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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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104 Marina

Jun frowned looking at the requirements. Why is there too much wood required? Does a table really need that much wood? He opened his dimensional storage to check for the required materials. He had some stashed wood since he never bothered organizing his inventory, but there were no nails. It would be shocking if there were nails in his dimensional storage since that's not something you normally carry.

Jun called for anyone who has 20 nails to come to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Adrian came holding a small transparent plastic bag.

"What's that?" Adrian asked while staring at the 3D table made from blue lines.

"I upgraded one my skills and this happened. Such a useless skill in my opinion." Jun disappointingly gazed at the table.

"I brought the nails." Adrian said as he handed over a transparent plastic bag with numerous nails inside. "So, what's going on here?"

"I'm trying out the skill. I scanned the table and now I'm making another table. Now, how do I do this..." said Jun as he pondered what to do.

"Do you need a hammer? I didn't brought one, but you could just improvise. I have a rock here. Do you want it?" said Adrian.

"What? Why do you have a rock? Never mind, don't answer that." said Jun, then started thinking of how to do it.

The first generation Blueprint Creation only needed him to activate the skills, and if he had enough materials while also having the required tools, the skill would finish the job on its own. There's also a bit of waiting time before the item could be produced.

Though this newly upgraded Blueprint doesn't seem to need tools, it also doesn't automatically consume materials.

He tried re-reading the skill description and tried activating it once again, but it only requested for a target object giving him no clues at all. Finally running out of ideas, Jun tossed the plastic bag onto the 3D table hologram. The plastic bag that contained nails glowed, then passed through the 3D lines and fell unto the floor.

"That's not it, huh. So how! Tell me!" Jun thought to himself.

Jun approached forward and picked up the plastic bag when suddenly, the table blueprint interface showed up.

Wood: 0/100

Nails: 20/20

Jun widened his eyes. He didn't really paid attention earlier, but it is noticeable that the nails inside the plastic bag has been reduced. After realizing that you just need to place the item on the hologram, Jun hastily brought out some lumber. The wood requirement went up by five and he submitted nineteen more lumber to meet the required materials.

At the same time he finished submitting the last piece of lumber, the 3D table made of blue lines shone dimly. A circular light came appeared from the floor and inched upward giving life to the 3D hologram. Though it was quite slow, it didn't even took five seconds for the circular light to travel from the bottom unto the top of the table.

After everything that happened, a newly produced table stood in front of him.

"That's cool. Very cool. I'm going to Old John to get a new set of short swords and daggers. My last set broke an hour ago. They're good weapons and extremely sharp. It's just that they're brittle. I have to go and get a new set almost everyday. I need to go now, Sheila and Edward together with our scavengers are waiting for me. See you later." said Adrian heading towards the back office.

With Adrian's farewell, Jun was reminded of his task for today.

Jun picked up the table and brought it to the furniture section of the Department Store. It was near since the makeshift kitchen area was also on the Department Store. He passed by his room and didn't find Marianne, so he proceeded outside to meet with his death slaves.

It was almost ten in the evening and yet the street outside was still bustling. There were various people chatting and drinking merrily as they enjoyed life.

Jun saw some of his group members shopping around the night market. Black Haven isn't the sole merchant in town. Individuals started selling all kinds of stuff, like stuffed bears, scavenged clothes, trinkets and various cute little things.

Jun won't stop them and he was happy about this since all of them were using Credit Points as the currency. It will increase Black Haven's status among the populace while further stabilizing their position as the main power in town.

Jun didn't have to walk far to see his death slaves already waiting for him down the road. Their chatter halted once they saw that Jun has come out and one slave greeted him at the bus.

Nik said, "Everyone is here, including the two injured members earlier. Though they're not on top shape, they insisted that they can continue fighting."

Jun gazed at his slaves, then nodded his head. "Okay. Where is Gilbert?"
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"He's already joined the group and is currently waiting for you." said Nik.

"Good. Let's go."

Jun brought the group towards the eastern residential area in a fast and organized manner. Gilbert was inside the formation since he wasn't that good as a fighter. Though he tried helping at the bridge, he caused more problem than actual help. It's not that he was weak or clumsy. It's because he doesn't want to hurt anyone or anything. The most he managed to do was attracting the carriers while the Death Squad members kills them.

After some twist and turns, they finally arrived at the barren path that leads towards the marina. It was a dirt path that stretched onwards that leads to a muddy terrain. After reaching halfway, they already noticed the unusual water level. The usual sandy beach was gone and one couldn't even see the wooden pathways of the marina since they were already submerged under the water. Though the pathway was submerged and the moon only gave them enough light to see what's in front of them, they were still able to walk on the planks thanks to the water being clear enough for them to see where they're stepping on. If they slipped or stepped at the edge of the planks, they could fall and had to swim back up.

"We're here." said Gilbert. "This is the entrance to the marina. The water level here reaches only up to your knees, but as we go forward, it will go higher."

"As I have said earlier, we've counted sixteen fishmen and one mermaid. That should be all of them." Gilbert said.

"This is the second time I'm hearing this, but I still can't believe that more than thirty people lost to that number." said Jun.

"We were winning, but that sole mermaid turned the tides of the battle. Literally. After the water level rose up, their attacks changed drastically. I suggest you look carefully onto where you step." said Gilbert as the group trudged along the wooden walk way.

Coconut palm leaves weaved together welcomed them after reaching a turn.

"That's my house!" said Gilbert while pointing on a half-submerged house surrounded by other houses made from various kind of wood.

"Why is there no fishmen? We're already this near, so they should have noticed us already." said Jun.

"They're probably at the other side of town. I once saw the mermaid leading the fishmen towards that area. Let's rescue my family!" said Gilbert.

"Isn't this too easy?" Jun though to himself as he followed after the old man.

Their group moved while half of their bodies where submerged underwater. Every time they moved, they made ripples on the water. Gilbert who was leading them excitedly dashed towards his house when he suddenly slipped and fell into the water.

Jun laughed as he approached carefully not wanting to embarrass himself. He noticed that the water rippled too much seeming like that the old man was struggling to stand.

"Hey old man. The water only reaches up to my chest. You won't fool anyone, so stand up right now, okay?" said Jun smiling. Then he muttered, "Did he stepped of the planks? He knew how to swim right?"

The ripples of water increased and Gilbert still haven't stand up. This is when Jun realized that Gilbert wasn't playing around. The water turned red as he rushed forward, walking on large strides. He met some water resistance on each and every step, but thankfully he was close enough to see the old man in front of him.

Jun saw the reason why the old man fell unto the water. There was a carrier biting on his legs! The old man didn't slip nor did he stepped of the planks! He was pulled by a carrier underwater and was being attacked!

"Enemies! Watch your steps!" Jun said as he dove down. He brought out his favorite bone hammer and immediately plummeted to the bottom. Jun quickly switched his weapon into a much lighter one; a bone dagger.

He looked up and watched as the old man pushed the carriers head away from his legs. They were still near the shoreline and so Jun only needed to swim up for a couple of seconds before reaching the carrier.


The dagger went through the side of its head and the looting process quickly started since Jun was holding onto the dead carriers body. Just as he planned to go back to the plank pathway, he heard a shrill scream followed by water vibrations even though he was still underwater.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》