and became entangled.

Evo carefully approached the two. He then took the red club from Jun's hand.

After a few seconds of struggling, Jun slumped down his head like he was totally wasted. The red club must have drained some energy from him to be in that berserk state. With the addition of the mental curse, Jun's head should be throbbing from pain.

Evo turned towards Edward before nodding his head in appreciation.

Sheila arrived and healed Edward and Jun.

"Check the bodies if they're alive. Heal them." Evo said.


Almost everyone who was near reacted in the same manner.

Shocked. Disbelief.

"What do you mean? Those people just attacked us! You want me to help them?!" Sheila burst out. "I won't do it!"

"H-Heal them... hah... they're innocent." said Jun who managed to turn his head in their direction. His breaths had a rhythm that showed his exhaustion.

Sheila reluctantly complied. As she walked towards the toll gate, she noticed Old John kneeling besides Emma's body.

"Let me heal them." said Sheila.

"It's alright." Old John smiled. "Let them rest."

Sheila became confused. She got closer and saw a floating vortex above Emma's chest. She turned her head towards Jorge and saw the exact same thing.

"What is this?" Sheila inquired as she stared at the vortex.

Old John ignored her question and chose to remain silent.

Sheila touched the vortex and a window popped up. It was a dimensional storage filled with various things. When realization struck her, she hurriedly took her hand back and turned towards Old John.


"It's okay."

Old John smiled. If Jun were to see his smile, he would immediately know that he's just trying to hold his tears.

Sheila stood up and headed towards the incapacitated civilians.

The first thing she noticed was the bruises on the civilians body.

Sheila sighed as she strode towards them.


On one of the rooms of the second the floor in the city hall, several police officers were talking with each other.

"We should have stopped them."

"What they're going to do is wrong!"


Lieutenant Cedric listened to his officers as they panicked. Earlier, the mayor requested that they go for a night raid. The goal was to steal as many things as they could from the mall, then leave without getting anyone injured.

Of course, the idea was instantly rejected. The police force managed to scavenge a good amount of supplies that would last them for a month if they rationed it well, and two weeks if not.

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As he looked out the window, he noticed the parade of civilians with hands on the back of their heads. Fifteen people walked in a line, making a bee line for the city hall.

It was an unusual sight to behold.

Lieutenant Cedric turned around and went to the mayor's office.

When he reached the office entrance, he heard the loud scolding coming inside.

"What do you mean you lost? You guys have the number advantage! You have the element of surprise! I even borrowed five guns for this! How did you even mess that up! We even have someone who knows how to use stealth! So, tell me! How in the world did you fail?!"

"The guard on duty noticed us. I don't know how but he noticed us, even when we were still a distance away. We tried talking to them to stall some time, so our stealth guy could get close to them quietly, but that man pointed the gun at him like he could see him. Our guy panicked and shot the man. At that moment, I knew the raid already failed since we were outgunned, and so I called for a retreat. No one listened, all of them insisted to continue, so I left them. When I was a distance away, I saw how a single man outsmart them. Made them all kneel, took their guns and made them march. He disappeared, so I ran back as fast as I could."

"Useless! How is that even possible! One man against fifteen people?"

A loud smacking sound echoed across the room.

Lieutenant Cedric felt some chill behind him, then decided to come into the room. He pushed the door open and saw Neil on the ground, wiping something from the side of his mouth.

Lieutenant Cedric sternly looked at the mayor. "People died? Is that right?"

Mayor Yobet panicked. "Some people were shot, but we're not sure if they're dead. People panic and that's natural. Why do I feel like you're siding with them?"

Before Lieutenant Cedric could answer him, a loud gunfire echoed in the room. A small dot appeared on the mayor's head with blood spilling out of it.

Lieutenant Cedric quickly pulled his gun on his waist, then turned around. Neil who just managed to stand up watched the mayor's body fall to the floor. The mayor's eyes were opened widely as he hit the floor.

Lieutenant Cedric gulped as he saw the same teenager from this morning slowly fade away and turn into a dark silhouette. The silhouette totally disappeared when he blink as he lost focus. He looked around and tried to focus more, but he didn't find the silhouette. He heard some repeated thudding sound, so he turned his head.

Neil was kicking the dead body of the mayor.


In the mall.

Old John finally absorbed the legacy of the two body. He received a massive boost to his stats, but that didn't reduce the sadness that lingered in his heart. He first planned to bury the bodies since the two weren't bitten, but decided not to do so, when the old farmer told him some story. The small farm they set up outside is growing nicely, thanks to the large worms that was helping on making the soil healthy. The worms were about one foot long and one inch thick.

Old John doesn't want to bury his loved ones when he knew that their bodies wouldn't even rest in peace even if he do so. With no other choice he absorbed the bodies legacy.

Everyone was alert and couldn't fall asleep.

Tatang Robin watched the camera's carefully. There were already stacks of coffee packets by his side. People who can't sleep gathered at the door to stand guard. Evo was working on something in the electronic section. Marianne snuck herself on Jun's bed and lied down next to him. Jun who was a bit cold that time, hugged her.

On the city hall, inside the mayor's office.

Several police officers discussed how they should announce this matter to the public. The citizens were now in panic downstairs and they have to do something.

Leiutenant Cedric finally decided to cover the matter up as suicide. As long as Neil remained quiet, which the probably would, there should be no problem. Maintaining the government's image shoujavascript:;ld be the priority and the thing about the raid should be buried in their minds. He asked Neil to call everyone involve in the incident. He plans to have some proper talk with them.


In the middle of the night, the ground suddenly vibrated.

Every live person woke up.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》