Trash in the Apocalypse
86 Rescue Operations Part 1
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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86 Rescue Operations Part 1

Jun left after waking everyone up and waited on the reception hall.

Soon after, streams of people came out of the room. When everyone got out, exactly thirteen people, they stood straight in two rows like towering poles. A row have ten people, making the last row only having three people. They were supposed to be fourteen, but one seemed to be missing.

The prisoners thought that Jun would asked them about this, but contrary to their belief, Jun sat down and only stared at them. Several minutes later, a figure came running from the outside. It was a skinny man around his twenties.

The man stopped in front of Jun. The red glow in his eyes disappeared. He looked confused as he looked around the area. He was sure that he already left this place this morning. When everyone was asleep, he used one of his skills that allowed his body to become extremely soft like a gel, so that he could pass through the iron bars. Though he was happy, he only celebrated when he was out of the building. He jumped around, then sprinted his way onto the distance. He was searching for food on the nearby stores and houses, but most of them were already looted. Just then, he felt someone calling for him and the next thing he knew, he was standing in front of that evil person and his cellmates.

"Welcome back. Had your fun?" Jun smirked. A few seconds later, the smirk was replaced by a stern look. "Smash your head at the wall five times."

The man felt confused as to why he was being told to smash his head. The next moment, his eyes glowed red and he faced the wall, banging his head towards it. The first one caused pain for everyone watching the scene, while the second one caused a bulging lump to appear. On the third one, blood spewed out from the lump and the man fell down, unconscious.

The onlookers trembled at the sight. Fear and nervousness apparent on their faces. Some gulped, while others stopped breathing afraid that they will be noticed.

Amidst their current feelings of fear and terror, Jun nonchalantly spoke. "I am a reasonable man. I told you that you were already dead, and your lives are mine. You may think this is unfair, but you can only deal with it. Blame yourselves."

Everything was thanks to the contract. He asked the lawyer for the skill description before he even worked with him. He kindly asked him. The skill was called Bloody Contract. It can bind someone unwillingly to a death sentence if used with that purpose in mind. Like other special skills, the energy consumption was high depending on how detailed the contract is. There's also a huge flaw that it could only be used when the people involved in the contract were facing each other. Truthful to its name, the contract must be signed with blood, but it only accepts fresh blood.

In short, the one who holds the contract can forcefully control the person whose blood was signed on the contract.

The one thing that Jun thought about the skill was what kind of lawyer that man was to generate that kind of skill?

Jun cleared his mind and turned to the first person who arrived on the line. He saw that it was that same boy from last night. The cheeky one.

"Report." Jun said.

The boy's eyes glowed red, then replied, "I trained for eight hours after you left. An hour using Sprint to run around the city hall, then seven hours training on energy control. For unknown reasons, I fell unconscious and I don't know the reason why."
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The glow in his eyes dimmed and the life on his eyes returned. Though the others already saw this for the second time, they were still amazed at the scene. After their amazement, they felt fear. Fear that they might be punished for anything wrong that they might say later on when its their turn.

Jun turned his head to the next person. "Report."

"I trained for an hour ever since you left. I went to my family and stayed with them for a few hours, then returned when it was dawn."

After the man spoke, he looked around dazedly. He noticed the worried gazes of the people beside him and gulped knowing that he already spilled the beans.

The man was waiting for his punishment, when Jun moved on to the next one.

Jun noticed his expression, and he was feeling good so he explained. "If I ordered you guys to charge and kill infecteds and you don't have the skills to supplement it, don't blame me, okay? It's you who dies because of your lack of training. Though I prefer that you stay alive, so you can become strong, and by then, I could have you guys as reliable guards."

Suddenly, the boy butted in. "I want to be your personal guard. I will train hard daily and will be loyal to you. In exchange, please protect and provide for my sister."

Jun turned his head and laughed. "I don't know if you have the skills yet, brat."

Normally, Jun would have punished the teenager, but for some reason, he couldn't. He actually look forward to this boy's growth and sympathize with his feelings.

Since he was once an older brother too.


It was already six in the morning, and the sun has already risen from the east.

Jun walked towards the city hall with two rows of contingents behind him. The group all wore grey hoodie and a black mask, with the only visible difference of stature. One of them was being carried by two people towards a policeman.

Someone approached Jun and was guided towards the mayor's office. He left having no worries that his slaves would betray him or spread rumors about him, since he gave a direct order to them not to malign him. He even stopped them from talking with anyone. Though he saw that they brought the unconscious guy to the officers, he doesn't know how they will communicate with them.

Arriving at the room, he noticed that the room was refurbished. Instead of a desk for the mayor, there was a huge long table at the middle of the room. There were six chairs; two on each wide side, and one each on the remaining side.

He saw the lieutenant stood up from his seat, then warmly greeted him.

"Welcome, welcome. Let's sit down first.", the lieutenant lowered his head subserviently.

Jun sat down on the swivel chair comfortably. Though he knew of some better chairs on the mall, he felt this was better than the wooden chairs remaining on the side.

"Do you need my help? How are things going?" Jun asked going directly to the point.

Lieutenant Cedric felt disappointed. He realized that Jun wasn't good at politics, but was only good at forcing his ways in. He discarded all of the words that he prepared in his mind.

Lieutenant Cedric sighed. "Currently..."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》