Trash in the Apocalypse
99 Mutated Infected - Earth
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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99 Mutated Infected - Earth

Toby dumbfoundedly stared at the baby on his hand. He looked left and right not knowing what to do when someone shouted from behind him.

"Kill it!"

Though he can't see who said it, he remembered that tone of voice.

It was Jun.

Toby was about to cover the baby's mouth with his hand to shut its mouth but remembered that it was an infected. It raised its hands as if it wanted a hug while screaming loudly. It shouldn't be able to scream this loud and as if on cue, it stopped screaming. It made gurgling noises before puking blood. It then lowered its head limply.

"It's dead?"

Toby turned and saw Jun beside him.

"Y-yes." Toby replied.

"Okay, everyone follow me! We're moving forward in a straight line. I'll deal with everything in front while you guys take the rear and the side."

Jun held out his hand in the air and a long handle slowly slid down from a black vortex above him. He learned that dimensional storage vortex would appear where your hand was pointing when you called for it.

Jun brandished a gigantic bone hammer. Its shaft was two feet long having smooth texture all around it. The handle was made from some recycled leather strip to make sure that the users hand wouldn't slip. The head of the weapon was literal skulls combined together by arm bones. Each end of the hammer head was made from Tier 2 skull collected from both Rank 2 Destroyers. A fiery crystal was embedded in between the arm bones that connected the skulls.

This is a custom-made weapon he requested from Old John. Both heads were facing towards the sky. He specifically wanted this, so he can use its appearance to intimidate any future enemies. Just imagine being provoked by someone holding a massive hammer that has skulls literally staring at you as if wanting to devour you. It would easily deal with those who are weak-minded while showcasing those who are strong-willed.

"Try to learn something if you can, okay!"
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Jun charged forward towards the incoming infected. He saw three rushing in front while two from each side. He smiled remembering the first few days that he needed help to handle this many infected on his own.

"The first lesson! Kill and dodge. Don't be stupid and use your head. At nights they're more slower, so you can predict their attacks." Jun said after swinging wildly with his bone hammer. He first dealt with the two from his right, then dodge the infected that lunged from his left. The infected that he just hit flew in the air and collided with the three rushing infected in front.

"Second lesson, be aware of your surroundings. Use them to your advantage." said Jun as he increased the distance and retreated towards a nearby car. He waited for the two infected before doing a side sweep, hitting the first infected on the side of its stomach, disabling its movements. The second infected who got pushed, crashed into the hood of the car. Jun didn't waste any time and killed both infected with a single smash to their heads.

"And ofcourse, don't forget to always position yourself, so you can have people guarding your backs. That's basically it when fighting those common infected."

Jun approached the remaining five infected. Three already stood up while one got stuck under a disabled infected. He kicked the first one that dashed towards him, then turned around to evade the next one. The last incoming infected was dealt while he was still turning. His turning speed increased the power produced when he struck the infected in the head causing it to be severed immediately.

The bone hammer was still a bit too light for Jun's taste but compared to the short sword, it was still heavy. The damage he dealt with mainly comes from the speed and force of his swings. Well, thanks to his overly high power stat, everything seemed to be lightweight for him.

Before the infected that he kicked got up, he already sent an overhead smash towards it. Afterwards, he then killed the two entangled infected a few feet away. Suddenly, he felt someone hugging him and noticed the rotten arms grasping the chest area of his leather jacket.

"Am I being molested right now? Really?" Jun chuckled then forcefully turn around. The infected who was holding unto the leather jacket was carried and tumbled after it was unable to follow the rotation. Jun stared at the female infected on the ground.

"She won't get jealous about this, right? Maybe I shouldn't tell her about this. That's right. Let's not tell her this." Jun reasoned with himself, then killed the infected.

He turned around and saw chaos among the group. Well, unlike their first team fight, they were faring well this time. Jun nodded his head as he watched his slaves coordinate with each other. One lured the infected while the others waited hidden. They would let the man herd the infecteds and kill those who were in the back. The herder would then lap around a car and lure the herd back to that same spot. After another lap of thinning their numbers, they decided to take on the rest of the infected. Jun applauded them in his head since he could apply this on future battles, whether small or large scale battles.

After his slaves killed the last infected, Jun congratulated them and hastened them to loot the bodies. They were surely the last one who would arrive at their meeting point.

Without even catching their breathes, the masked men grudgingly followed after Jun. Since they were in a hurry, Jun took the lead and killed everything on his path. After a few more skirmishes with the infected, they finally reached the eastern bridge area.

The moonlight shone brightly, illuminating everything under the sky.

On the other side of the bridge should be the diversion road where the odd rankers were told to standby. That same diversion road that they used as an alternate route since they weren't experienced enough to fight their way on this National Road littered with endless sea of cars infested with infecteds.

On the distance, he could see Paterno's house towering amongst the sea of houses. On the street in front of it were hundreds of infected roaming about. Some evolved infected could be seen along the horde. Some were swift Hunters who ran around aimlessly, while Destroyers bulldozed a few regular infected as it paved the way for itself. It was three meters tall and the only Rank 2 Destroyer that could be seen. The number of Rank 2 Hunters is still unknown.

Jun wore his wireless earphone and applied pressure on the outer surface of the item. He already had someone recharge it earlier before leaving the compound, so he doesn't need to charge it now.

"This is Jun, I'm in position. One, Two, are you guys ready?" Jun said as he stared at the roaring Destroyer on the other side of the bridge. The bridge stretched for only about twenty meters or more, so he felt confused that the hulking infected wouldn't dare charge towards him when there's literally only one infected blocking their side of the bridge.

"This is One, already in position. Awaiting orders."

"This is Two, in position — waiting for orders."

"Good. Proceed with the plan. We will divide the horde and reduce their numbers as we retreat. Don't hesitate to use the guns I lent to you. The main goal is to split the horde. The more infected you can attract from the main body, the better. Wait for my signal, I'll try to lure the Rank 2 infecteds towards me." Jun said.

"Yes, sir!" two voices overlapped with each other as One and Two replied at the same time.

On the other side of the bridge, the Rank 2 Destroyer continued roaring while staring at Jun. It never took a single step forward and one could feel its frustration from its powerful roars.

The five nearest regular infected turned their heads and saw Jun's group. Without hesitation, they dashed forward frenziedly.

After taking two steps forward on the bridge, a spike rose from the asphalt road and impaled the infected. Since the infected was running, the spike entered from the stomach and went through the upper spine. The impaled infected tried wiggling its way out causing more blood to flow out from the open wound. The spike was of the same color of the surrounding asphalt and the area around the spike appeared thinner.

The second one managed to run forward for five seconds before being impaled by the same asphalt road spike. The unfortunate infected was struck between its legs all the way inside to its stomach. Its raised hands clawed at Jun as it stared at him. It started spouting out blood while it growled angrily.

The remaining three infected managed to get past the infected and Jun happily welcomed them. After dealing with the three, he stared at the unique infected on the bridge.

Jun smirked. "That must be it, right? That unique infected that's always alone."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》