Trash in the Apocalypse
84 A Mad Dog
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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84 A Mad Dog

Marianne's head tilted to the side due to the forceful slap. Blood appeared on the side of her lips. She looked hatefully at the man in front of her, while that man glared at her resentfully.

"My ears hurt, and that's your fault. You have to compensate me now."

Richard grinned as he lecherously stared at her body.

Just then, muffled cries sounded from the outside. Richard turned his head and heard a loud roar followed by the door blasting open with a body flying directly towards him.


Thanks to his ability to see names above the head, Jun found out where Marianne is. He knew how many people were inside the building, the number of people on every room, and where his target is.

Though he doesn't know how to track, he deduced that Marianne should be somewhere nearby due to her being able to use the wireless earphone. Knowing the area was a big help to him since the only place where he could search was the houses by the road side. He climbed the fence for a shortcut and run like crazy when he suddenly heard a loud scream.

As he got closer to the house, a lot of names started appearing on his vision. Names that he knew of, names of the people that he have been waiting for. The ones he had treated as family.

He tried to denied everything that he heard at first but he couldn't. It was their voice and he knew it. The people that he treated as his second family has betrayed him.

His head suddenly became filled with anger. His breathing became rough. He felt his vision darken. And the next thing he knew, he was already charging forward.

Halfway through his run, he regained senses and immediately pulled out his carbon alloy shield. He mowed the person guarding the door, and forced themselves in. He pulled out his revolver and swung it in the air, switching aims every now and then, He saw the surprised faces of everyone in the room.

The first thing he did after surveying the situation was to stop the time. He then shot the two person behind Marianne which took a quarter of his energy from moving inside the stopped time.

Jun resumed the time and aimed at the corner where more people were gathered, before pausing it again. Marianne passed out probably due to shock.

Jun noticed that a second activation of the skill actually drained more energy than the usual. That didn't stop him from pulling the trigger. Four consecutive gunfire loudly rang inside the room.

In real time.

Someone charged through the door, pulled out a gun, then started shooting everybody.

When Richard felt that the situation wasn't in their favor. He used stealth to try and get away, but was suddenly pummeled by a shield. His back hit the wall and he could hear some of his bones breaking. He spewed some blood, then stared at the man in front of him.

"Hey~ It's my boss." Richard coughed out some more blood. "I'm really happy to see you, you know that?"

Jun sternly glared at him, then replied with a fist to the face, the gun he just held disappeared into a vortex that appeared a few inches below his arm. When he was going to punch one more time, the nearby room opened. A person came out armed with a pistol. The girl was pointing the gun in their direction.

Upon seeing her red name, Jun released Richard and kneeled down, covering his body with the shield.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

The bullets hit the shield and ricocheted to the side. He didn't wait for the shooting to stop and instantly charged towards the girl. He pummeled the woman's jaw with the shield, then punched her in the face. With the unusual power inside his body, the woman quickly fell down to the side. Miserable cries, accompanied by shrieking welcomed Jun when he turned his face towards the room. A group of dirty-looking females huddled together.

Jun turned towards the wall, but couldn't find Richard. He then looked around and saw a floating name in the corner, beside the TV. There was no one there, but he could see Richard's name hovering tinted with crimson red.
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Jun smiled wickedly.

He stored his shield, then tauntingly said, "Invisibility doesn't work on me."

"That's bad for me I guess."

Richard's figure appeared on that corner of the room. He had this casual look all over his face as if he wasn't involve in this mess. He staggered as he walked forward towards Jun, holding his hands up in the air.

When they were a few meters away from each other, Jun felt that something was wrong. He quickly rolled to the side, and felt a searing pain on his side. Blood spread around his legs. A part of his pants got grazed and he instantly knew that there was someone else he had to look out for.

He heard some laughter from the door side and he quickly turned his head. He saw a face that he hasn't seen for a long time. Someone he should have probably killed.

"It looks like I'm the better one." Pablo said.

He grinned as he looked down on Jun. "Don't move. Don't try anything weird. I once told you that I'm a good shot. Boss what are we gonna do with him?"

Richard laughed as he stared at Jun's miserable appearance on the floor. "I wonder? What do you want boss? Any request on how to die? Besides old age of course."

Jun laughed at his joke.

When Jun continued laughing longer than usual, he felt confused. "What? Have you gone crazy? Hahaha! I can't believe this! My fearless boss became insane from being scared of dying?"

Jun wiped his face from his forehead to his chin. After that, he slowly stood up before glaring at Richard.

"I once hated this eyes, but now I'm liking it."

Jun suddenly grabbed Richard's face, then slammed it against the wall. Richard's consciousness instantly disappeared. His body slid down the wall, staining the wall with blood. Jun grabbed one of his leg, then slammed him on the wall. Richard's nose broke and blood instantly flowed out from his nostrils. Jun didn't fell contented and pulled the body back. This was only possible due to his power stat that was greatly improved ever since the apocalypse started. He spun the body in the air, which hit a few corners, then slammed it on the ground face first.

He breathed roughly as he watched blood seep out of Richard's dead body. When a pool of blood formed under the body, he turned his head to the door.

Adrian looked at him with no fear in his eyes. On the floor, was Pablo's body with a slit on his neck. "You should have killed this guy that day."

Jun smirked. "I gave him a chance. I thought people changes."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》